• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

The 5-minute short film \”What is Peppa Pig\” sparked heated discussions. The children laughed and the mother cried after watching it…

Just last night, a short film called \”What is Peppa Pig\” broke the Internet almost instantly. The words \”What is Peppa Pig\” are all over the screen in countless people\’s Moments. Even Weibo was quickly taken over by this short film. On the Weibo hot search list, this short film grabbed 110 million views in less than 12 hours. There was no such big news when Yang Mi divorced. Many Weibo celebrities such as Han Han and Ren Suxi also reposted this short film. Even Wang Sicong, who has always only cared about Internet celebrity beauties, joined the reposting force. For a time, people everywhere were asking the same question, both inside and outside the Internet: \”What is Peppa Pig?\” Peppa Pig is a story about going home, longing for her, and marrying far away. Uncle Li, an old man left behind in Dashan, misses his child on the eve of the Spring Festival. The little grandson said that he wanted his grandpa to buy him a \”Peppa Pig\” this Spring Festival. Uncle Li had no idea what this thing was. In order to find out what Peppa Pig was, he checked the dictionary all night, from wearing it to breeding, but he still didn\’t understand what Peppa Pig was. But Uncle Li was unwilling to give in. After experiencing a series of bizarre and funny experiences in the village, he finally gave his grandson a handmade Peppa Pig on the night of family reunion. This is a very simple story. But it touches the hearts of countless strangers. Married far away, have you gone too far and forgotten to stop and wait for your parents? In the short film, the most heart-wrenching fact is: your words of \”come back\” or \”not come back\” on the other end of the phone will worry your parents for a year. During the Spring Festival one year, a netizen took a photo of his mother, but he never expected that it would spread quickly on the Internet. In the photo, a mother over eighty years old struggled to get into the car to say goodbye to her child who was about to leave after a visit to relatives. The mother\’s white hair is flying freely in the air, and every wrinkle tells her reluctance to give up her child. For children, the New Year is just a few days, but for parents, the moment their children come home is a lifetime. We were walking in a hurry at this end of the city. Although we always said that we still had a lot of time, we always comforted ourselves that we could wait and there was still a lot of time to go home. But my parents on the other side of the village are really very old, and the years are slowly taking away the little time they have left. A handmade Peppa Pig, a phone call thousands of miles apart, and an inseparable concern. When you are struggling in the torrent of steel bars in the city, please don\’t forget that there are still people in your distant hometown, silently guarding you. Once upon a time, our happiness was Peppa Pig. It’s the fifty-cent cold drink in childhood, it’s the flying light and shadow in midsummer, it’s the smell of food at the door of the house in the evening, and the smell of fireworks. But as time flies, happiness becomes you running alone and the old back of your parents. My friend Ruofei is a poor child from the countryside. Her parents worked hard to grow corn and yams for ten years, then trained her to become a college student and sent her out of the village. Ruofei also vowed to take good care of her parents at the beginning, but it didn\’t take long for the red light and green wine of the big city to confuse her thoughts. She began to dislike her parents for being too local and not understanding the rules of the city. She was even impatient to teach her mother how to use WeChat.Just tell me why you are so stupid. I have already told you this and you still don’t know? ! During the Spring Festival one year, my mother called early and asked Ruofei when she would be coming home. Ruofei just said a few words impatiently, saying that she would not go home because she was busy this year. On the other end of the phone, her aging mother just kept mumbling: \”Oh, I\’m so busy, I can\’t even go home.\” But Ruofei just hung up the phone impatiently, and went on to chat with his friends. But a few days later, if Ruofei went to work early in the morning, he unexpectedly saw his mother huddled in the cold wind early in the morning, carrying large and small bags of things, squatting in the corner waiting for her. Ruofei was also shocked. It turned out that the mother was afraid that her child would not have a good life outside, so she actually took a green leather car for more than thirty hours to see Ruofei, but she was reluctant to stay in a hotel, so she was alone here. I squatted outside all night, just waiting for my child to come downstairs. Mother held Ruofei\’s hand and kept asking if Ruofei was doing well and if he could eat? If you really can\’t stay, it doesn\’t matter. Your parents don\’t ask you to do well, they just ask you to live a stable and happy life. Mother\’s white hair was covered with frost. While she was taking out various local products from the cloth bag, she shakily took out a wad of money from the cracks of her old cotton-padded jacket and said, \”This is your father\’s gift this year.\” I\’ve got the money I got from selling grain, but if I don\’t have enough, I\’ll ask for it from my family… Ruofei listened and responded, but tears were streaming down his face. Time has gone too far, are our original intentions still there? Go home, this is the only hope your parents have in a year. They don’t ask you to be rich or famous, and they don’t ask you to bring them many things. In front of us are lantern riddles, but behind us are the backs of our parents. When we were young, our parents held our hands and ran in the sunshine. Now, please hold your parents’ old wrinkled hands and walk slowly along the sunset. *The pictures come from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact us to delete it.

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