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Sun Nan pays 700 yuan for rent to let his children learn Chinese traditional culture? Sun Nan’s current position is more ruthless than Xiao Qin’s

There are new people and new ideas in the entertainment industry every day. If Sun Nan\’s family hadn\’t suddenly become a hot topic, they would have almost forgotten the existence of this character. Pan Wei said in the interview that she and Sun Nan\’s family moved from Beijing to Xuzhou three years ago. They sent their two children (born to Sun Nan and Mai Hongmei) to the Guoxue Museum and rented a 100-square-meter house with a monthly rent of 700. . Making tea and arranging flowers here, I felt \”inner peace and abundance.\” Since I have been living in a low-key manner for three years, I will continue to keep a low profile. Why did it suddenly become a hot search topic? After watching the video, I realized that Pan Wei had published a new book and used this experience to promote himself. I mentioned in yesterday\’s article that Chen Yulin is the type who is most likely to become a canary. She is gorgeous, vulgar, stupid, and youthful. She can not only make old men excited, but also control them easily. But this kind of girl, even if she is a hundred times more beautiful and attractive, will never be able to overthrow the main wife, because their only advantage is youth, and youth is fleeting. Pan Wei is just the opposite. She is very much like Ling Ling in \”The First Half of My Life\”. She is not amazing in appearance, but gentle and amiable. She is the least in line with the \”vixen\” personality and the most defenseless. Old men who are tired of seeing Yingying Yanyan do this. In their eyes, such a woman is different from the vulgar fans and the bad wives at home. They appear in front of men as independent women who are thoughtful, experienced and understanding of the world, like an independent white lotus. Especially for those families with the seven-year itch, where the wife gave up her career early to become a full-time housewife for the sake of the family, and the couple has less and less common language, this type of woman has a fatal attraction. In the eighth season of \”Desperate Housewives\”, Lynette, who has been separated and wants to win back her husband, initially thought that Tom\’s new girlfriend was a sexy girl in her early 20s, so she was not too panicked. When she found out that her real girlfriend was the hot girl\’s mother, a charming and intellectual woman, her heart suddenly dropped, knowing that she had no chance. Only brainless women will keep asking men to buy bags, while scheming women know how to brainwash men. For example, Pan Wei probably made Sun Nan so moved that he thought he had finally found the soul mate who understood him best. You see, I don’t love your money. For your children, I left my villa in Beijing and ran to Xuzhou to live a shabby life with your children. Are you impressed? Pan Wei\’s move was really wonderful, killing three birds with one stone and making him look like a real-life version of \”Little Qin\”. The first eagle is geographically isolated from its biological mother. Once a divorced couple has a child together, the broken bones are still connected, let alone two children. Zhang Yuqi is so strong, she can also say to Yuan Bayuan for the sake of the child, \”We will be relatives for life.\” So as long as Hongmei and Sun Nan are both in Beijing, there will be plenty of opportunities to contact them for the sake of their children. For the current wife, these are unsettling factors, so she might as well move further away, making it inconvenient for you to visit. The second eagle mentally castrates the child. What\’s the reason for moving further away? Of course it is \”for the good of the children\”. As we all know, Pan Wei and Sun Nan met while playing golf. How much does Mai Hongmei hate Pan Wei? Before they got divorced, Mai HongmeiWhen Hongmei was recording a program, she smiled and shouted \”Brother Nan\” when she mentioned Sun Nan a second ago, but when she mentioned golf, her face changed in a second and she said bitterly that I wanted to break his clubs. By the time the two got divorced, their children had already learned some things. These experiences must have had a profound impact on them. I don\’t think it\’s possible to say they don\’t hate them at all. Pan Wei once praised the eldest daughter she had with her ex-husband without hesitation, but she openly and secretly disparaged the two children born from the red girl, saying that they were rebellious, addicted to games, tired of studying, and difficult to discipline. Don’t you know why your children are rebellious and hate studying? Whose father finds a mistress to divorce his mother and fights for custody, and the child will not pretend that nothing happened. The father, who should have paid more attention to his children and helped them solve their psychological problems, chose to stand with his stepmother and send his children to Chinese studies classes. What can you learn in the Chinese Studies class? If you simply read the Analects of Confucius and Mencius, you can learn it during the winter and summer vacations, or in your spare time. There is no need to give up formal school education and make a special trip. There are many such Chinese studies classes in China. Studying Chinese studies is secondary. The most important thing is to complete \”thought transformation.