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Spring is the best time for children to grow taller. Three keys you need to grasp

The spring is beautiful these days, and the children can run around in the sunshine. One year has passed. How much has your child grown? What a worrying question. Every time I bring my child to meet with classmates or friends, someone always asks me how old my child is. Then the second sentence was: \”He\’s so tall! What did you feed him?\” \”He grew like this without eating anything.\” The mother said this, but her face was full of joy. And sometimes if you find that your child loves you more than other children, your mother will be worried. Is it because I didn\’t bring it? Not nutritious enough? Is it really genetic? …What’s the secret to growing taller? April to June every year is the peak growth season for children. There is enough sunshine in these three months, and outdoor activities begin to increase. Vitamin D can be converted in the body and promote calcium absorption. \”Spring is born, summer is long, autumn is harvested, and winter is stored.\” The growth rate of children is different throughout the year. According to a study by the World Health Organization, children grow the fastest in spring, especially in May. 7.3mm. The secret to children growing taller lies in these keywords. The first keyword is \”sunshine\”. The weather in spring is good. You can take your children to bask in the sun and play games happily. Outdoor activities begin to increase. The more vitamin D (also known as the sunshine vitamin), the more calcium is absorbed, and the child will grow taller and stronger. Appropriate ultraviolet rays in spring are crucial to the growth and development of bones, because whether it is vitamin D in food or vitamin D in human skin tissue, only after being converted into vitamin D3 by ultraviolet irradiation can it be absorbed by the body and serve as a vital ingredient for bones. Provide sufficient calcium and phosphorus for growth and development. So be sure to take your children outdoors to bask in the sun on weekends. I remember that I used to ask the old man to take his children to bask in the sun. The old man said he was afraid of getting tanned and would not look good. I said it doesn\’t matter if you have dark spots, just sunbathe your skin every morning. Because it’s healthier to be in the sun. The second key word is \”movement\”. Spring is beautiful, which is a good time for outdoor sports. You can take your children for a run or go hiking. Exercises such as running and jumping of a certain intensity can produce benign mechanical stimulation to bones, promote the reconstruction of their microstructure, and accelerate bone growth. The third key word is \”nutrition\”. Nutrition does not mean giving children hormones and supplements. Some mothers are afraid that their children will be small, so they give their children some height-increasing drugs and intensive calcium supplements. The result is excessive, which leads to premature calcification of the child\’s bones and premature closure of the bone lines. This nutrition is a balanced diet. Such as fresh vegetables and fruits. These fruits and vegetables will be on the market in spring. Normally, mothers can think of more ways to feed their children to avoid being picky eaters. Let me share some dishes that children must eat to grow up: it is recommended to drink milk. If you don’t like milk, drink yogurt and cheese; eat one egg a day. If you don’t like eggs, eat more tofu; fish is easier to digest and absorb; if you don’t like spinach, you can use green peppers instead; Oranges are good for calcium absorption; carrots can be squeezed together with apples. Also remember to make sure your child gets enough sleep. Judging from the secretion of growth hormone, it is more secreted in deep sleep, and people who go to bed early can grow better. As the saying goes, \”Spring is sleepy and autumn is tired\”, and spring is really a good season for sleeping. Reference for sleep time for children of different ages. The younger the child, the more time he or she needs to sleep.Of course, parents must also ensure the health of their children. Because of an illness, the child lost weight and stopped growing. When exercising outdoors in spring, be sure to bring extra or extra clothing. Prepare sweat towels to avoid catching cold. And don’t cut down on clothes casually, because you still need to cover up a little in spring. The other thing is to play outside and don’t let your children eat wherever they go. Sometimes I take my son to play in the playground, and some adults bring fruits. Sometimes the hands are not washed and the children are just allowed to eat. Some diseases are not temporary but cumulative. Remember to tell your children to develop a good habit of washing hands frequently. Because of an illness, both adults and children really suffer. Finally, a child\’s height and weight reference table is attached: Spring is a season full of vitality. Children have experienced a cold \”cat winter\” in winter, and they are eager to get active mentally and physically.

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