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Strictly discipline your children and spank them when they deserve it. This is the best answer to the explanation of punishment.

Some time ago, something big and small happened in the China Railway International City Community in Hefei: a \”naughty kid\”, who didn\’t know whether it was because he was bored or just for fun, threw 15 bullets down from the 28th floor. beer bottle. When the parents of the child learned about it, they went crazy in panic: Although there were no casualties, the consequences were still disastrous! As a result, the parents quickly and solemnly apologized to their neighbors in the owner group, reflecting on their failure to educate their children on the dangers of throwing objects from high altitudes. At the same time, they also posted photos of beating their children! Regarding the behavior of naughty children, this time it is rare that I did not see anyone saying that children should not be beaten and should be educated well. On the contrary, many people support the behavior of parents. They should spank their children when they should be spanked. If they don\’t spank them, they don\’t know what they will do in the future. A senior teacher discovered a problem during his years of education. If you go to primary schools, you will find that some children have dull facial expressions, poor academic performance, do not listen in class, and have not finished exam papers; they have no diseases, and their parents are also healthy, which is in line with eugenics and eugenics. But why do they happen? Is there such a situation? The teacher attributed the reason to the fact that these children had never been spanked. Isn\’t it strange? But the teacher\’s reason seems to be very valid. Children who are often spanked will dodge, their eyes will become alert, and their bodies will become very sensitive. When parents spank their children, the children will prick up their ears to listen to what their parents are saying and carefully observe their parents\’ eyes. They will learn to observe words and expressions, actively receive information, search for information, and protect themselves sensitively. And if your child doesn\’t get beaten for a long time, you just tell him the truth, and if he doesn\’t want to listen to the truth, he will deliberately become distracted, block out his parents\’ voice, and won\’t talk to you. After slowly forming a habit, a series of problems will appear in the classroom. They are absent-minded in class, have dull expressions, and are dull and dull. This is the same as the military discipline that has been lax for too long. Does it make sense? I don\’t completely agree, but it\’s somewhat persuasive. This is not to encourage parents to deliberately spank their children, but to tell parents that among the punishments their children should receive, preaching alone is obviously not enough. In the past, teachers\’ rulers in old private schools were not just hanging there to look good. As long as the children made mistakes, they would be slapped on the palms of their hands. Therefore, children respected their teachers and could indeed achieve good results in their studies. Is spanking a child always a negative thing? But in today\’s environment, the negative effects of spanking children are deliberately exaggerated, thus forming a trend; as long as they spank their children, they are not good parents. Professor Li Meijin has mentioned the issue of punishment more than once. Recently, Li Meijin, a professor at the Public Security University, said something in \”The Round Table School\” that can exactly explain this point of view. She said: \”In the process of people\’s growth, they need to form something. In addition to love, they also need to have awe. If a child breaks the law, punishment is actually a kind of protection, letting him know to be afraid and regretful, so that he will never do it again in the future. If you dare, you can really protect him if you really stop him from daring.\” The implication is to emphasize that children should know how to be afraid and know that the rules cannot be violated. If a child makes a mistake, only punishment can make the child wake up. As educators, we cannot tolerate it. And this is not the first time that Professor Li MeijinEmphasizing awe, she has mentioned many times in her previous analysis of juvenile criminal behavior that the reason why people commit crimes is that they lack a sense of awe. If there are no rules, there will be no square, and if there is no reverence, there will be disaster. The same is true when we educate our children. We need to teach them to respect and obey the rules. Only in this way can children truly grow. The increase in education costs has resulted in a decrease in efficiency. This should make us reflect. In the current educational environment, spanking children is not advocated. Even if it is a small problem, parents have to break it up and tell it to their children. Of course, this kind of education is advocated, but if the children think of it as a kind of noise after Che Guanluo keeps saying it over and over again, shouldn’t we have to change the method? For example, when I was a child, I was never afraid of my father. He never hit me, so