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Taking care of my children myself is the best decision in my life

Companionship is really more than just material giving. We all envy our friend Xiaoxue for having a very good mother-in-law, because Xiaoxue’s two daughters were both raised by her mother-in-law. Xiaoxue has to go to work every day, and her mother-in-law does all the housework at home, including shopping for food, cooking, cleaning, and taking care of a granddaughter who has just entered kindergarten and a granddaughter who has just entered elementary school. Although Xiaoxue\’s mother-in-law is an ordinary housewife, she likes to receive new knowledge, consults young people for their opinions, and is also very interested in scientific parenting. The granddaughter brought out by the kind, kind and smart grandma is really different. The two girls are polite and understand etiquette in dealing with others. However, despite not being raised by themselves, the two daughters are not close to their mother at all. Xiaoxue is busy at work and under great pressure. She often works overtime when she returns home and is physically and mentally exhausted, so she rarely spends time with her children. She also tried to make up for it with material things and gave many gifts, but her daughters didn\’t buy it. They were not as happy as they imagined when they received the gifts. Many parents lack time to accompany their children due to various reasons, and like Xiaoxue, they think that they can make up for it with material things and their children can be happy. Little do they know that material companionship and spiritual companionship are not the same thing at all. Money can\’t solve all problems. Even though I gave the child a gift, it still couldn\’t comfort the child\’s lonely heart. Companionship is not just a material gift, but an important way for parents and children to communicate and enhance their relationship. Research shows that children who lack the company of their parents have reduced happiness and are more likely to develop low self-esteem. Although Xiaoxue\’s mother-in-law can teach her grandson to be polite and decent, how many mothers-in-law can do this in this society? Many mothers-in-law still have a deep generation gap with young people, otherwise there would not be so many conflicts between mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law in the world. My colleague Xiaoli, who had suffered from depression, has been in much better mental condition since she changed her job. Although the salary of this job is two or three times less than that of her previous job, it is a leisure job so that she can have time to take her son to and from school. Xiaoli stayed at home for two months after giving birth a few years ago before going to work. She is a strong woman with high self-esteem. She focuses on work and is full of complaints about life. After going to work, her mother-in-law took the children back to her hometown in the countryside to live. She and her husband would go back to their hometown to live for a day every weekend. Just like that, they became weekend parents. The child is quite noisy. Every time Xiaoli can\’t stand it, she will beat him and scold him. Her son was extremely afraid of her and cried every time he saw her. Meeting once a week is such a busy time. I have lived with my grandma in the countryside for a long time, and I am relatively close to her. Grandma dotes on her grandson, and her grandson has become more and more willful, behaving casually, regardless of age. Xiaoli wanted to educate him, but her mother-in-law said that the child was young and should not be taken seriously with him. In the final analysis, it is still because of doting. The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law had different views on child-rearing, and the conflicts with her husband increased. The children did not listen to instructions, and Xiaoli became depressed. In the second half of last year, she realized the seriousness of the matter, so she decisively quit her high-paying job, took her son with her, and sent him to a kindergarten near her home. She said: \”The work now is not like before. There is not so much work pressure. I can devote more time and energy to my family and children. I have slowly adjusted over the past six months. In the past two months, I haveOur relationship as husband and wife has become better. I\’m not as grumpy as I used to be when I was stressed. Now when I have time, I paint and color with my child. He likes to go to indoor amusement parks. When I have time, I take him to play and read storybooks with him. It’s very good. \”Xiaoli said that she missed the first three years of her child\’s growth and regretted that she was busy with work and did not educate her child properly. As a result, many of her children\’s behaviors and habits are a headache. Now she needs to spend more energy to accompany him and educate him well. I remember that for a while, my son became extremely irritable. He could sleep soundly every night, but he couldn\’t sleep for the past two nights. He was crying and his body temperature was rising for no reason. He needed to be held and coaxed all the time. It was really torture. I was surprised to find that , there is a protruding white spot on the lower gums of this boy. It turns out that the younger brother is teething! No wonder he has been so abnormal recently. It seems to be excusable. When the younger brother was more than a month old, his grandfather infected him with a cold, causing him to have constant bleeding. He had runny nose, cough, and his throat was hoarse and he lost his voice. Two months ago, I had chickenpox and infected him, causing him to have chickenpox too. The chickenpox was very serious. At that time, the doctor said that the child was too young to take medicine and had to rely on himself. I had to use my strength to resist, and it took me half a month of intensive care to recover. Such a young person has to endure all this pain. I feel really guilty for all this, and it’s all my fault. Mothers in the world don’t care about everything about their children. I have to be very sensitive and worried. When my child feels uncomfortable, he will be particularly worried. If he has a fever, he will stay up all night and be careful to guard him. I have always taken care of him, so he is closer to me. Since he was four years old, He has been recognizing people since he was a month old. He can\’t leave his sight for a minute. He is really a tormenting little goblin. But I enjoy being with him. Every morning I see him blinking at me with his big eyes after getting up. Seeing him sleeping peacefully and soundly every night makes my heart sweeter than honey. This sense of happiness makes me forget about the hard work and fatigue of raising a baby. During the fetal period, the umbilical cord connects the mother and child; Breast milk is the emotional link, and dependence is the emotional link between mother and child after breastfeeding. You must cherish the time you spend with your children, because they will grow up quickly. Every decision you make in life has gains and losses. Writer Long Yingtai said: \”A person\’s pursuit is limited. We must learn to make appropriate subtractions and prioritize our pursuits. Either reduce career ambitions or reduce family warmth. There is no standard answer here, but you must make a decision. Choice, you can\’t want everything, that will bring you entanglement and pain. \”A woman has a weakness after getting married and having children. It\’s not that it\’s not good to focus on her career, but that family and children need to be weighed. Accompanying the growth of children is also the growth of parents themselves. No matter how busy you are at work, be sure to set aside time to accompany your children. Give your children more love. No matter what, I feel that taking care of my children myself is the most correct decision in my life.

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