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The 8 most popular types of mothers can easily raise confident and sunny children


Oct 1, 2023

The mother\’s influence on her child is both congenital and acquired, and penetrates every cell in the child\’s body. A child\’s life direction is hidden in his mother\’s education and guidance. What kind of mother is most likely to raise excellent, confident, and sunny children, and who can establish a close, loving, and harmonious relationship with her children? Many children of \”sweet-talking\” mothers hear at home not praise and affirmation from their mothers, but suppression, criticism, and belittling. If you listen too much, children will inevitably lose confidence in themselves and love for their parents. However, as William James, Ph.D. in psychology, said: \”The deepest need of human nature is the desire to be appreciated and praised by others.\” Praise, praise, encouragement, appreciation… these nice words are full of power and warmth, and can not only satisfy Children\’s underlying emotional needs can also benefit a family. In \”Dear Little Desk\”, Fu Seoul once praised a child \”crazily\”: \”How did your mother raise such a good son?\” \”You are the best.\” \”You are too smart.\” This is exactly what happened The \”Rainbow Praise\” made children who had low self-esteem suddenly become sunny and full of enthusiasm for homework. Some people say that the sweeter the mother\’s mouth, the better the child. Because the child firmly believes in what his mother says about him, and when all he hears is praise and affirmation, he becomes more confident in himself. Even if he encounters various challenges and difficulties in the future, he will have enough strength to face and overcome them, and persevere through them. “Big-hearted” mothers There was previously a “Chinese Mothers’ Anxiety Index” report online, which showed that “children’s health” and “children’s education” are the two most anxious issues for families. [Both Seasons] Doctor of Psychology Zhang Yijun\’s Children\’s Emotional Intelligence Course mp3, teaches you how to raise children with high emotional intelligence. Worry that your child will not be motivated in learning, that he will not be able to compete with others in the future… Anything related to children, put it in the majority Mom\’s body felt like mountains weighing her down, making her unable to breathe. However, the more impatient the mother is, the more likely the child will have problems. A well-known psychological counselor said: Many children suffering from psychological disorders today are mostly related to high-pressure and anxious tutoring environments. No child will feel relaxed under the all-pervasive \”care\” of his mother. He will only feel suffocated. Only if the mother is open-minded, turns a blind eye to some things, and stays calm and calm, can the child have the opportunity to grow up step by step at his own pace. Just like Hei Youlong\’s wife Li Bailing, when she saw her son\’s poor study and mischief, she remained calm, patiently guided his education, and eventually trained his son from a poor student to a hospital director. A mother with a \”big heart\” is a treasure for her children. She allows her children to have their own time zone and grow freely in a suitable way. Dang Yitong, the \”student tyrant\” mother who \”shows weakness\”, demonstrated the technology of \”making a mobile phone in 40 minutes\” in \”Super Brain Youth League\” and received numerous praises. When asked how to raise such a smart and sensible child, Dang’s mother’s answer was: “Dang Yitong has been very capable since he was a child, but this strength is due to one of the abilities we cultivated in him since he was a child, that is, we like to show weakness and let others Children can solve problems by themselves.” Numerous family cases show that the more powerful and dominant the mother is, the more dependent the child will become.Dependent on parents, unable to be independent. As Shen Yifei, a professor at Fudan University, said: \”Because our adults\’ prowess will become a ceiling for children\’s development.\” High-level \”showing weakness\” is not \”really weak\” or \”really incompetent.\” Instead, the mother folds her wings and replaces \”I help you\” with \”Please help me\” to give her children a chance to show themselves. In the long run, it will not only awaken the child\’s instinct of initiative and independence, but also gain his trust and let him learn to grow in his own way. A mother who “knows how to play” knows a mother whose son is already 14 years old and in the second grade of junior high school, but she looks childlike, lively and interesting. I took my son to participate in the \”farm work\” experience activity. When my son saw the crowd, he was a little nervous and couldn\’t let go. He refused to go barefoot for a long time. Without saying a word, she rolled up her sleeves and trousers, took off her shoes and stepped into the soft mud, shouting: \”Son, come down and try it. You haven\’t stepped on it before, so you can experience more fun.