every time I made a mistake, I would tell him first. If my father couldn\’t handle it, my mother would pick it up after knowing it. When the feather duster is about to hit me, my brain will run at high speed. It feels like the days at that moment are like years, and the regret in my heart is endless. I will not make similar mistakes for a long time after that. It will cast a shadow on my psychology, I hate my parents, I feel inferior and timid; None of this exists, because I did make a mistake. I knew I couldn’t get away with this beating, so what else could I think of? Today\’s parents, when their children have various problems, will first read what the books say and think about it for a long time before making a decision. Twenty years ago, parents would have talked a lot, and their children would have had no problems. Although they were rough, they were very efficient, and we would always have long memories (of course this is not recommended now). But this comparison will also give us reflection. Why do children who were often beaten in the past have no psychological problems? We often reflect on this issue. When we were young, those born in the 80s and 90s were often beaten. A common scenario was that they were kicked out by their parents. I would wander outside with my friends until the evening. When I got home, I would see if my parents were angry, and then I would ask weakly, \”Mom, is the meal ready?\” Then the family started to eat, and no one mentioned what happened just now. Everyone acted as if nothing had happened. But today\’s children can\’t stand a spanking. The children have been hit hard, the parents feel guilty, and the children will have various problems. Why are the two generations in such completely opposite situations when they are also beaten? 1. Today’s children’s ability to withstand stress is too weak. Today\’s children are all brought up in a honeypot. A large family revolves around one child. The child has been pampered since he was a child and will not experience any hardships. Parents have done everything in advance, so the child\’s childhood is very happy, but he will eventually grow up. Facing the pressure of study and society, the psychological endurance is very poor. In the past, it was common for children to be beaten. As soon as their parents said hello, they would run away; as for today\’s children, their parents would say \”I want to I’m going to hit you.” I couldn’t bear it anymore and felt that I had been abandoned by my parents. In the final analysis, it is because the ability to withstand pressure is too weak. I can\’t speak out and can\’t bear the pain. Let alone being beaten, even scolding has become a sin. 2. Children who are not spanked often cannot bear the occasional spanking. Today\’s children rarely get spanked, so when they do get spanked occasionally, they don\’tThey know how to react; their bodies are not flexible and they don’t know how to hide, and adults don’t know the severity of their attacks and don’t know how to end them. Therefore, in such a situation, the children are hit hard and the parents also feel guilty. Nowadays, there are still many families who spank their children, but parents also do it with loud thunder and small raindrops when their children really make mistakes. This is done skillfully. If the parents copy the boy\’s movements, the children will run away in fear. If you are far away, you will return home soon and you will be honest for a few days. This kind of beating is actually more of a kind of \”scare\”, letting the children know that this matter is serious and has violated the bottom line, so that they can learn to reflect and be afraid. Such children have a bigger heart and a more solid skin. When they grow up, they don’t think it’s a big pain when they encounter setbacks. They won’t feel uncomfortable for several days even if someone says something bad to them. They just get over it laughing and laughing. Their mental endurance is very low. Very strong. Hitting children is not the purpose, but making them fearful and awe-inspiring is the most important thing. There was a saying in the past, a real man has things he should do and things he should not do. This is actually a kind of bottom line for being a human being. The formation of this bottom line is inseparable from family education. People have many boundaries that cannot be touched, and many times, the formation of this concept is accomplished through punishment. Czech education professor Comenius said that people who make mistakes should be punished, but the reason why they are punished is not because they made a mistake, but to prevent them from making mistakes in the future. There are some mistakes in life. It is harmless for children to make them and they can just talk about it. But some mistakes are enough to be made once in a lifetime. Such mistakes must be punished. This is to protect them, establish a correct view of right and wrong, and learn to abide by and adapt to the rules. . However, I firmly believe that the best way to punish is not to beat or scold, but when there is no better punishment method for the time being, is \”beating\” considered an effective way? My opinion may be biased, please correct me.

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