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The critical period for children aged 3-6 years old, how to develop good habits from an early age


Oct 1, 2023

The age of 3-6 is a critical period for cultivating children\’s good habits and character. At this stage, parents must pay close attention to these five things for their children. Recently, I had a very deep understanding of raising my second child. Especially when I re-experienced the process of raising children, I realized that children really need to be nurtured from an early age. For example, cultivate children\’s good living habits from an early age, such as cultivating children\’s sports habits from an early age, such as cultivating children\’s sense of responsibility and security. This is something that is lacking in Dabao, but after having the second treasure, you start to pay attention to it, because there are some habits and behaviors that are difficult to give once you miss them. For example, Dabao didn\’t know how to teach children, so he only raised them based on his mood, which caused Dabao to lack a sense of security. When Dabao grew up little by little and many shortcomings were exposed, he realized that it was his own behavior that caused the child to feel insecure. For example, when the child cries, you just let it cry instead of coaxing her to give her a sense of security. Sometimes you even scare the child to stop her from crying. Thinking about it now, my behavior in raising children at that time was really ignorant. Professor Li Meijin once said: Children aged 0-3 must be given unconditional love. At this time, the child is in the attachment period and needs emotional support. Only if the attachment emotion can be continuously satisfied will he develop a sense of trust and security in the outside world. . It can be seen how important the unconditional love of parents for their children is. She determines the attachment relationship between the children and their parents when they grow up, and also determines the children\’s subconscious sense of trust in the outside world. As a parent, you must love your child unconditionally before the child is three years old, because what the child needs at this time is not to establish authority, but to show kindness. [Developing Good Habits and Parenting Guide] Givenchy Baby Bear Picture Book 15 volumes PPS download Professor Li Meijin once said: before the age of 3, parents show kindness to their children, and before the age of 6, they establish authority with their children. In other words, we should love our children unconditionally before the age of 3, and then establish authority or establish various rules for the children before the age of 6. But doing so does not mean that we do nothing, but that we guide the children from their habits and let them change into good habits. Just like the second baby, who is 1 year and 5 months old, he has already started to cultivate some good habits. For example, every time he eats something, he will be given to grandma first. I usually ask him to help throw away garbage, move stools, or help with other things. In short, I train him in small things. Before going to bed at night, read the book and look at the pictures with him, even though he always wants to tear the book apart. The purpose of sharing is to teach him to respect his elders and know how to share from an early age, rather than to learn to be selfish and inconsiderate of his parents from an early age. Let him do what he can, so that he can understand responsibility and sharing from an early age, instead of always accepting unconditional giving from others. Reading with him is to help him develop the habit of reading from an early age. Playing sports with him is to activate his brain and make him fall in love with sports. Listening to ancient poetry or English with your children is to enlighten them, and at the same time, to keep them away from mobile phones as much as possible before they are 3 years old. But doing all of this requires the careful guidance and companionship of parents. Only in this way will children do what we want to say. Children may not understand anything when they are young, but this kind of behavior and habits will be deeply engraved in the child\’s consciousness like a brand. When the children grow up, noWe need to continue to work hard to get used to it, because we have already cultivated habits in our children since childhood. As a parent, from now on, start working hard on these five things about your children\’s behavior, habits, reading and sports! If you persist for 3 to 5 years, you will find that your children will be easier to discipline than you thought!

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