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The best way for children to overcome Internet addiction


Oct 1, 2023

\”It\’s summer vacation, can I access the Internet?\” When your child asks this, how will you answer? I have seen some parents who are very generous and simply throw their mobile phones or computers to their children in exchange for a moment of peace. Some parents are worried that their children will become addicted to the Internet after the holidays. In fact, no matter what type of parents, they cannot 100% prevent their children from being addicted to the Internet. What exactly is Internet addiction? As we enter the summer vacation, how can parents help their children prevent Internet addiction? How to determine whether a child is prone to Internet addiction. During the holidays, children generally spend more time online than usual. How to determine whether a child is prone to Internet addiction? According to experts, we mainly look at these three points ↓↓, duration 00:45. First, children often spend a lot of time online uncontrollably and cannot control it. The Internet has gradually become the center of all activities. I feel uncomfortable if I don’t go online, and I don’t even have the interest to do anything else. Second, they often lie to cover up their obsession with the Internet. Third, the long time spent online affects normal study, communication and life. How harmful is Internet addiction? Parents are worried that their children are addicted to online games. Most of them are worried about the impact on their children\’s learning, vision, physical health, etc. However, doctors say that the harm of Internet addiction goes beyond that. Being online and not exercising may cause children to lose appetite, lose weight, have poor sleep, depression, anxiety, lack of energy, and even lack of concentration, affecting normal learning and life. In addition, children who have been online for a long time can easily bring the rules of online virtuality into reality and cannot distinguish the relationship between virtuality and reality. It can also easily dilute the child\’s sense of morality, prompting personality changes or even loss. Say goodbye to Internet addiction during summer vacation. Parents should do these 5 things. Children love to play games, which is very common in life. When encountering this situation, parents should first reflect on whether they often play mobile phones in front of their children? This behavior has a subtle impact on children\’s Internet addiction. What should parents do to let their children say goodbye to Internet addiction as soon as possible? 1. Understand the reasons why children are addicted to games. In fact, if a child is found to be addicted to online games, parents should first understand the reasons. Research shows that children are addicted to games mostly because the real world is too stressful and they need to find a peaceful sky in the virtual world. This is also a way to relieve stress. Relieving stress is not only needed by children, but also by adults. If parents can have a heart-to-heart talk with their children and understand whether their children are stressed out and will think of playing games, and what are the sources of stress, this is also a process of helping children relieve stress. In addition, it is best for parents to learn to identify games with their children. Some games are more educational, while others promote violence and pornography, which are not beneficial to children at all. How to help children identify these games requires parents to do some homework. 2. Manage children’s time online When it comes to surfing the Internet, you need to give your children the power to formulate rules and leave the function of supervising and executing them to yourself. Make an appointment with your children about the time for playing games and strictly implement it. For example, parents can discuss with their children the time spent playing games. In terms of stipulating game time, \”three times a week, one hour each time\” is better than \”half an hour a day.\” This is because if you let your children play for half an hour every day, they willThere is no way to change his habit of playing games every day. Studies have shown that children’s addiction has improved after time management training. Time management training includes experiencing time, calculating time, learning to write plans, improving time utilization efficiency, etc. 3. Guide children to use the Internet correctly. Parents should try to accompany their children online, and in the process let them understand that the virtual world is indeed a colorful world, but it is not just about wonderful games. For example, after children finish their homework, they can chat with some children on the Internet, or listen to songs and watch videos online. Of course, you can also find a lot of useful information. Let your children learn to use the rich resources of the Internet. Before allowing their children to use the Internet for the first time, parents should carefully introduce to their children some skills and methods for using computers or mobile phones and surfing the Internet. For example, tell your children to set up a special folder on their computer or mobile phone to store their files, which websites have the information they need, etc. The latest and most complete 2023 [Kindergarten, Junior High and High School] premium VIP course catalogs from famous teachers in various disciplines on the entire network, click to view now! If parents really think it is necessary, they can make some settings on the computer or mobile phone used by their children, or install some filtering software and management software. Explain it to your children before setting up and installing it to avoid being negative and resistant when they find out. 4. Find new sustenance for children. Parents can pay attention to their children\’s interests and create opportunities and conditions so that children can develop their own interests and enjoy their happiness. When children have their own hobbies, the time spent on games will naturally decrease. Encourage children to play more with peers and find their own good friends, so that they will spend less time playing computer and video games, and they can also find people to communicate with. The most important thing is that parents must help their children create an experience of \”life is really interesting\”. 5. Help children understand the rules behind the game. Parents can explore some things behind the game with their children, such as why the game is addictive, or what elements are attractive when designing the game. Parents and children can discuss these contents, which is equivalent to dissecting the process of the game and helping children understand some of the rules behind the game. Parents can try to use rational methods to help their children develop a healthier attitude towards games.

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