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Special training classification of primary school mathematics application problems for grades 1-6, collect!

In addition to sum, difference, product, and quotient, the quantity relationships involved in simple word problems also include the following common quantity relationships: unit price × quantity = total price, speed × time = distance income – expenditure = balance, unit output × quantity = total output efficiency × Time = total amount of work Simple application questions (one step) 1. Find the total number. Xiao Ming has 8 pencils and Xiao Hua has 4 pens. How many pencils do they have in total? 2. The remaining schools have 11 balls and 9 have been borrowed. How many are left? 3. Find the difference between the two numbers. There are 12 white rabbits and 7 black rabbits. How many more white rabbits are there than the black rabbits? 4. Find the number that is more than one number. There are 5 yellow flowers and 3 more red flowers than yellow flowers. How many red flowers are there? 5. Find the number less than one. The school bought 8 bottles of red and black water, and the blue and black water it bought was 3 bottles less than the red and black water. How many bottles of blue and black water should I buy? 6. Find several numbers with the same addend and a car with 4 wheels. How many wheels do 6 cars have in total? 7. Divide a number evenly into several 15 balls and distribute them equally to 3 classes. How many are assigned to each class? 8. Find out how many numbers one number contains and how many other numbers there are. 24 students play a flag game. Each class is given 3 pieces. How many classes can it be divided into? 9. Find how many times a number is. There are 28 female workers in a certain workshop, and the number of male workers is 4 times that of female workers. How many male workers are there? 10. Find the doubling number. There are 12 hens in the breeding group, which is exactly 3 times the number of roosters. How many roosters are there? Application questions (two steps) 1. Find the total number. There were originally 7 pear trees and 12 apricot trees in the school, and 15 more peach trees were planted. How many fruit trees are there now? 2. Find the remaining 85 books in the small library, including 25 comic books, 15 illustrated magazines, and the rest are story books. How many storybooks are there? 3. Looking for comparison – Duo Xiaohong scored 81 points in Chinese in the midterm exam, 5 points more in politics than Chinese, and 6 more points in mathematics than politics. How many points did she get in mathematics? 4. Looking for comparison – Shao Canteen ate 45 bags of rice in January, 3 bags less in February than in January, and 2 bags less in March than February. How many bags of rice do you eat in March? 5. Ask the remaining students to make 16 red pinwheels and 20 flower pinwheels. 18 were given to the kindergarten, how many are left? 6. Find the difference between the two numbers. Teachers and classmates clean the house. There are 15 male students, 12 female students and 7 teachers. How many more classmates are there than teachers? 7. Looking for a comparison – there are more children and adults swimming. There are 20 boys and 10 girls. There are 25 more adults than children. How many adults are there? 8. Find the ratio – one sheep weighs 30 kg less, the other sheep weighs 25 kg, and the weight of a pig is 8 kg less than the total weight of the two sheep. How many kilograms does this pig weigh? 9. What is the difference between the two numbers? People’s Mall sold 42 TV sets last month and 18 sets in the first half of the month. How many more TV sets were sold in the second half of the month than in the first half? 10. Ask for comparison – there are 145 story books in the library. After borrowing 85 books, there are 20 books less than the number of science and technology. How many volumes are there in the science and technology books? 11. Looking for a comparison – there are 85 red goldfish in the little goldfish tank. After taking out 28 goldfish, there are 16 more red goldfish than flower goldfish. How many goldfish are there? 12. Seek to compare – more, seek to compare – less. Three students compete in skipping rope. Xiaofeng jumped 50 times, Xiaohai jumped 5 more times than Xiaofeng, and Xiaodong jumped more than Xiaofeng.Xiao Hai dances 8 times less. How many times did Xiaodong jump? 13. Find the sum of several identical addends, and find the sum of several identical addends. A bookshelf has 5 floors, and 150 books are placed on each floor. How many books are placed in the 4 bookshelves? 