• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

The boy was so scared that he cried when blood was drawn, and his words made netizens like him one after another!

Recently, a video of a little boy drawing blood went viral on the Internet. \”A man must be brave,\” he said while talking to the nurse while easing his emotions. \”I am the squad leader. I will definitely be strong.\” Netizens praised the little boy for being sensible. He was obviously scared to tears and did not look like a naughty child. He kept making trouble like that and still cheered himself up cutely, which looked very cute. Netizens commented that children\’s courage and courage are not born, but are learned. Therefore, parents must be patient and help their children get out of the trouble of timidity and withdrawal and become a confident, independent person who is brave enough to face challenges and difficulties. Don\’t force your children to face their fears. Different children behave differently when they try different new things. Some children will be very enthusiastic, while others will withdraw. A child who withdraws may be shy or hesitant to try something they are not yet sure about. At this time, it is best for parents not to force their children to do this, as this will make the children feel nervous. If you want your child to have the courage to do this, it is best to provide him with a space to get familiar with new things. When children are fully mentally prepared, they will naturally try it with confidence. For example, parents can create an environment for their children that includes both old and new friends. If a child is repelled by new food, put the new food next to the food the child likes to eat. The child will gradually become familiar with the new food and gain a sense of security. Guide children to use association to overcome fear. Children are afraid of the dark or monsters, mainly because their cognitive abilities cannot explain these phenomena. You can use your child\’s rich imagination to conquer fears. For example, you can ask your child: \”What colors make you feel scared? What colors make you feel safe?\” Then tell your child that when he feels scared, he should take a deep breath and let the safe color fill his entire body. In this way, the child\’s imaginary colors act as a shield against fear, while deep breathing reduces stress and releases serotonin, a brain chemical that creates confidence. The child will gradually become brave. Children\’s righteous behavior should be actively praised. Children need the correct guidance from their parents when distinguishing between right and wrong. In this process, parents should educate their children to learn to use courage to defend what is right. For example: when your child returns the things he picked up to others, you can praise your child \”you did something right\”; when your child is bullied by others, your child stands up and protects your child, you You can praise your child by saying, \”You are such a kind and brave child.\” Research on the sleep suggestion method shows that the best time for the brain to receive positive information is when it enters sleep. Therefore, when the child is asleep, you can try to gently walk into the child\’s room and gently say to him, \”Mom, I believe in you\” next to him. The next morning, greet your children happily. By doing this three to four times a week, your child may slowly become confident and brave. Allow your child to take comfort items with him in new situations. When children leave home, they often bring their own blanket, favorite toy, or small animal with them to feel secure. Although thisThis is very inconvenient, and you may even lose things. However, in order for the children to adapt to the new environment, it is best to let the children bring them. Because most children need comfort items at a certain stage to overcome their fears. Learning through games: Hide and Seek is a perfect game for cultivating children\’s courage. It can help children learn how to face separation and face unknown environments. In the game, the appearance and disappearance of parents will help children gradually adapt to changes in the environment and the feeling that their parents are not around. Acknowledge from the child\’s perspective that they don\’t need to blindly persuade them to do things they don\’t want to try. You can let the children tell the reasons why they don’t want to try, listen without making any judgment, and guide them to find out the source of their timidity, so that the children can vent their emotions and feel that their ideas can be recognized by their parents. It is also a way to cultivate children\’s self-confidence. When children gain confidence, they will be able to make correct judgments, become more independent, have a sense of responsibility and a spirit of adventure. Finally, Master Bai reminded: Parents should provide necessary guidance at the beginning so that children can slowly learn to deal with various things on their own, but cannot just ignore them all at once, otherwise the children will be at a loss and become even more timid.

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