\” She couldn\’t stand her. Finally, my son was willing to give it a try. As a result, the tall boy got along well with other children. Play, in the final analysis, is every child’s nature. Mothers who are willing to put aside their dignity and play with their children are definitely welcome. In the eyes of children, she is interesting and not boring. She can care and guide them like a big sister, and she can interact and play with them like friends of the same age. With her company, life is full of joy and surprises. Those beautiful days will become wonderful memories for children, giving them encouragement and motivation. Mothers with \”lazy hands\” In reality, most parents give their children not too little love, but too much love. The child can obviously brush his teeth and wash himself, get dressed and pack his schoolbag by himself, but his mother insists on taking care of him and helping him. I think that if I work harder, my children will be more relaxed, and they will understand their mother\’s efforts and sacrifices when they grow up. As a result, children who are accustomed to being taken care of and arranged not only do not know how to repay kindness, but also feel that everything their mother does is justified. Have you found that the more capable a mother is, the easier it is to raise \”lazy children\” and \”white-eyed wolves\”. On the contrary, if the mother is \”lazy\”, the child can become \”diligent\” and become sensible and capable. Like the previous mother who slept with her hands spread out until noon during the holidays, she \”forced\” her son to become an expert at housework. He would wake up early every morning and mop the floor, wash the dishes, and prepare meals for her to get up. Therefore, as long as the mother is \”lazy\” enough, the child will come to repay the favor. Don\’t think that being a \”hard-working mother\” means being good to your children. Sometimes, if you are a bit more lazy and leisurely, your children will become sensible and outstanding. A \”serious\” mother has a mother who raised three children alone after divorce. In order to give her children the life and education they deserve, she worked three jobs a day and tried her best to find various opportunities to make extra money. At the same time, she did not forget to study. In addition to working as a model and teacher, she also insisted on studying for a doctorate in school. Although the whole process was hard and financially demanding, her hard work, motivation and seriousness set a good example for her children. The three children have learned to live on their own and be independent since they were young. When they grow up, each of them shines in the fields they are good at and like. This powerful woman is Maye Musk, the mother of the world’s richest man, Elon Musk. Elon has said in public many times: His success,Inseparable from my mother\’s influence. It is the mother\’s seriousness, concentration, perseverance and self-improvement that allow her children to see the power of role models and learn from them. So don’t think too much, let alone worry that you can’t balance your family or be ashamed of your children if you work hard. In fact, it is also a great blessing for mothers to influence their children with practical actions. Mom who “loves reading” still remembers Wang Xinyi, a girl from Peking University who wrote “Thanks to Poverty” and became a hit? Born into a poor family, life was very tight. As a child, he could only eat steamed buns and pickles every day. However, poverty, suffering, and hardship were not able to crush her. Instead, they made her work hard to change her destiny through reading. And this is completely influenced by my mother who \”loves reading\”. Although the family is very poor, her mother often reminds her and her brother that studying hard is the best shortcut for poor children to turn around. Mother doesn\’t just talk about it. She also picks up books whenever she has time. When she sees useful knowledge, she takes the initiative to share it with her children. As the saying goes, \”Reading makes people wise.\” Mothers who love reading can live a more transparent and fulfilling life, and can also provide better guidance to their children. A friend who has been working as a teacher for many years said that those children who like to study and read, no need to guess, there is a mother who \”loves to read\” at home. With mother\’s personal demonstration and guidance, children can find the joy and motivation of growing up in books. No matter where you go in the future, your child will never go wrong. Mothers who \”love themselves\” have a soul torture that has caused countless mothers to think deeply: \”If a mother doesn\’t even love herself, how can she love her children, how can she talk about respect, understanding and education?\” Many mothers always feel that after having children, everything will be lost. We must be child-centered and put children first in everything. But the anxiety and anger of treating oneself poorly and sacrificing oneself cannot be exchanged for the respect and understanding of the child. Instead, it makes the child feel pressure: It is my problem that my mother is so angry and anxious. Therefore, education expert Sun Ruixue reminds mothers: \”A truly good mother learns to care for herself first.\” When you see delicious food, you can satisfy your stomach first and then share it with your children; if you are too tired, take a rest first After a while, let the child play by himself for a while, and then accompany him after he regains his energy; a friend invites you to go shopping and buy things. If the time is right, you can explain it to your child and enjoy the free time. You must know that only if a mother learns to \”love herself\” and nourish herself, can she be happy and satisfied from the inside out and pass on more positive energy to her children. When the mother releases herself, the child becomes more powerful. A mother’s outlook and attitude determine her child’s future. Only when mothers play the role of guide and influence their children with correct parenting methods, unconditional love and care, can children lay a good foundation for life and not lose themselves or lose their way in the future. None of us are perfect mothers, but we can continue to make ourselves better and more outstanding and set an example. Children will naturally grow into the role model they see in their own eyes. Let’s encourage mothers all over the world.

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