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Such sublimation of maternal love is destroying our next generation

Many parents praise \”free-range\” to the sky and find a good reason: \”releasing the child\’s nature.\” They think that this kind of love is great, but in fact it is very cheap. This kind of cheap love is being wasted step by step. Throw away our next generation. In a certain cinema, everyone was watching the movie seriously. Only one child jumped up and down in his seat and laughed from time to time. From the time he entered the theater to now, he had been making trouble for almost half an hour, and his mother was right next to him. An adult next to me couldn\’t bear it and asked the child\’s mother, \”Can you please control your child? It\’s too noisy.\” The child\’s mother didn\’t even look back and said, the child was born like this! Then continue watching the movie. After the BBC documentary recommended One Amazing Day on Earth in Mandarin HD version 1080P, the child left his seat and ran around in the cinema. After running for a while, he got tired, but found that his mother could not be found. It was too dark inside. Then she cried and called her mother. After shouting several times, no one responded. A strange man shouted at him: Your mother is dead! The child stood there stunned, not daring to move. There is a kind of education that is praised to the heavens, which is called releasing children\’s nature. All characteristics of a child can be attributed to nature. Whether they are good or bad, they are all naturally reasonable and cannot be argued or suppressed. A professor was indignant: The biggest scams in education are happy education, the uselessness of academic qualifications, and the release of children’s nature. These three scams are distorting children’s growth step by step. Children have no sense of rules. In a certain movie theater, everyone was watching the exciting \”Jurassic Park\” with bated breath. A little boy danced and yelled loudly, shocking the people around him, or frequently asked his mother about the plot of the movie. Finally, someone couldn\’t help it and asked the child to be quiet. Whose child can calm down while watching a movie if the child’s mother doesn’t care? Children\’s nature is to make noises, why do you care about a child? See, this is the current understanding of a small number of parents. It is the nature of children to make noises. Therefore, when children disturb others in public, they are releasing their nature. In terms of education in China, the three most risky ones are waiting for the flowers to bloom, releasing one\’s nature, and letting nature take its course. Children\’s egocentricity In Piaget\’s theory of cognitive development, children aged 2 to 7 are in the pre-operational stage, and their characteristic is egocentricity. This has become an excuse for many mothers to allow their children to be egocentric. They feel that it is okay for the child to be a little selfish, so that the child will not suffer easily; besides, after this stage, the child will naturally not be like this anymore. Actually, that\’s not the case. If parents allow their children to be too self-centered in everything, over time, self-esteem will evolve into selfishness, and they will care about everything and never let themselves suffer. Children who don\’t suffer will never fly high. Children have no sense of reverence. A left-behind boy in Taiwan was addicted to online games. He asked his grandfather for money many times but failed. He took advantage of his grandfather\’s lunch break and tried to steal his grandfather\’s money. He was discovered by his grandfather and the two had a fight. In a panic, the boy picked up a nearby brick, beat his grandfather to death, took the money and rushed out of the door… This was also what parents called a \”naughty boy\”. In fact, what kind of naughty kid is this? He is a clear murderer! left behind childrenIt has always been a group that everyone pays close attention to. Parents leave their hometowns for their children, and the elderly dote on their children. It can be said that the nature has been completely released, but as the nature is released, problems gradually increase… because every child\’s heart There is an angel and a devil living there at the same time. If there is no discipline, the angel in the heart will be defeated by the devil, without any fear, and eventually lead to disaster. Download the complete version of the first part of the classic Chinese cartoon Oriental God Baby. Before children were uneducated, there was a popular joke on the Internet. The bus was crowded with passengers during the rush hour. A mother and her 7-year-old child squeezed onto the bus, passed through the crowd, and squeezed into the seat at the back. The child pointed to a seat by the window, dancing and crying. I had to sit there. The mother told the girl sitting in the seat that he was still a child and was not used to standing. Sister, please give way… There was no apology on her face begging others to give up her seat. On the contrary, it was full of urging. The girl on the seat suddenly said, \”Your child is so ugly, why should I give up my seat to him?\” In an instant, the air in the entire car froze! At the next stop, the mother got out of the car with the child… Parents are reluctant to take care of uneducated children, and there will always be someone to give the child a hard blow on their behalf. An uneducated child will definitely not be popular wherever he goes. A complete collection of Chinese historical stories: Baijia Lecture Forum Wu Zetian complete works mp3+ video written at the end of love, there is no distinction between high and low, but in the current society, parents give too much excessive love, this kind of love beyond the scope, and for children Words themselves are harmful. Therefore, for the future development of your children, please eliminate those cheap spoils! Cheap love will eventually cause harm to children!

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