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Starting at the age of 6, he spent 18 years digging 1,000 wells, allowing 850,000 African children to drink clean water.

Do you remember what you were doing when you were 6 years old? It was playing with toys or playing house… But this little boy named Ryan did something that shocked the whole world. At that time, his teacher turned the globe around in class and said that this was the place in Africa. Not only did the children have nothing to eat, I can’t even drink water. The only source of water is rainwater and muddy water on the ground… Other students in the class are still looking at the globe, but Ryan is completely suffocated: many children his age are infected with the virus because they don’t have clean water to drink. , passed away like this. He wiped his tears and asked the teacher how he could help African children. \”With 70 dollars, you can dig a well for them and give them clean water to drink.\” Ryan never took a break from washing dishes and washing dishes when he came home from school that day. Delivering newspapers, cleaning tables and chairs, and delivering milk to neighbors. Every time he finished a job, the piggy bank added a few dollars. Four months later, the little boy finally saved enough $70 to go to the Watercan charity organization with his mother. \”Uncle and aunt, please help me.\” \”Children in Africa, dig a well!\” \”Kid, it costs 2,000 US dollars to dig a well!\” Ryan didn\’t know how much it was, but he didn\’t know enough, so he went back and patted the neighbor\’s door and asked if he could hire himself to help them weed the neighbors. We were very touched and soon the whole school knew about it. They worked together for Ryan and the whole community started a donation drive. The newspaper also published the story of the little boy. Everyone was moved by his spirit and raised funds for African children. Even the Canadian International Development Organization also For every 1 cent donated by the public, they donated another 2 cents to Ryan\’s piggy bank, which was soon filled with 2,000 US dollars. He immediately donated it to Africa and built his first well in Uganda, which he named \”Ryan\’s Well\”. One year, he just turned 9 years old. African children who had never drank clean water suddenly became excited. Before, they had to get up at midnight and walk for an hour to find a clean water source. They made three trips back and forth. After filling up the water, it was already six o\’clock in the morning for breakfast. I didn’t eat and rushed to school. An 8-year-old African child, Jimmy, wrote all this down and sent it to Ryan far away. “Without you, I might have died because I couldn’t drink clean water. I hope you can come to me one day.” Here, play football with me.\” After receiving the letter, Ryan decided to continue saving money to buy a plane ticket. He must play with Jimmy before he turns twelve. Fortunately, he did not have to wait long. His neighbor was moved by his love and gave him a plane ticket as a gift. On the plane, everyone in the village came to greet Ryan. The little boy asked strangely, \”Does everyone know me?\” The village chief smiled and said: \”There is no one here who doesn\’t know you, Ryan.\” The two friends held hands tightly, and Jimmy said that he would take him to see his well, which saved the life of the whole village. . Ryan mingled with the children while sipping cool well water and secretly decided to make all African children drink clean water. In 2001, he established his own foundation to call on people around the world to help African children drink clean water. The little boy who drilled wells one after another was invited to TV to promote and give speeches. At a young age, he put on a suit and tie and told everyone without stage fright: I have a dream to let everyone in AfricaJimmy also applied for the policy of healthy drinking water for his children and went to Canada as a refugee. He went to school with Ryan and became best friends. This love never stopped, but snowballed. By 2016, Ryan had dug more than 1,000 wells. As a result, 850,000 people have access to clean water, and infrastructure such as schools and toilets have been built. “After all these years, I still think of the first well when I was nine years old. The sweet water was my lifelong dream. \”Ryan is called the \”soul of Canadians\”, but he doesn\’t care. He says this is something that all human beings do. Without everyone\’s kindness, there wouldn\’t be every well in Africa. He personally goes to Africa to inspect the construction of water wells and every handful of precious clean water. Water is hard to come by. Ryan even attended international conferences on behalf of African children and begged all countries to pay attention to the drinking water situation in Africa and lend a helping hand. Soon after, he returned to the first well, picked up the still sweet water and drank it deeply. Ryan, the children who came to fetch water, showed a sweet smile and mingled with the locals. Today\’s African children are no longer sallow and thin, but drink clean water, listen to the teacher\’s lectures, and play various games without worrying about the most basic survival. The problem is that it took him 18 years to realize his dream and he will continue to fight for welfare for more African children. Ryan believes: We have it, and you will also have it. Dreams are not just to show off, but to be realized through continuous hard work. I hope you and I can all have them. Have an original intention to illuminate yourself and bring a touch of warmth to others on the road of life.

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