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Six little things, if you persist for ten years, it will be difficult for your children not to be outstanding

01. Bedtime stories. Telling bedtime stories helps improve children\’s understanding, imagination and logical thinking skills, and is very helpful for brain development. Moreover, the connection and communication between parents and children can be greatly enhanced. Bedtime stories are part of children\’s literature, and most of them are created specifically for children by writers based on their psychological characteristics. It has strong affection and can touch children\’s hearts; it has noble childishness and can make children laugh and give them joy and happiness. Of course, bedtime stories are very particular and should not be too long. It is best to keep them within half an hour. You should also be particular about the choice of stories. They should be peaceful, quiet, and beautiful. You should not choose stories with intense storylines or horror stories, otherwise it will affect the child\’s sleep quality and may cause the child to have nightmares. . 02. Teach your children to do housework. Learning book knowledge is only part of a child\’s life. Back at home, the child should do what he can, especially small tasks using his fingers. For example, let your children peel cabbage, onions, and remove the tendons from pea pods. This subtle finger movement can stimulate the brain. It can be said that the hand is part of the head, and the nerves of the hand are directly connected to the central nervous system of the brain. The more flexible the child\’s hand activities are, the more flexible the activities of the child\’s brain. The stimulation of the opponent is the stimulation of the brain. Experts say that doing things by hand is the basis for children\’s growth. It is the process of integrating children\’s hands and brain and harmoniously developing their body and mind. If you truly love your children, you must create conditions to satisfy their children\’s need to \”want to do things by themselves\”, let them do more, and don\’t use your \”excessive kindness\” to deprive your children of their growth opportunities. In the face of today\’s increasingly competitive society, cultivating children\’s self-care and self-reliance has become a more important priority than academic performance. Therefore, doing housework has become the first choice to cultivate children\’s self-care and independence. 03. Go on an outing together. In parent-child gardens and kindergartens, artificial education is essential, but the subtle education in nature in the wilderness is more important and effective. Climbing to the top in the dense forest, picking unknown wild flowers on the green grass, chasing butterflies flying among the flowers, the children\’s spiritual enlightenment, and the subtle growth of experience and wisdom are as silent as spring rain moisturizing things. Information but obvious, this is especially important and necessary for children who are growing knowledge. Allow children to enjoy plenty of sunshine and fresh air. Spring is a green world. Under the warm sunshine, the tender green buds and leaves quietly climbing up the branches not only bring the baby a pleasant spring feeling, but also bring the baby green grassland and large forest that are incomparable in the reinforced concrete forest in the city. , those negative oxygen ions that cannot be captured by fingers, the sound of pine waves moving in the wind, and the random chirping of birds are of great benefit to children\’s physical and mental development. It allows children to directly experience nature and increase their knowledge. When the spring nature suddenly appears in front of the children, they will definitely jump for joy and run around. In the warm sunshine, facing the intoxicating spring breeze, soaking in the fresh oxygen bar, listening to the cheerful sound of the stream, feeling the joy of the birds singing on the branches, the trees, branches, and A leaf, a blossomingLittle flowers, little birds, little streams, everything is extremely fresh to the children. 04. Communicate. Nowadays, more and more children will suffer from \”child autism\”, which is mainly caused by the lack of communication between parents and children. Due to my country\’s family planning policy, there are more and more only children today. Coupled with the current situation in the building, children will lack playmates and feel extremely lonely. Therefore, it is important for parents to communicate more with their children. Communicating more with children can enhance the relationship between parents and children, become friends with children, and reduce children\’s loneliness. Parents talking to their children more can exercise their children\’s language expression skills and brain development, which will help their children integrate into society better and answer their questions seriously. Don\’t say \”I don\’t know, you\’ll know when you grow up.\” Instead, give your children more thinking when answering their questions and exercise their thinking ability. 05. Participate in sports activities together. Parents and children participating in sports activities together can not only cultivate children\’s sports interests, sports cognition and sports habits, but also enhance the family interaction and emotional sublimation between children and their families. Children need a healthy and strong body as a foundation for their growth. If parents can guide their children to like sports from an early age, not only will they have the opportunity to develop good exercise habits and have a healthy body, but more importantly, they will lay a good foundation for their physical and mental development and cultivate their bravery and tenacity through physical exercise. the spirit of. Let children develop good exercise habits and lay the foundation for their future lives. Just like the campus football activities that are now being vigorously promoted, the significance is not to cultivate many football stars, but to stimulate children\’s interest in sports through football and cultivate their awareness of hardship, bravery, unity and cooperation, and respect for rules. At the same time, participating with their children can also make parents better aware of the importance of sports to their children\’s physical and mental health. Some families even develop the good habit of exercising under the guidance of their children. Parents\’ understanding and participation in sports have a great impact on their children. Only when parents recognize the importance of sports to their children\’s healthy growth, actively support and participate in their children\’s sports activities, can they help their children develop good sports habits from an early age. 06. Participate in charity activities together. Today\’s only children enjoy endless love but give little or even nothing. If enjoying the happiness created by his parents is his only source of happiness, that would be very bad. He will be a person who only knows how to take but does not know how to contribute, which will be very dangerous. Therefore, we must pay great attention to educating children about dedication. Parents can cultivate their children\’s dedication through charity activities. Psychologists believe that parents taking their children to participate in social welfare activities can not only better increase their children\’s social experience, but also enhance the close communication between parents and children, helping to cultivate children\’s dedication and commitment to public welfare undertakings. A sense of responsibility can even play a positive role in promoting social progress and enhancing feelings between people. Children\’s love, dedication and kindness are far from enough to be taught through books alone.Many developed countries have established a student volunteer system in schools, which stipulates how many hours students must serve the society and participate in social welfare activities each semester. This is an important aspect of semester assessment. If a certain time limit is not met, credits will not be obtained. . Participating in social welfare activities and volunteering with children is a practical education process and an important means of cultivating students\’ mental and physical abilities, laying a good foundation for children to enter the society and gain a foothold in society.

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