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Stop praising your children, \”You are so smart.\” Use the following 15 words of encouragement from parents.

A person\’s success is related to his way of thinking. Thinking styles can be roughly divided into two categories, one is growth mindset and the other is fixed mindset. The difference between the two is that the former believes that their abilities can be improved through hard work; while the latter believes that their intelligence and abilities are quantitative and will not change. Children with a growth mindset are less likely to give up and are more likely to enjoy the process. Therefore, if parents only praise their children for being smart, it will make the children think that their abilities are only related to quantitative talents, which is not conducive to the cultivation of children\’s growth mindset. This article brings together 15 correct ways to praise children. If parents use them skillfully, their children will continue to make progress. Stop saying \”You\’re so smart\” and start saying… 01 You work hard! —Praise for effort. You tried really hard on that. When your child presents you with a beautiful piece of work, don’t be carried away by joy. Please remember to acknowledge the hard work and effort he put in for it. 02 Even though it’s hard, you never give up. —Praise for perseverance. You never gave up, even when it was hard. When a child completes something that is very challenging for him, such as thinking hard about a Go game, trying the high climbing frame on the playground again and again, countless times After countless failed attempts, please remember to acknowledge his patience and persistence. 03 Your attitude towards doing things is very good. —Praise Attitude You have such a positive attitude. When a child is full of positive energy about the tasks he or she is facing, don’t forget to seize the opportunity to say a few kind words. 04 You have made a lot of progress in ____! —Praise details You have really improved on ______. When a child’s ability has improved in a certain area, the more specific the details, the better. For example: Baby, your hand posture is more standard when swimming now, and the frequency of ventilation is also higher. It\’s even, a lot better than before, great! 05 This method is really innovative! —Praise creativity What a creative solution to that problem! This is the most important thing to pay attention to. Seeing children’s whimsical ideas is the easiest to associate them with “smartness”, but whimsical ideas are really “smart” ? It should be the accumulation of creativity and thinking. It is the brain-opening that children gain after trying countless possible solutions! Therefore, it is right to praise \”creative\”! 06 You work great with your friends! —Praise for the spirit of cooperation. You work very well with your classmates. No matter how capable a person is, there is a limit to what he can do. If your child and his friends work together to complete something and do a good job, please seize the opportunity. Affirm your child’s cooperative communication skills! 07 This matterYou are very responsible! —Praise for leadership I love how you took ownership of that! Although some things are not done entirely by the child, he is responsible for the management. He does well because he has a strong sense of responsibility and leadership. Praise to At this point, it is also a very important ability to let the child know that although he has not personally experienced every step, he can make it happen. 08 You are not afraid of difficulties at all, that’s so rare! —Praise for courage You are not afraid of a challenge! I like that! Praising a child for his courage is the best time to help him increase his \”confidence index\”. 09 It’s great that you helped _____ complete her task! —Praise enthusiasm. You did a great job of helping ___with her assignment. “Giving roses to others leaves fragrance in your hands.” Helping others is a virtue. You must praise your child’s enthusiasm and encourage him to help others more. At the same time, it can also let him know that there are many ways to overcome difficulties. In addition to his own patience and persistence, asking others for help and learning from other people\’s experiences are also very effective methods. 10 You tidy up your room/books so well. —Praise for responsibility and organization. You have taken great care of your room/books. Being able to tidy up your own space, put things away, and take good care of them is a sign of responsibility and orderliness. This is what children can do. Praise and encouragement are necessary as the basis for other things. 11 I believe you because ______. —Praise for credit I know I can trust you because ______. Good credit will make your child’s life path smoother, so you should help him establish it in a timely manner. For example, when making an agreement with your child, you can say, \”I believe in you, because you have kept your word the last few times\”, \”I believe in you, you will definitely find a good way\”… 12 You performed very well in participating in the activities today! —Praise for participation You did a great job of participating today! Participating in activities can broaden your horizons and absorb more nutrients. When a child actively participates in activities and performs well in the activities, you must encourage his sense of participation. 13 You value other people’s opinions, which is very good. —Praise for an open-minded and open-minded attitude. It is so nice that you value other people\’s opinions. By absorbing good advice and experience from others, your own abilities will continue to improve. People with a growth mindset generally have an open-minded and open-minded attitude. 14 I\’m so happy You make this choice. —Praise for choosing I am so proud that you made that choice. Being able to complete a task well is sometimes due to hard work, and sometimes it is because of changing strategies and making the right choice. Praise strategies are also key to cultivating a growth mindset. 15 You remember _____! What a great idea! – Praise for carefulness You remembered to ____! Great thinking! Carefulness is not only reflected in being cautious, but also reflected in the comprehensiveness and multi-angle of children\’s consideration of problems. When going out to play, the child did not forget to bring an umbrella. Later, when it rained, he really needed it. It turned out that the attentive child checked the weather forecast for the day before going out. At this time, parents should praise him for his carefulness and thoughtfulness. .

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