\” It is basically an upgraded version of \”Female Durban\”. It is no different from a monastery. The main thing it teaches is \”The Classic of Filial Piety\” and \”Morality\”. Sutra】【Disciple Regulations】this category. As Pan Wei himself emphasized: A child must first have a heart of kindness, and then learn other knowledge, so that education can have an impact on life. When a person cannot accommodate others in his heart and is only self-centered, he has fallen, but he has not realized it yet. The children sent here basically have one thing in common: rebellious, neglectful of discipline, and love to play games. Parents have nothing to do with their hands. Whatever knowledge they learn here is secondary. The important thing is to let their children learn obedience and filial piety. Pan Wei herself is the female celebrity teacher in it. She said that the girl will \”be a wife and a mother in the future, and she will use needlework to convey love.\” It’s 9102 years ago, who told you that a girl’s destiny is needlework? It is said that Pan Wei once confessed after attending a class that she was not virtuous enough, and called Sun Nan to tell her that the problems at home were all because of her wickedness. I think you are quite immoral. Can you send someone else\’s child here if you are not immoral? Sun Nan himself was even more slapped in the face. You believe in Chinese culture so much. Chinese culture advocates that marriage should last forever and that a bad wife will not leave the house. Why don\’t you learn it? Is the brainwashing of learning \”traditional morality\” still superficial? A comment on Weibo put it very well. This is called \”external virtue and internal power\”. Pan Wei wanted to use this trick to tell his two children, who are already quite young, what the family is really like. Who has the final say. In \”House of Heart-wrenching Storm, Full Moon\”, Aunt Hong used this exact trick on the children left behind by her ex-wife. While playing the role of \”I\’m going to treat you with all my heart and soul\”, she clung to them with all her might. Their weakness is a threat. The third eagle is using this drama of bitterness to market itself. Teacher Pan is not a female classmate without a career. Her new book is about to be published. While the couple showed their indifference to fame and fortune, they also emphasized that the rent for a 100-square-meter house was only 700 yuan. They kept showing off how peaceful and stable their life was now, and they seemed to be possessed by contemporary Thoreau. Let’s not discuss whether you can rent a 100-square-meter house in Xuzhou with 700 yuan. Let’s just talk about the house itself.Although the bedroom is not as luxurious as the previous villa, it is enough for two people. However, the second bedroom where the children live is very worrying. The siblings have to sleep on bunk beds. Among them, the second daughter is almost 18 years old. She even avoids her father, but she lives in the same room with her younger brother and has no privacy. Is it appropriate? Even families with ordinary conditions probably wouldn\’t arrange it like this. Cao Xueqin had no choice but to let her children experience this kind of disparity when the conditions were clear. It was very cruel. Whenever I want to buy something, my mother will diss me with an article I once wrote about Fa Ge: You yourself said that the richer people are, the more they like to live a simple life. Why don’t you follow suit? I said it’s because Fa Ge has bought enough, but I haven’t bought enough. If you are tired of eating sea cucumber and shark fin and want to change the taste, it is your own business. Your child has not seen enough of Huahua World, okay? What right do you have to impose your choices on them? Teenage children, when they should have their eyes opened the most, have their feathers plucked out, their wings clipped, and they are forced to be trapped in a small room. This does not come from the greatness of a stepmother at all, but from extreme selfishness. Pan Wei obviously knows what is really good for her children, so she doesn\’t let her eldest daughter attend any Chinese studies classes. Instead, she lets her develop \”all-round moral, intellectual, and physical development,\” take the TOEFL exam, go abroad, and see the world outside. world, learn independence, freedom and equality. But Sun Nan probably didn\’t know. In the name of love, he not only found a stepmother for his child, but also successfully turned himself into a stepfather.

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