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Stop speculating on Dong Li Ala Lei’s CP! Pedophiles enjoy watching it, you know?

After \”Daddy 4\” started airing, I heard that the kids in it were very cute, so I watched several episodes one after another. But when I see the combination of \”intern dad + amateur cute baby\”, I always feel that something is not right. Sure enough, regardless of the original intention of such a program setting, it eventually led to an unsightly \”father-daughter CP\” craze: First, Alale thanked the intern\’s father for his efforts in the program, and casually said that she wanted to marry Dong Li: Familiar with children\’s sensitive period Parents all know that children will have a sensitive period for marriage when they are around 4 years old, and they will make noises about getting married from time to time. Just like the subtitles in the upper right corner of the screen and Dong Li\’s response on Weibo, the child\’s words are just \”childish words\”: In fact, we don\’t need to make a fuss about children\’s sensitive period of marriage. Children can have the concept of \”marriage\”, which shows that She already has a clear understanding and feeling of her own gender and the opposite sex, so at least she doesn\’t have to worry about her child being gay. We only need to listen to our children talk about their inner \”love\” with a normal heart and improve their concepts of marriage and family. We don\’t need to encourage or criticize. But what Mango Channel did next was to seize on the child\’s \”childish talk\” and use \”single-titled\” slogans in the trailers, directly using words such as \”dog abuse\” that imply \”couples\” to describe \”dog abuse\”. \”Father and Daughter\” – Then, major media also followed the Amway \”Father and Daughter Love\” trend one after another, began to take the picture out of context, forcefully pulled red lines, and forced CP: This picture appeared in almost all Amway \”Father and Daughter Love\” articles. But Dong Li’s subsequent emphasis on “putting Arale in her daughter’s place” was not mentioned: In many public interviews, he emphasized that the relationship between father and daughter was a “joking” interview, and there was no media report: there was even this kind of public interview. The reporter directly induced the child to become Dong Li\’s girlfriend in front of the child. Dan\’s mother was also drunk when she saw it: It seemed that she was afraid that everyone would not see the \”father-daughter love\” between Ala Lei and Dong Li, so she took every opportunity to lean on the CP. . What makes people even more unbearable are the various nudity of children in the Mango Channel video, as well as the scenes of crawling around on the bed in underwear. I really don’t know how the children will feel when they grow up and see this. In order to protect the child, Dan\’s mother will not let her go here. \”Child sexual abuse\” has been a hotly discussed topic in recent years. Several parenting experts on Weibo have spoken out about this: However, there are still many ignorant people who say that it is a big mistake to take this father-daughter couple so seriously. It’s a small topic. The children are still young, so it’s okay to tease them. Dan’s mother really wants to wake these people up: In China, one child is sexually assaulted every day. Child sexual assault is not far away from us. Just last year, the average number of children in the country was every day. A child sexual abuse case was exposed! There are countless people who have not been exposed, and the proportion of the perpetrators among them is as high as 70% acquaintances. Who are these acquaintances? It’s those Uncle Wang who has very good children next door, Teacher Li who teaches his children every day, and Uncle Zhang who often comes to visit us! A parent-child program that children can watch blatantly lets nature take its course, allowing a three- or four-year-old girl to eat, live, and sleep with her uncle, and call her \”Daddy\” every once in a while to a handsome brother who is not related to her. How can we, as parents, educate our children on “preventing sexual harassment by acquaintances” in the future? Dan’s mother believes that Dong Li has no ill intentions towards Arale, but can children understand it? Can they tell whether your uncle cares about you and sleeps with you, or whether he wants to violate you? Children will only get the idea from the intimate scenes of Dong Li and Ala Lei on TV: \”If one day an uncle wants to sleep with me, then I will sleep with him, and if he wants to kiss me, I will kiss him.\” I don\’t even think it\’s harmful, but I feel proud of it. Because this is how it is played on TV, and children\’s sense of proportion in getting along with adults is distorted in this way. Prosecutor Wang Ying of the Ministry of Public Security, who focuses on the psychology of minors, emphasized that the age of 3-6 is an important period for children to form sexual preferences and concepts. During this period, the concepts of the opposite sex, sex, social ethics, and interpersonal distance are formed. Will affect mate selection standards and sexual concepts in adulthood. Don\’t think that this is just a matter for the girl\’s family. Parents with sons must not take it lightly. Relevant organizations have conducted surveys and found that the number of domestic boys who are sexually assaulted is actually higher than that of girls. This is just because it is not easily discovered by parents and therefore has not been exposed. Therefore, not only Arale, Dan\’s mother believes that even Li Yihang, who is a boy in the show, should not just give him an \”intern dad\”. Yes, we are afraid that \”the adulterer will see adultery.\” Dan Ma saw some viewers saying that such an over-interpretation of the pure love between Ala Lei and Dong Li in the show is \”the adulterer will see adultery.\” Are we obscene? of course not! Dong Li is by no means a pedophile, but we are worried that those \”prostitutes\” lurking in the dark corners of society will really lust after children in the show. Do you think there are not many people like this? The scenes of naked children in the show, as well as some words such as \”Take off your clothes quickly\”, have made some viewers eager to watch, and left fanciful and obscene messages on the barrage: There have even begun to appear on the Internet, pedophile pornographic articles with Arale as the protagonist: Even a four-year-old girl wants to be sexually obscene, which is simply crazy and disgusting. . . This is true for the places we can see, but what about the places we can\’t see? As early as 2014, some netizens exposed a pedophile circle on Weibo. At least 9 people’s IDs were in Dongcheng District, Beijing. Netizens found more than 100 pictures of people in this circle on Weibo. These \”pedophile\” bloggers take photos with children. Most of the children in the photos are around 10 years old. There is also a picture of a little boy lying next to the bed with a painful expression. The \”pedophile\” blogger uses a boy\’s tone of voice. He posted on Weibo and said: \”Although it doesn\’t hurt, I still cried.\” Other photos were also accompanied by provocative text such as \”I really want to eat him\”, which was outrageous to see. What a coincidence is that in Alale\’s report, there was also news with the same sentence as the title: Someone asked on Zhihu: \”Why can\’t I see the significance of what Dong Li said to Alale?\” Disgusting?\”, the best answer below is: \”Can you replace Dong Li with an uglier uncle?\” Even us adults are easily deceived by appearance, let alone children? In South Korea, there are films such as \”Sowon\” and \”The Melting Pot\” that have drawn public attention to child sexual abuse, but in our country, there is such a thing for \”pedophiles\” to imitate – in the future, they can deal with it with ulterior motives. The child said: \”I will be theDad Dong, you come to be Arale, can we play and sleep together? \”Children\’s reality show. Dear fathers, if you don\’t treat your children well, the children will have to call someone else\’s father. Dan\’s mother also wanted to make a complaint: Can the title \”Dad\” be called casually?! It is said in China It is \”widowed parenting\”, so the identity of \”dad\” has become cheap enough that it can be used for entertainment, experimentation, and internship? What kind of imagination did the director of Mango Channel have to plan this kind of \”let go\”? \”Children call others daddy\” program?! Seeing the two children in the program calling each uncle \”daddy\” so smoothly, please all the fathers in front of the TV tell their children that it\’s not which uncle is more handsome, right? If you are nice, you can call me \”Dad\”! There is only one father!

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