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The assistant to the president of Huawei and a 41-year-old genius from Peking University left three thought-provoking words to his 4-year-old son before his death.

He is what adults call \”someone else\’s kid\” with a bright resume: he was admitted to Peking University in 1994 to major in computer science. 1999-2001 Master of Electronic Engineering from National University of Singapore. Obtained a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Southampton, UK, in October 2004. From July 2006 to June 2013, he served as Assistant to the President of Huawei Wireless Marketing Department. He is Wei Yanzheng. However, what I am going to tell you today is not the story of an elite who cheated his way to the top of his life. Before his death, he wrote three sentences to his four-year-old son, which went viral in the circle of friends. Reading them makes people cry, and they are deeply shocked by this strong soul. His entire process of suffering from and fighting cancer, his understanding of life, his perception of love, and his analysis of education are worthy of deep thought by each of us. She burst into tears on the subway after being diagnosed with cancer. In February 2011, Wei Yanzheng felt that something was wrong with the small bump on his right ring toe that had existed for many years. It was so painful that he could not sleep at night. The results of the hospital examination were not optimistic. It was a very rare malignant tumor, the most malignant among sarcomas. At that time, Wei Yanzheng had just been married for half a year and his wife was four months pregnant. The following is an excerpt from Wei Yanzheng’s blog. My wife and I were speechless and sleepless all night, trying not to cry for fear that the other person wouldn\’t be able to bear it. My wife ran to the hospital with a heavy belly and helped me contact a specialist. One day at noon, when I rushed to the hospital from the company, my wife walked out of the specialist clinic. From a distance, I saw her face full of tears: \”The doctor said, either Cut off half of the foot, or cut off the whole foot.\” I was at a loss, so I walked to a secluded corner and sat there all afternoon. When I was about to get off work, I remembered that I still had work to do, so I hurried back to the company. On the subway, I received a text message from my father-in-law: \”Boy, there are always ups and downs in life. At your age, you have experienced too much. We are all your strong backing, and I believe you will be able to overcome everything. Your wife and son He needs you, he will be better than you in the future.\” Before he finished reading the text message, he could no longer hold back his tears and let them flow down in the subway car. I raised my head and faced the ceiling of the carriage, but I still couldn\’t escape the sight of the crowd. At one stop, I walked out of the car door, and several kind-hearted people came out and asked, \”Are you okay?\” I couldn\’t hold back my tears, but I said, \”It\’s okay, it\’s okay.\” Several well-meaning people still followed me, \”Are you really okay?\” \”It\’s really okay, it\’s really okay,\” I sobbed, \”I won\’t lie on the train.\” The last night at the company with my colleagues One night, the product planning department invited me to talk to everyone about some of the company\’s senior management\’s thoughts on the grand strategy in the past six months, and I happily went. Because I knew that would be my last night with everyone. No one here knows about my condition yet. Although I will be hospitalized for amputation the next day, I don’t want to show the slightest sadness. What they saw was that I talked and laughed all night without stopping… Sometimes, one night inadvertently became the last night. In desperation, I insisted on fasting for 74 days. In order to avoid damaging my elderly parents, I tried not to let the news out until the amputation surgery. At the end of chemotherapy, I returned to my parents in my hometown in Xinjiang, face to face.Inform me of my condition. The old father was shocked and kept muttering: \”This is impossible! Cancer is a disease only for the elderly.\” In this life, my parents have already endured a white-haired man giving a black-haired man a gift. That was my senior year in high school. My brother, who was already a sophomore in college, passed away due to an accident. My illness was another heavy blow to them… Wei Yanzheng continued to rest on his own after his illness, including fasting. After amputation surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, from October 2013 to the end of April 2014, Wei Yanzheng went through three fasts of 20 days, 24 days, and 30 days within six months. There is only one purpose: to block the body\’s supply of nutrients to cancer cells. To put it bluntly, it means to starve the cancer cells to death. \”You really don\’t eat anything during the fast?\” \”Well, you only drink mineral water.\” \”Are you hungry?\” \”Just don\’t think about it all the time. Do whatever you need to do during the day. I\’m also on a business trip to give lectures to companies! \”After the amputation, my wife became my other leg. Because the tumor cells he suffered from were relatively rare and stubborn, the doses of radiotherapy and chemotherapy were extremely high. Of course, the pain is much more than others. Not to mention smelling a bit of oily smell, just the thought of taking a sip of water flashes in my mind, and I will vomit. My wife has always encouraged and supported me and never disliked me. I am lucky. When I returned home after the amputation surgery, my child was just 8 months old and kept waking up at night, so she let me sleep alone in another room. One night, I heard her crying in her room, so I jumped to the door with one foot, opened the door, and saw the child asleep, and she was holding back her silent crying. I sat next to her and comforted her, saying, I\’m still here, don\’t be afraid! I knew that at that time, she needed my comfort very much. Actually me too. We encourage each other. If I only have one leg left after the amputation, then she is my other leg. At a Peking University alumni party at the end of 2013, a Peking University alumnus saw Wei Yanzheng limping with a cane. He sat quietly in a corner and watched everyone happy. He joked: \”Dude, did you hurt your leg playing ball?