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Teaching by words and deeds is the best teacher on your education journey!

There is a question that has always troubled everyone in education: who is more important, school education or family education? I often hear parents say: \”I don\’t understand education, so I\’ll leave the child to you.\” If education really only relies on teachers and schools, then it will really delay the child. Family is the first environment for children to grow up, and parents are their children\’s first teachers. Children\’s strong will, excellent habits, strong adaptability, good social relationships, etc. are all cultivated in the family. Chen Baosheng, Minister of Education, said: If family education is not in place, it will not help no matter how good school education is. The way out for education lies in school, but the starting point and starting point must be at home. How to Improve Emotional Intelligence Education Piggy and Elephant picture book Elephant and Piggie, 25 volumes in total PDF + reading package + video + audio Whether children can truly become talents depends on how their parents educate them. All parents must understand this. A child\’s character depends on his parents\’ family education. There is a common voice in society that infinitely exaggerates the role of schools and teachers. \”There are no students who cannot teach well, only teachers who cannot teach.\” This makes some parents mistakenly believe that the education of their children is only the teacher\’s responsibility, and they even go to the teacher whenever their children have problems. But it is the parents who really determine a child\’s life. Whenever we discuss the differences in children, the first thing we notice is their parents. If a child has excellent academic performance, we will think that his parents attach great importance to education. If a child is polite and polite, we will think that he is well-educated. Even when we mention a famous person, the first thing we think of is his parents. Lang Lang\’s success is inseparable from his father who always forced him to practice piano; Jay Chou\’s success is inseparable from his mother\’s strict supervision of his music studies. Academic excellence is not born, behind every outstanding child stands a pair of outstanding parents. A child\’s various qualities, including hard work, honesty and trustworthiness, kindness and gratitude, etc., almost all come from the family. The character of parents determines the life of their children, and the education of the family affects their future. Parents are the role models for their children\’s life, and their influence is far greater than that of teachers. We often hear this saying: You can tell what a child is like just by looking at his parents. Children are the copy paper of their parents. Most of their behaviors and dispositions can be traced back to their parents. The TV series \”Little Joy\” illustrates a truth: the more harmonious the family relationship, the better the relationship between parents, and the more appropriate the way children are educated, the better the children\’s grades will be. Parents play the most critical role in their children\’s education. There is a saying that goes well: A good father is equal to 200 good teachers. Once the father is involved in education, the changes in the children are obvious. Moreover, children can draw huge growth energy from their fathers. The influence of teachers on children may only last three to five years, but the influence of parents on children is comprehensive and lasts a lifetime. A thousand words from a teacher are often not worth a word from a parent. Parents are the motivation for their children to move forward, point out the direction and path for their children, and are their children\’s lifelong mentors. We attach great importance to school education but often ignore family education. Unfortunately, while we emphasize school education, we also ignore family education. How many parents are busy working in order to earn money to support their families?While doing social activities, I hardly spent time with my children. If you send your children to school, you will feel completely at ease; if you send your children to care or tutoring, you will feel that you have fulfilled your responsibility. Little does he know that his absence and laziness with his children will become lifelong regrets. Teachers are not omnipotent, and no matter how good a teacher is, they cannot replace parents’ status in education. Suhomlinsky believes that to create an excellent child, efforts must be made from at least six aspects: family, school, the group where the child belongs, the child himself, books, and accidental factors. Among them, family ranks first. Chinese parents are very anxious and eager to send their children to various tutoring institutions. Little did they know that their children’s academic performance might be guaranteed, but other aspects of their education were lagging behind. The competition between students in the same class is, in the final analysis, a competition between parents’ comprehensive qualities and efforts. \”Top students\” are not only trained by teachers, but also need the cooperation and support of parents and families. If education relies solely on teachers, it will really delay children. There is a well-recognized formula in the education industry: an excellent child = 60% family education + 30% school education + 10% social education. Family education always plays a decisive role in children\’s growth. The child is not the teacher’s, but yours. Parents are their children\’s first teachers and their lifelong teachers. In addition to the 45-minute class, children also need to learn how to behave, how to get along with others, and how to get along with the world. And all of this comes from the words and deeds of parents. Teachers are not nannies. Teachers also have their own jobs and families, so it is impossible to treat every child in every aspect. Parents must also be involved in their children\’s learning and do it themselves, so as not to miss out on their children\’s once-in-a-lifetime growth. If parents always use wrong education methods or even ignore them, they will only cause harm to their children. Education is a process of growing up with children. Parents must not push their children to sprint while they themselves stay still. The biggest mortal enemies of education are adults who are \”fearful of trouble\” and \”trying to save trouble\” in educating children. You must not be lazy. Teachers assign homework in the hope that children can study well at home, but parents find it inconvenient and never pay attention. Teachers invite parents to come to school to discuss their children\’s problems, but parents always say they are busy with work and have no time. Dong Qing said something very profound: When educating your children, you choose to make money instead of disciplining your children. When your children grow up, the money you have worked hard to earn for a lifetime will not be worth the money they have spent in one year. If the son does not teach, it is the father\’s fault; if the teaching is not strict, it is the teacher\’s laziness. If jade is not cut, it will not become a tool; if a tree is not cultivated, it will not become useful material. This is a principle passed down from our ancestors, and it is equally applicable today. Educating children is indeed a very hard and trivial matter, but it is the most important responsibility of a parent and a life-long career. Education requires supervision and companionship. If you love your child, please give him a gentle and silent education. Teachers are the ones who teach, but parents are the ones who educate. The two words \”education\” are complementary to each other. Teachers are responsible for teaching, and parents are responsible for educating people. The two are indispensable. If educating children is like building a house, then the relationship between parents and teachers is equivalent to bricks and cement. Without a teacher\’s teaching, a child is like a pile of bricks without cement.No matter how good they are, they have no future; without the education of their parents, children are like a puddle of cement without bricks. No matter how smart they are, it will be difficult for them to gain a foothold in society. I hope all parents understand: No matter how important, difficult, and complex your job is, please remember that there is a more important, more difficult, and more complex job waiting for you, and that is educating people. No matter how busy you are at work and how unable you are to spend time with your children, please remember that your children’s education only comes once, and once you miss it, you can’t do it again. What teachers teach is always the knowledge in textbooks, and what is beyond textbooks is the education of parents. With the teaching of teachers and the education of parents, education is complete. Without good family education, no matter how good school education is, it is useless. If school education is a window for children to acquire knowledge, then family education is the door for children to grow. Parents are the best starting point for children, and their words and deeds are the best education. Everything about a child is a reflection of his parents. The comprehensive quality of his parents determines his child\’s quality of life. School education is also very important. The important thing is that it is an indispensable supplement to family education. All teachers and parents always stand on the same front and go all out for every child. This is our responsibility and mission. School education and family education are like two horses on a chariot, they complement each other and are indispensable. When parents support teachers, they support the growth of their children. On the road of education, there are no perfect teachers and no perfect parents. We work together for the future of our children. One day, our education will be better because of the beauty of family education! 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