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Taking a snail for a walk – insights from the mother of a student with learning difficulties


Oct 1, 2023

I remember there is a prose poem \”Leading a Snail for a Walk\”. The scene described in the poem is very similar to the parent-child relationship between my children after they went to school: \”God gave me a task, asking me to take a snail for a walk. I can\’t Walking too fast, the snail has tried its best to crawl, and always moves a little bit every time…\” After entering elementary school, the slow speed of children\’s homework really gave us a headache. What other children can complete in half an hour, my children can\’t finish. It takes two hours to complete. Every time when tutoring homework, parent-child conflicts will break out. The school\’s head teacher also reported that children often become distracted during class and cannot keep up with the teacher\’s pace. The child\’s learning situation is really disappointing. We are worried that as time goes by, the child will have more and more difficulty in learning. At the suggestion of my head teacher, I took the initiative to seek help from professional teachers in the school’s learning support center. The teachers at the Learning Support Center told me not to worry or be overly anxious first. They would first go to the classroom to observe the child\’s learning performance, and then conduct corresponding cognitive assessments based on the child\’s situation. How to make children fall in love with learning: The Complete Collection of \”Excellent Health Preservation Notes\”. Professional assessment helps us find the reasons. After classroom observation and homework analysis, the teachers at the Learning Support Center found that the children were not completely in a \”fugue\” state or deliberately disobeying the lectures during class. She tried her best to keep up with the teacher\’s pace in every class, and she also tried her best to participate in class interactions and raise her hands to answer questions. However, because the child\’s processing speed in understanding the questions was too slow, she gradually couldn\’t keep up with the teacher\’s pace after 15 minutes of class. , so I started to have problems understanding and being distracted. This also caused her to be slow and inaccurate when doing exercises and writing homework. Teachers at the Learning Support Center also conducted cognitive assessments on the children. The assessment results showed that the child\’s attention and planning abilities were slightly weaker than those of children of the same age. In addition, children experience difficulties in reading written texts, mainly due to slow reading speed and a large number of unknown words. Therefore, children with word recognition dyslexia require special educational support. The teachers at the Learning Support Center invite education experts, head teachers and our parents to work together to develop a personalized education plan for the child, provide regular feedback on the child\’s performance, and provide us with some consultation and suggestions on educating the child. Parents\’ changes are the key to children\’s progress. While seeking help, I also seriously reflected on my own educational attitudes and methods. At the beginning, I couldn\’t accept that my child was much worse than others in learning. Moreover, I am an impatient person, but my child is a chronic person, so there will be a lot of friction when we get along. I realized that I needed to adjust my mentality, accept the child\’s characteristics and rhythm, and give the child full respect and understanding. I am a \”monkey mother\”, but I need to adopt the mentality of \”taking a snail for a walk\” and accept with more patience that my child is a slow-paced \”baby bear\”. After understanding the child\’s growth characteristics and learning disabilities, I should allow the child to develop at his own pace and give her more help. I found that when my own mentality changed, my child\’s stateThere has also been progress, and our parent-child relationship has also been greatly improved. Using targeted methods to help children improve their daily lives, we have also begun to adopt corresponding methods to help children overcome learning obstacles based on their specific problems. Let children train their attention through games. Based on the suggestions of professional teachers, we help children improve their agility and concentration through some competitive games. Let the child start with simple things first and gradually move on to more difficult tasks. If there is progress, reward the child in time. My children’s favorite game is playing cards, which can train their attention and quick reaction ability. The game method is in line with children\’s psychological characteristics, and children are highly motivated to play. Let the children complete the homework tasks in sections. Try not to disturb your child while he or she is doing homework, and provide her with a quiet and clean learning environment. Before each homework assignment, make an appointment with your child on a completion time, and then divide the entire homework time into two or three stages to complete. , you can take a 5-minute break every 15 minutes, so the child\’s efficiency will be improved a lot. Reading picture books together increases vocabulary. At the teacher\’s suggestion, I helped children increase their literacy through parent-child reading of picture books. I will first read the content of the picture book, and then encourage the child to read on her own. During this period, I will ask her to point out the words she does not know or understand, and I will explain and provide reading guidance. Finally, I will ask some questions and discuss the content of the picture book. After one semester of hard work, the children\’s academic performance has improved significantly. I can feel that the children are becoming more and more confident and have a sense of accomplishment. Problems encountered by children are also opportunities for parents to grow. During this process, I deeply realized that the most important thing for parents is to accompany their children to grow up and let them feel our acceptance and love. Only when parents slow down and adjust their mentality can the journey of raising children be more joyful and beautiful.

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