\” He patted him calmly. He patted his right leg and said, \”My leg is fake.\” The schoolmate was stunned and quickly apologized for his presumption. He smiled and said it was nothing. If I miss you so much, can you come back? I asked my son, \”Do you know that dad may die if he gets cancer? Do you know what death is?\” The son said, \”It\’s like the dead fish in the supermarket. Their parents will never see you again. I can no longer see the baby, and the baby can no longer see their parents.\” The son said, \”If you were gone, if I missed you so much, could you come back?\” \”No.\” \”If I missed you very much, \”I miss you so much?\” \”Then I can\’t come back.\” The little man sat on my lap and was at a loss for a while. There were more and more tears in his eyes. I couldn\’t bear it. I knew This conversation cannot continue any longer. I hugged him again and kept kissing him, but I didn\’t know what to say. Maybe I don’t have much time, so many truths cannot be explained clearly to him in a short while. What should I leave to my 4-year-old child? I took my son to the small blackboard and wrote four words \”intelligence and perseverance\”. Intelligence refers to whether you are smart or not, and perseverance means that if you have not done something well, you must have the determination to do it well over many years. This is calledwill. Perseverance and intelligence complement each other. No one is born smart all his life. If you are smart when you are young but don’t have perseverance and don’t work hard, you will be young. Only people with perseverance can make themselves smarter and smarter.” The next day after school, my son I taught four more words. The second thing to do in life is to rely on \”friends and help\”. When children grow up, they have to make their own lives and join the society. Being a human being comes first and doing things later. The so-called being a human being simply means making more friends. A group of people The power is always much greater than one person. You must be sincere to your friends. You help your friends and your friends help you. Only in this way can you do great things. The four words on the third day are \”vision and concentration\”. Vision means that a person\’s ability becomes greater. Now, there are more things that can be done. When a person is more capable and can do more things, there will be many people and things looking for him to do. There are both good and bad things, and even good things may contain bad things. It’s just that It is difficult to see in a short period of time. At this time, people with great ability and broad vision need to resist temptation, make fewer mistakes, and do more good deeds. This is called concentration. Most people in this world can only do what I said yesterday: \”Friends\” \”And help\”, only a few people can achieve great ability, broad vision, and great determination. The last life of Ruo Rujiu recalled the past few days, his body was almost on the verge of collapse, and a large amount of pleural effusion made it impossible to breathe, so he was hospitalized. I often have a premonition that I am at the end of the road. I can\’t eat anything for several days and rely on drips to survive. It is extremely difficult to breathe and speak. The doctor also said to my wife, \”Be mentally prepared.\” It is really difficult to live… Wei Yanzheng\’s last words A Weibo post said: My friend, have you ever thought about if your life suddenly passes away at a certain moment, what should you leave to the person you love most? Life is like a few memories. \”Life is like a few memories\” Written on June 19, 2016, the article is full of love for family and understanding of life, which makes people sigh. He said, I suddenly became like a feather, floating in the air without a trace. At that time, I I imagined what a hundred years of life might be like. If you think about it carefully, it’s just like this: Life, when you live to ten, it will be the same horizontally and vertically. When you live to twenty, it will be the same whether you are sleeping or awake. When you live to thirty, it will be the same. , it’s the same in every company and home; when you live to forty, it’s the same whether you have a doctorate or whether you’re illiterate; when you live to fifty, you’re the same as an official or a commoner; when you live to sixty, it’s the same whether you have money or not; when you live to seventy, it’s the same whether you open your eyes or close your eyes. ; Live to eighty, men and women are the same; live to ninety, they are the same whether they have legs or not; live to a hundred, they are the same dead or alive. Wei Yanzheng left with full of love… He once wrote during his lifetime Passed: How many times can a person fall in love in his life? The first love is attachment. A child\’s love for his parents is something that takes a lifetime to remember. The second love is searching. We always have the most sincere wishes , but often we don’t get married, and it takes us the rest of our lives to forget. The third love is companionship. When life is day after day, year after year, each stage is like a scroll unfolding little by little. We are immersed in it and have no time to appreciate every step. It was a beautiful time, and I had to recall for a moment the first time we met each other. As time goes by, he may have some dissatisfaction, but he will always be fixed in the most beautiful and moving moment, and only he will stay with each other for a lifetime. The fourth love is Return. A little lifeThe arrival of the baby is full of joy in my arms, and I am full of concern when I don\’t see you for a while. I repay it with a lifetime of insights. I am lucky enough to have experienced love four times. No one can predict the length of life. May you and I cherish every day and live every minute in front of us; may we wave bravely no matter how big the gap in life we ​​experience.

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