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Tao Xingzhi’s educational thoughts: What is a good teacher in my mind?


Oct 1, 2023

Master Tao of the Kuang Dynasty was admired by people of high renown. The string song cottage is set up, and the garden is shaded with peaches and plums. Don\’t bring half a blade of grass, but bring a heart. For forty years now, I still have the sound of a philosopher. This poem praises Tao Xingzhi, a famous educator in modern my country. Mr. Tao Xingzhi devoted his life to education and made pioneering contributions to the modernization of education in our country. Mao Zedong called him a \”great people\’s educator\”, Soong Ching Ling called him a \”teacher for all generations\”, and Guo Moruo praised him as \”Kong Zhongni two thousand years ago and Tao Xingzhi two thousand years later.\” What does a good teacher look like? Let’s take a look at Mr. Tao Xingzhi’s understanding. Teaching and learning cannot be separated and should be integrated into one. In my opinion, there are three reasons why teaching should be unified: the teacher’s responsibility is not to teach, but to teach, and to teach students how to be a teacher? I think a good teacher does not teach or teach students, but teaches students to learn. What does it mean to teach students to learn? This is to connect teaching and learning: on the one hand, teachers should be responsible for guidance, and on the other hand, students should be responsible for learning. For a problem, the teacher is not required to teach the students a ready-made solution, but to arrange the procedures for how to find the solution and guide them so that they can achieve it in the shortest possible time through similar experiences. Similar ideals, find this method yourself, and be able to use this empirical ideal to find other methods and solve other problems. After obtaining this ideal of experience, students can explore the origin of knowledge and seek its destination. It will not be difficult to obtain and use endless truths in the world. This is what Mencius called \”compassion\”, which is also the \”automatic\” advocated by today\’s educators. Therefore, if you want students to be self-satisfied and proactive, you must first have teachers who teach students how to learn. This is the first reason why teaching should be unified. The method of teaching must be based on the method of learning. In the past, the teacher only taught students according to his own wishes. He did not care about the students\’ talents and interests, and only used the students to cobble together his teaching methods and teaching materials. Firstly, the students achieved very little results, and secondly, the students suffered too much. These are the drawbacks of inconsistent teaching. If the method of teaching is naturally based on the method of learning, then the teacher will have less effort and more success, and the students will be able to enjoy learning. Therefore, how you learn must be taught; if you learn more, you will teach more; if you learn less, you will teach less; if you learn quickly, you will teach quickly; if you learn slowly, you will teach slowly. The teacher should not only connect the methods he teaches with the methods the students learn, but also connect them with his own knowledge. As a teacher, you should learn as you teach, not just by selling some knowledge that you can sell forever. A common problem in the education field today is that everyone plagiarizes what they have learned before and passes it on to students. Looking at the bookshelves in his study, they are nothing more than a few old textbooks that he has read before. Even these books may not be reviewed, let alone studying new knowledge and seeking new progress. Since the teacher has not made progress, it will be difficult for the students to make progress. This is also the disadvantage of separation of teaching. That\’s not the case with a good teacher. He must guide students on the one hand and study knowledge on the other. Not only is the teaching rich, students can get more benefits, but new materials are often published, which is also a fun thing to be a teacher.Because the life in the education sector is endlessly boring, it is because the people involved are stuck in the old ways and cannot make a new start. Confucius said: \”Be tireless in learning and never tired of teaching.\” This is really what people who have experienced it say. Because you must be tireless in learning, and only then can you be tireless in teaching; otherwise, I would find it very boring to keep doing the same thing every year. Therefore, if we want to achieve the happiness of educational elites, it seems that we need to integrate teaching into one. In short: first, the teacher’s responsibility is to teach students to learn; second, the teacher’s method of teaching must be based on the method of learning; third, the teacher must learn while teaching. These are three reasons for unity in teaching. The first and second reasons are that the teacher\’s teaching should be connected with the students\’ learning; the third reason is that the teacher\’s teaching should be connected with the students\’ learning. With this kind of contact, teachers, students, and teachers will be able to take initiative, and teachers will have the opportunity to find priceless new principles. \”Teaching students to learn\” must establish the concept of \”student-centered\”, respect the dominant position of students in teaching activities, and give full play to the dominant role of students. Curriculum implementation requires a shift from teacher-centered teaching to student-centered teaching. When designing teaching: focus on cultivating students\’ learning abilities so that they can learn to actively explore, discover and understand the meaning of the knowledge they have learned. Active construction. We should pay attention to the cultivation of learning ability, so that students can learn to learn and master the ability to learn and update knowledge, that is, \”teaching them to fish\”. Pay attention to the learning process. A truly valuable classroom is one that is full of stimulation and excitement during the teaching process. In the classroom, students actively participate and are willing to explore. With the guidance and help of teachers, they make correct or incorrect attempts, experience fresh and exciting learning journeys, and express their thoughts freely. Under the respect and appreciation of teachers, students can experience the joy of gaining new knowledge, the excitement of discovering and solving problems; at the same time, they can also experience the confusion of facing problems, and the pain of frustration and failure. Teachers must establish the concept of lifelong learning. Only by constantly learning and constantly \”recharging\” themselves can teachers become wise men with profound cultural heritage. Recommended classic books: The main content of Love\’s Education pdf + audio. The implementation of the new curriculum reform pays special attention to teachers\’ educational wisdom, because the \”preset\” of classroom teaching is necessary, but \”generation\” is more important, and it is the vitality of classroom teaching. . Educational wisdom depends on teachers’ cultural heritage, academic accomplishment, character cultivation, and spiritual cultivation. The essence of \”integration of teaching and doing\” is the combination of teaching and life practice. Education faces people, and people in education are in the living world. \”Lifeworld Theory\” tells us that the ultimate purpose of education is to make people live a better life. Everything we do is for life, and life is the biggest concept for people. The new curriculum emphasizes paying attention to students\’ life experience, emphasizing classroom teaching life, and emphasizing that education and teaching should meet the needs of students\’ diverse development. Therefore, education and teaching must pay attention to students’ lives and value their existing experiences.

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