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Such parents can never raise outstanding children?

Psychologically speaking, each of us has two fathers: a biological father and a psychological father. In our long-term interaction with our father, we will mentally outline a psychological father hidden in our subconscious. No matter what happens, even if the father is not around, the child will call out his \”psychological father\” and express his opinions based on his father\’s past attitude. Therefore, even if the father is not around, this psychological father will always influence us subconsciously. This is the \”inherent impression\” of the father in the child\’s mind. It can be seen how much influence the father has on the children, and the education of the children is indispensable. But contrary to expectations, in reality, some fathers are always absent. Even at home, they are always not focused on their children. Below are the seven types of fathers summarized by Reading Reader, arranged in order from least to most lethal. The last one is simply unbearable. Is your father on the list? The Blue-Haired Girl Hilda Season 2 on Baidu Netdisk [Mandarin + English] Cartoon + Theatrical Version 720P Ultra HD No. 6: Dads Smoking and Drinking Most of the children who smoke have a father who is a heavy smoker; there are also children who drink. A father who is said to never get drunk after a thousand cups of wine. The \”2018 China Adult Tobacco Survey Report\” shows that the number of smokers in my country has exceeded 300 million. In addition, there are 700 million people who are forced to be harmed by second-hand smoke, including nearly 200 million children. Cigarettes are like invisible killers that are eroding the lives of adults and children. There is a father who smokes at home, and the child is prone to respiratory diseases, leading to otitis media and hearing loss, and it can also affect the child\’s memory and other problems… Children have been smelling cigarettes, tasting alcohol, listening to the sound of playing cards, and even I will learn from my father’s smoking posture. Some fathers will also teach their children \”secrets about playing cards and drinking\”, teach them how to drink and guess punches, and even say \”you are not a man\”. The lungs caused by smoking and the liver caused by drinking, were made smoky and devastated by dad\’s self-righteous \”teaching\”. I once saw this question on Zhihu: How much can we love our children? One upvoted answer came from an anonymous user: Many people claim to love her very much, but they don’t even want to quit smoking. Recommendation: To all the smoker dads out there! If you love your children, quit smoking for them! Don\’t let that lighter used to light a cigarette ignite your child\’s life! Fifth place: \”Ge You Lies\”\’s father has a mobile phone and a sofa, and his father is very happy. This kind of scene is very familiar to mothers, and it should be regarded as the standard equipment for \”hands-off shopkeepers\” to go home. This time I lay down, I was isolated from the world, immersed in my mobile phone, and I couldn\’t care about my children, let alone education. Dads can\’t wait to get into their mobile phones, and mothers can\’t wait to be out of sight and out of mind. Nowadays, many children can’t take their eyes away from their iPads. After all, if they see their fathers unable to put down their phones, their children will follow suit. At this time, the mother is like raising two sons, but one is good at cold war and the other is yelling and fighting. As time goes on, family conflicts continue to escalate, the mother starts to nag, the father becomes more indifferent, and the children become emotionally unstable. \”Ge You is happy to lie down for a while, and the family will eventually break up. Suggestion: I hope dad can say no to the sofa, interact more with his children, and take them to participate in outdoor sports, quit your mobile phone addiction and spend more time with the people you love! Companionship is the most heart-warming gift for a child as he or she grows up. If this gift is given by both parents, the child will be happier. Fourth place: The father who blindly denies. The father who denies blindly is not denying something, but the life of his child. When Xiaoru was caught cheating, the first thought in her mind was to commit suicide because she was afraid of being scolded by her father. Xiaoru\’s father is a typical \”negative father\”. From childhood to adulthood, Xiaoru has been \”other people\’s children\”, ranking among the best and developing in an all-round way. But such an outstanding child chose to cheat because she was afraid of failing in the exam, and she wanted to commit suicide because of being caught cheating. In her mind, her father\’s denial was an unbearable weight in her life. Later, no matter which exam she took, no matter how good she was, Xiaoru never got a word of approval from her father. Of course, she became depressed and still had suicidal tendencies. Xiaoru still doesn\’t understand that her whole life has been trapped in seeking her father\’s approval instead of how to become herself. The harm a father who blindly denies brings to his children is a pain that is difficult to heal throughout his life. Children who are affirmed are confident and generous; children who are denied are sensitive and gloomy. Suggestion: Dads should give more affirmations to their children. Only with constant affirmation can the children have the strength to move forward. Only by discovering more of the children\’s shining points and expressing their appreciation and praise can the children be more sunny. Third place: Dad who agrees with everything. In \”In the Name of Family\”, Qi Mingyue\’s words to his father made many mothers feel the same. A father who agrees with everything seems to love his children, but in fact he just doesn\’t want to be responsible. Just like Qi Mingyue said, when she was a child, she liked her father because he said everything was right, but her mother was very strict, which made her feel tired. It was only when Qi Mingyue grew up that she realized that her father\’s good talk was just because he didn\’t want to take responsibility, but her mother helped her father share his due responsibilities. Such a father is like sugar cane, one bite is sweet but cannot be savored. Qi Mingyue\’s father wanted a divorce because he hadn\’t realized that he had lost a lot of abilities over the years because Mingyue\’s mother took care of most things. Mingyue was right: \”I respect your decision, but you will regret it.