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Tell your children these inspirational stories about the college entrance examination, and praise the hard-working youth.


Oct 1, 2023

Recently, the college entrance examination results have been released, and stories about inspirational teenagers have begun to flood the screen again. Let us take a look at the stories of these outstanding candidates, and we can also see the subtle influence of their families on their growth. After all the hardships, three siblings from rural areas were admitted to a key university. Liu Zhenao, a boy from Jiangsu, scored a total of 685 points and became a pre-admission student of Tsinghua University. Before Liu Zhen\’ao was admitted to Tsinghua University, Liu Zhen\’ao\’s eldest sister had been admitted to a key university, and his second sister was admitted to Tsinghua University in 2014. Therefore, he was called \”Liu Qinghua\” by his classmates. A collection of inspirational stories from Chinese and foreign celebrities who cultivated hard-working and strong children PDF [color picture 29.7MB] The excellent academic performance of the three siblings attracted the attention of netizens. In order to support their children in education, Liu Zhenao’s father Liu Tongqing worked in the south all year round, and his mother Shen Yulian I have been at home for the past 28 years, accompanying my three children as they grow up. She said that she only had a primary school education and was not able to tutor her children in their studies. She could only teach them to be honest and trustworthy, and all their learning relied on their own efforts. \”As long as the children are willing to study, we must support them no matter how hard they work.\” Seeing the children\’s current achievements, Shen Yulian described this feeling as \”all the hard work comes with joy.\” \”I am very happy that the children at home have done well in the exams. It must have been hard before, but thinking about how hard it is for them to achieve today\’s results, I am very happy. I hope that my children can win glory for the country in the future.\” Her husband Liu Tongqing said that thanks to the dedication of his lover, he No matter how hard it is to work outside, it is worth it. \”Without her, our family would not be what it is today.\” In the video, I saw this rural mother squatting in the field picking vegetables and grass, and her son, a top student, was doing farm work in the same posture. It can be guessed that although the child is the youngest, he is rarely spoiled. Establish a good family tradition with the qualities of hard work, simplicity, and the ability to endure hardships, and the children will be instilled in them subtly. You will naturally maintain a hardworking spirit in your studies. Liu Zhenao also said that he was grateful to have such parents. \”My parents are both authentic farmers. They work hard to support themselves in school. I am very proud and proud of being nurtured by them.\” Liu Zhenao\’s parents write with their mouths, and the inspiring young man writes wonderful words Recently, multiple government official websites and official accounts in Dangtu County, Ma\’anshan City, Anhui Province have praised a college entrance examination student one after another. His score exceeded the second line by 12 points. His oral and written stories deserve our praise! Anhui candidate Sun Jiayang was diagnosed with metabolic neuromuscular disease 7 months after he was born. He was unable to hold the pen with both hands and could only \”bite\” the pen with his mouth to write. His tongue and lips were often bruised and blistered by the pen. But Xiao Jiayang still gritted his teeth, page after page, roll after roll… Behind the neat handwriting was Sun Jiayang\’s endless hard work. The mother pulled out the test papers written by junior high school and high school. Sun Jiayang\’s writing was neat and he could not write normally with his hands. This was just one of the difficulties that Sun Jiayang had to overcome in his daily life. He can\’t turn over on his own while sleeping, and he can\’t eat with his hands normally… All the little things that normal people think are commonplace are all problems for Sun Jiayang. For 18 years, Sun Jiayang’s parents have tried their best toGive him better living and learning conditions. Since kindergarten, his father Fan Yeshu has taken him to and from school regardless of rain or shine. Sun Jiayang never thought of giving up. His class teacher said: \”On his face, there is no trace of personal inferiority and sadness, but he always perseveres to the end, very confident and optimistic.\” This year, Sun Jiayang scored 447 points in the college entrance examination, which is a good example for himself. A satisfactory answer to my high school career. According to reports, according to the previously announced score line, this year’s Anhui college entrance examination science and engineering second line score is 435 points, and Sun Jiayang’s score exceeds the second line score by 12 points. Sun Jiayang\’s father, Fan Yeshu, said that after Jiayang University is selected and admitted, he will continue to go to the university to accompany and take care of Jiayang. After Jia Yang graduates from university, he will continue to move forward with Jia Yang. Taking online classes next to the vegetable greenhouse, she scored 678 in the college entrance examination. For this year’s college entrance examination students, the online class experience is a special memory. Zhang Shihan, who lives in rural Shenyang, overcame more challenges than other students during online classes. In the end, she scored a total score of 678 points to satisfy her difficult academic life. The signal at Zhang Shihan\’s home is not very good, so she often uses the neighbor\’s signal next to her vegetable greenhouse to take online classes. Even so, Zhang Shihan still actively participated in classroom interactions. When classes were forced to \”suspend\” due to a power outage, she would also study the day\’s content by herself. Zhang Shihan in the school classroom during the late review period for her senior year of high school. Shenyang City held the second model exam online. While the students were nervously waiting for the electronic test questions to be distributed, Zhang Shihan and her father had to complete a \”relay\”. After the test questions were distributed, Zhang Shihan passed them on to her father who was \”on call\” at the printing shop in the town. After her father printed out the test paper, he \”sprinted\” home on his motorcycle, trying to ensure that she had enough time to answer the questions. The six subject examinations are like this. Faced with all the difficulties on her way to school, Zhang Shihan always faced them optimistically and finally handed in her answer sheet with a total score of 678 in the college entrance examination. Like them, there are many young people who refuse to admit defeat or give up, and strive to write a happy ending to their school life. Liu Yunpeng, an 18-year-old candidate from Tongren, Guizhou, scored a total of 575 points in this year\’s college entrance examination, 124 points higher than the first-tier local mathematics test. Liu Yunpeng comes from a poor family and has family members suffering from chronic diseases. The family of 10 relies on his parents to work for a living. After learning about Liu Yunpeng\’s family situation, the \”Jinhui\” charity fund established by Academician Qian Qihu provided him with a bursary to help him concentrate on preparing for the exam. Liu Yunpeng said that his goal is to major in communications engineering at Shandong University. This year\’s college entrance examination, Hunan candidate Xiao Zihan scored a good score of 627 points in physics. In 2018, she was diagnosed with leukemia. During nearly one and a half years of treatment, she underwent several bone marrow punctures and chemotherapy. All his thick hair fell out. In 2019, Xiao Zihan received a bone marrow transplant from his mother, slowly recovered and returned to school, and finally successfully took the college entrance examination. After experiencing the ups and downs of life, she said: \”I believe everything will get better. If it hasn\’t gotten better yet, it\’s just because it\’s not the end yet.\” \”I must spend enough time to make up for my physical deficiencies. What others can do, I It will definitely work.\” Sichuan candidate Zhang Mengran was diagnosed with neurological deafness since he was a child. He started his education wearing a hearing aid. \”Every class IAll previewed in advance. During class, you should look at the teacher\’s lips intently. If you don\’t understand something, ask the teacher or classmates after class. \”In the end, Zhang Mengran scored 561 points in the college entrance examination, which was 46 points higher than the admission score of a local science major. Zhang Mengran said that he would like to engage in electronic or biological research in the future. When encountering difficulties, never give up! Fight for the youth point Thumbs up!

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