14. Equal division and equal division. There are 5 cowsheds in the dairy farm. Each cowshed has 12 cows. They feed 1200 kilograms of feed a day. How much feed is fed on average every day? 15. Find how many times a number is, how many times a number is when a person walks 4 kilometers per hour, the speed of a bicycle is 3 times that of walking, and the speed of a motorcycle is 4 times that of a bicycle. How many meters does a motorcycle travel per hour? 16. Find the sum, equal division and division of several identical addends and ask the chef to deliver food to the canteen. If a trolley is used to transport 75 kilograms each time, it can be transported in 8 times. If you switch to flatbed truck transportation, it can be transported in 4 times. How many kilograms can a flatbed truck transport each time? 17. Find the sum of several identical addends, including division. A group of tourists came to the hotel. Each room accommodates 4 people and requires 6 rooms. If 3 people live in each room, how many rooms are needed? 18. Find the sum of several identical addends, and find the multiple of a number. The stationery store sells 7 boxes of pens, with 10 pens in each box. The number of pencils sold is 6 times that of pens. How many pencils were sold? 19. Find the sum and double of several identical addends. There are three classes in the third grade. There are 24 female students in each class on average. The number of female students in the third grade is exactly twice the number of female students in the second grade. How many female classmates are there in the second grade? 20. Equal division, including division. The school bought back 48 table tennis balls, and every six were put into a box. These were divided equally among the four classes. How many boxes can each class get? 21. Division by equal parts, find how many times one number is another number. An airplane flies 2,800 kilometers in 4 hours, and a car travels 35 kilometers per hour. How many times the speed of the plane? 22. Including division and finding the multiple of a number. 500 kilograms of apples were harvested in the orchard, and the oranges harvested were 3 times as many as the apples. These oranges were packed into bags of 50 kilograms and shipped to the cannery. How many bags can be packed in total? 23. Find multiples and doubles of a number. One day, a vegetable farmer picked 20 kilograms of tomatoes in the garden. The cucumbers he picked were twice as many as tomatoes, and the cucumbers were five times as much as peppers. How many peppers did he pick? 24. Find the sum of several identical addends and find the total number. A grain processing factory processes a batch of rice. 48 bags have been filled, each bag is 75 kilograms, and there are 2800 kilograms left to be filled. How many kilograms have been processed in total? 25. Find the sum of several identical addends, and ask the remaining students to plant trees. A total of 4 rows, 6 trees in each row. 15 of them are almond trees and the rest are peach trees. How many peach trees were planted? 26. Find the sum of several identical addends and the difference between the two numbers. Each pencil costs 4 cents. Xiaodong has 1 yuan and wants to buy 3 pencils. How much is the difference? 27. Find the sum and ratio of several identical addends – A stationery store shipped three boxes of red ink, with 100 bottles in each box. There are 200 more bottles of blue ink than red ink shipped. How many bottles of blue ink are shipped? 28. Find the multiples of a number and the total number. The price of a chair is 70 yuan, and the price of a table is twice the price of a chair. How much does it cost to buy a table and a chair? 29. Find how many times a number is, and find the remainder. Uncle Wang raised 2 pigs the year before last. The number of pigs raised last year was three times that of the year before. He sold them at the end of the year.4 heads, how many more are there? 30. Find the multiples of a number and the difference between two numbers. Xiaoqing is 8 years old this year, and his father’s age is 5 times his. How much older is dad than Xiaoqing? 31. Find the multiples of a number, and find the ratio – a herdsman raises 76 goats, and the number of sheep he raises is 16 more than 4 times the number of goats. How many sheep does this herdsman raise? 32. Find the multiples and ratio of a number – one less vegetable farmer harvested 520 kilograms of cucumbers last year. The number of tomatoes harvested is three times that of cucumbers, and the number of eggplants harvested is 260 kilograms less than tomatoes. How many kilograms of eggplants are harvested? 33. Divide by equal parts and find the total to process a batch of machine parts. Master Wang works for 8 hours and processes 24 parts per hour. Master Li worked for 8 hours and processed a total of 184 pieces. How many pieces can two people process in one hour? 34. Divide by equal parts and find the remaining two bamboo basket weaving groups. They made a total of 1,200 bamboo baskets in 25 days. One group in Whip is weaving 25 birds every day, how many are the other group weaving every day? 35. Divide equal parts and find the difference between two numbers. A farmer planted 40 acres of rice and estimated the yield before harvesting. Each acre can produce 620 kilograms of rice. As a result, a total of 26,000 kilograms were harvested. How many kilograms per acre exceeded the estimated yield on average? 