• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

So sorry! Why haven’t I done any of these things to do while pregnant?

When I learned that I was pregnant, my first reaction was not joy, but fear. For a moment, that unknown fear enveloped me. Looking back now, I should have told myself to do more. I read a lot from other people or pregnancy books, but these theories that would have made things easier are like hindsight now. In order to prevent more sisters from regretting it later like me, I would like to provide you with some experience. Take more photos When I was pregnant I knew I was gaining weight, but I never knew how fat I would get. Because of this, I didn’t take any pictures of myself at all. Looking back now, I should have taken more photos and retouched them. No problem is the real problem I had so many questions when I was pregnant. In retrospect, having no issues to nag about was the real issue when it came to my own health and the baby in my belly. Is it normal if the pregnant mother stops nagging? You must drink more water. My mother has been telling me to drink more water, and now I wish I had done what she said. Although I have ignored this problem since giving birth. Exercise more I didn’t exercise much when I was pregnant, and now that I think about it, exercising more would have made labor easier. You will feel pain during childbirth, but regular exercise can help you give birth more smoothly and recover faster after delivery. Ignore all comments. When I was 6 months pregnant, someone asked me if I was going to give birth, or if I was carrying twins. In fact, I was only pregnant with one, and my belly was just bigger. At that time, I cared too much about people\’s comments. So much so that Chengsu couldn\’t sleep well. It doesn’t matter that maternal love comes late. When the child was born, I didn’t feel the crazy maternal love that others described when I held him. Indeed, this is my child, and I don’t know what to express. Then I wonder if I am very incompetent. Other mothers are so excited when they see their babies that they don’t want them. Although I also cried, I Do you love him too, but I\’m really at peace. I wish I had known that it was okay not to have this emotion, that you would experience it, just a little later. Like now, I get flustered every time I leave my baby for five minutes. Praise me, keep praising me! When I was pregnant, my husband always told me how beautiful I was, and I was still sulking. Hum, damn man, you only said this knowing that I had become fat and ugly. Aren’t you reminding me! Looking back now, I should have accepted the compliment gladly instead of rolling my eyes at him. What I hope more is that he can still compliment me now, although the hope is slim! What are some things you regret not doing when you were pregnant?

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