\” And she firmly chose to stand on her mother\’s side. When children are young, they may not understand what kind of father is a really good father, but time is the answer, which will make the children understand the efforts of the mother and the avoidance of the father. Suggestion: Dads should shoulder their own responsibilities. Children not only need their mothers, but also their fathers, and even more need their fathers to set an example. Blindly escaping may not only make the mother become \”unreasonable\”, but also cause the children to get into trouble. Will also choose to escape. Second place: The missing father. A psychologist once discovered that a person\’s achievements depend 20% on his hard work and 80% on his father\’s teachings. There is no need to go into details about the influence of fathers on their children, but there are very few of them. Among the reasons for divorce, the proportion of \”absent fathers\” is extremely high. The car after get off work is not a car, but the \”warm\” home of the father. I get a headache when I see my baby, and I don’t know why I “fall in love” with my dad? This should be a common question for all mothers. Many fathers feel a little nervous whenever they talk about their children., my head was filled with the cries of the children, and I was immediately persuaded to leave, thinking that the car would be more suitable for me. As everyone knows, the time in the car is the time you miss and it is difficult to make up for it. It is the best time for your child. Many elderly people will complain that their children do not take care of them in old age, but they do not reflect on it: Did they also fail to take care of their children when they were young? Children grow up step by step, but fathers are always hard to find on the way their children grow. Don\’t wait until you need your children only to find out that you haven\’t fulfilled your responsibilities for your children either. Suggestion: Being busy is not an excuse. Treat your children with care, accompany them, communicate with them more, establish connections with them, and complete an activity together. The children will feel more about their father\’s love. No. 1: A father who doesn’t understand his mother. The moment when an adult breaks down is often not because of how difficult life is, but because of being understood. The moment you are understood is the moment you let go of your guard, the moment you are resurrected with full blood. For mothers, it is not only their children that make them collapse, but also the incomprehension of their spouse. A mother who is not understood will become hard and negative, but understanding will make a mother gentle and firm. The mother is a barometer of the child\’s emotions: the mother is smiling, and the child is lively and cheerful; the mother is frowning, and the child is sensitive and talks little. Especially when children see their parents quarreling, they will feel very insecure and may even develop hatred towards their father, feeling that their father is bullying their mother and alienating them. In many cases, mothers\’ emotions are affected by their fathers. Many mothers are disappointed with their fathers and feel helpless and depressed. In fact, emotions are contagious and ultimately affect the child\’s personality. Many fathers think that they are too busy at work and have no time to spend with their children. But the mother also has to work, and the mother does not have more roles than the father. When she returns home, she has to take care of the children, and even endures a lot of father\’s incomprehension. Many times, mother does not have many extravagant wishes. Even if she hears her father say: \”Thank you for your hard work,\” she will feel less tired. Mom is a superwoman, but she also needs dad to replenish her energy. Suggestion: Dad should understand more about Mom\’s difficulties and pay attention to communication. Maybe Dad thinks Mom is just complaining, but in fact, Mom is panting and trying to save herself. Raising children is not a matter of words. The father must see the mother\’s efforts. Only when the father truly understands and supports the mother, and expresses more gratitude and praise to the mother, will the child feel the warmth of the family. The more understanding the father is and the more smiling the mother is, the more harmonious the family will be and the children will grow up healthily and happily. Some people say: If a child is compared to a sapling, what the father provides to the child is the \”backbone\” for growth. If you want your children to develop well, fathers must do three things: never be absent, never deny, and never be bothered. The growth of saplings requires careful watering and the father\’s continuous efforts. Click \”Like\”, so that dad will no longer use the \”invisibility spell\”, but concentrate on practicing the \”Golden Bell\” to protect the growth of his children.

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