36. Division of equal parts and finding ratios – A multi-store sells 54 tape recorders in 6 days, and the number of radios sold per day is 6 more than the number of tape recorders sold per day. How many radios are sold in a day? 37. Division by equal parts and finding ratios – A machine factory originally used 6,000 kilograms of steel to build 4 machines. After the improved design, each machine can save 250 kilograms of steel. How many kilograms of steel is used to build one machine now? 38. Including division and finding totals. There are 25 male students and 23 female students in the second grade class (I). Each group of 8 students is divided into groups. How many groups can the whole class be divided into? 39. Including division and finding the remainder, Uncle Li went on a business trip for 56 days. He encountered rainy weather for a total of two weeks on the way, and the rest of the time was sunny. How many weeks are there sunny days? 40. Including division and finding the difference between two numbers, the fifth and sixth grade students did radio exercises, with 8 people standing in each row. The fifth graders had already stood in 5 rows, and the sixth graders had 48 people lined up. How many more rows are there in sixth grade than in fifth grade? 41. Find how many times one number is the other number, and find the total number of coal mines A and B. Mine A stores 375 tons of coal, and mine B has 2816 tons left after 184 tons of coal are transported away. How many times more coal was stored in Mine B than in Mine A? 42. Find how many times one number is the other number, and find the number of 32 cars in the remaining parking lot. There are 24 vehicles inside, and the rest are cars. How many times larger is a big car than a small car? 43. Find how many times one number is another number, and find the ratio – The pig farm raised 80 pigs the year before last, which was 20 less than last year. This year it has grown to 200 pigs. How many times more pigs will be raised this year than last year? 44. Find how many times one number is another number. Find the ratio – there is one less pine and cypress forest. There are 90 pine trees. There are 60 fewer cypress trees than pine trees. How many times are there pine trees than cypress trees? 45. Find the multiple and total number. A batch of fertilizer was transported from Dongcun. It was 8,000 kilograms transported by truck, which was 4 times that of a large truck. How many kilograms of fertilizer were shipped in total? 46. ​​Ask for a double, ask for the remaining brother to have 40 yuan, which is 5 times that of the younger brother, and the younger brother buys itA storybook cost 3 yuan. How much money does your brother have? 47. Find the multiple and the difference between the two numbers. A color TV costs 2,400 yuan, which is three times that of a washing machine. A rice cooker costs 200 yuan. How much more expensive is a washing machine than a rice cooker? 48. Find a multiple and ratio – Many schools carry out tree planting activities. The number of trees planted in the fifth grade is twice that of the third grade. The number of trees planted in the fourth grade is 6 more than that in the third grade. It is known that 24 trees were planted in the fifth grade. How many trees were planted in the fourth grade? tree? 49. Find the multiple and ratio – one less school has 152 students in the middle grade, which is 10 more than twice the number of sixth grade students. How many people are there in sixth grade? Compound word questions (three steps) 1. The garment factory processes 1,000 sets of children\’s clothing and originally planned to complete it in 4 days. Now it is required to make 120 more sets, and it is also required to be completed in 4 days. How many more sets are done on average per day than before? 2. A greening team accepted the task of laying lawns for a field. Before the responsibility system, they only laid 25 square meters per day. After the implementation of the responsibility system, they laid 5 square meters more every day than before. Therefore, paving the lawn of this site can be completed 4 days in advance. How many square meters is this site? 3. A certain factory planned to produce 480 cameras throughout the year, but actually completed 1.2 times the annual plan 3 months ahead of schedule. According to this plan, how many cameras can this factory produce throughout the year? 4. The bicycle factory planned to produce 1,040 bicycles per month, but the actual output in eight months was 960 more than the planned output for the whole year. How many more vehicles are actually produced per month than planned? 5. A batch of goods weighing 128 tons is transported by 10 large ships and 15 small ships. Each small ship carries 1.9 tons less than the large ship. How many tons can each large and small ship carry? 6. A gardener had to prune 600 fruit trees. The original plan was to complete the task in 12 days. In fact, there were 5 more trees than 1.5 times the number of trees planned to be pruned per day. How many days earlier than originally planned was the task actually completed?

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