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The documentary A Way Out reveals the cruel social truth: the less hard parents work, the less likely their children will be.

Recently, director Zheng Qiong\’s documentary \”The Way Out\”, which took six years to shoot, has attracted great attention online. Yuan Hanhan, Xu Jia, Ma Baijuan – three children, three different families, from rural areas to small towns to international metropolises. What are the differences between people\’s lives under different living backgrounds? \”The Way Out\” uses its lens language to tell the audience. From left to right: Ma Baijuan, Xu Jia, Yuan Hanhan. The film started in 2009. Ma Baijuan, a 12-year-old girl from rural Gansu, and her family live in a cave dwelling. Her father is 60 years old and frail, and her mother has mental retardation. She also has a 14-year-old brother at home who dropped out of school early to work. In 2008, the family\’s annual expenses did not exceed 50 yuan. Ma Baijuan’s biggest dream is to “go to Beijing to go to university when she grows up, and then go to work, earn 1,000 yuan a month, buy noodles for her family, because there is not enough noodles, and she has to dig a water cellar because there is no water to eat.” However, the reality is that However, in a poor and backward rural family, the family only believed that \”the girl belongs to someone else\’s family, and it is enough to study a little bit.\” So Ma Baijuan stopped studying when she was 15 years old. After that, Ma Baijuan, who was looking for a job in the local area, encountered obstacles everywhere because of her young age. She had no direction in life. She was confused and always sat at the entrance of the village, in a daze, sighing from time to time. 19-year-old Xu Jia is a repeater of the college entrance examination in Xianning, Hubei Province. When he was photographed in 2009, he was preparing for his third repeater. Xu Jia\’s parents were migrant workers and suffered a lot of humiliation while working in the city. This made him aware of the difficulty of life very early. After his father died unexpectedly, he became the family\’s only hope and vowed to change his destiny by passing the college entrance examination. . However, his failure in the first two exams made him full of fear of exams. His hands often trembled and he broke into a cold sweat when answering questions. At the worst point, he even thought about committing suicide. As for Yuan Hanhan, a Beijing girl who dropped out of school at the age of 17, her situation is much better than the previous two children. Her father is engaged in real estate and her mother works in a television station. She grew up in a wealthy family and studied piano, dance, and art. Even though she dropped out of the Middle School Affiliated to the Central Academy of Fine Arts due to failing grades, her life was not greatly affected. Staying at home all day long with nothing to do, passing the time with movies and idle books. In order to make herself less bored, she decided to rent a store in Nanluogu Lane and open a small bar. In her eyes, life is \”as long as you don\’t starve to death. No one will starve to death.\” What she has to fight against is loneliness. Three people, three lives, each trying to find their own way out of life. As soon as the film came out, the Internet was full of praise, saying that the film truly showed the importance of the college entrance examination in children\’s lives. But in my eyes, reality is not so beautiful. Why did Ma Baijuan drop out of school when she was in her teens and marry someone else before she even had her best years? Why does Xu Jia take the college entrance examination so seriously that he is unwilling to give up even if he retakes it three times in a row? Why did everything become so calm when I arrived at Yuan Hanhan\’s place? He opened a bar by himself at a young age, paid the rent of 20,000 yuan a month, and went to study abroad after a disagreement? All the reasons are not because of how important the college entrance examination is, but because of himOur starting points are different. Different origins determine their different endings from the beginning. Even if young people from small towns and rural girls work hard all their lives, they may not be able to stand on the same level as girls from international metropolises. Parents are the starting line for children. Although the director did not mention this sentence even half a word in the film, the entire film indeed presents such a cruel reality. The better the parents are, the more opportunities there are for their children. If you are not good, all you will leave to your children is a single-plank bridge with wolves in front and tigers behind, and millions of people fighting for their lives. You may not want to accept this point of view, but you have no choice. The entire society operates in such a ruthless manner that it follows the law of the jungle. The strong are stronger, the weak are weaker, and the weak eat the strong. Just like this classic line from the Japanese TV series \”The Queen\’s Classroom\”: Johns Hopkins University once led a research project that tracked the life changes of 790 children for many years, and the conclusion was reached in the study – \”In terms of overall class mobility, 50% of the children tested are still in the same social class as their parents. That is, no class transcendence or decline has been achieved. The descendants of the poor are still poor, and the children of the rich are still rich. Only 33 children from low-income families achieved a counterattack from the bottom and entered the high-income group in their twenties. However, only 19 of those children from relatively affluent families fell into poverty as adults. \”It is difficult for a person to transcend his environment and birth through his own efforts. Although there are successes, not everyone can do it. Michael Sandel mentioned the philosopher John Rawls\’s view in his open course \”Justice\” that \”even the efforts, fighting spirit, professional ethics, and even the effort itself depends largely on the efforts made by some people.\” \”Lucky family environment\”, if you don\’t work hard and are not good enough, you will not only ruin your own life, but also the possibility of your children having a future. Xiong Xuangang, the liberal arts top scorer in the Beijing College Entrance Examination in 2017, once said, \”Today\’s top scorers are all like this. Generally speaking, they are the ones who are good and powerful at home.\” The \”Matthew Effect\” is that the strong become stronger and the weak become weaker. That\’s reality. In the process of individual growth, parents and family always play the most important role. This is not the truth of life that can be covered up by a few words of success and inspirational speeches. Excellent family conditions mean that children can have sufficient material conditions, a broader learning platform, richer resources and connections, higher horizons and stronger abilities. These resources are enough to make up for a person\’s lack of talent and hard work. \”Some people have to work hard all their lives to get to Rome, while some people are born in Rome.\” All freedom and choice require hardware to support it, just like Yuan Hanhan in \”The Way Out\”. The superior family conditions are what she relies on to do everything she wants to do, allowing her to keep trying and making mistakes, and throwing away the concerns of many children from poor families. Rockefeller once said: \”Think about it, our world is like a mountain. When we When your parents live on the top of the mountain, you are destined not to live at the foot of the mountain; when our parents live on the mountainWhen you are at the foot of the mountain, you are destined not to live on the top of the mountain. In most cases, the position of parents determines the starting point of a child\’s life. \”He Youjun, who became popular all over the country on \”The Biggest Brain\” last year, has been controversial since he appeared on the show because the name of his father, Macau gambling king Stanley Ho, is so famous that everyone thinks that He Youjun\’s participation in the show is more like It was a show. But others immediately responded and slapped every doubter. This 21-second video of the \”Digital Huarong Road\” championship shocked many people\’s jaws at the time. And the subsequent exposure of He Youjun\’s resume in the media made it even more shocking. People are amazed. When he was in elementary school, he won the \”World Mathematics Test\” invitational competition for two consecutive years; he won the British Mathematical Olympiad gold medal for five consecutive years; when he was 18 years old, he received admission notices from Oxford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology at the same time; He Youjun, who was only 21 years old, was admitted to the Master of Finance at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States, becoming the youngest student in history. After graduation, he rented a 5-square-meter office by himself to start a business with his friends. After reading his Experience, can you still say that family of origin is not important, but personal efforts are important? Indeed, personal talents and efforts are very important. No one can help you if you are a mess, but how many such people are there? In most cases, it is, Those whose talents are almost the same as ours, or even better than us, have become even better under the influence of their original families. Success is a habit and an inheritance. Of course, in addition to material conditions, the words and deeds of parents , It is also crucial to influence the child\’s ears and eyes. A person who is mentally deficient does not understand the importance of family education, and it is difficult to raise an educated person with a broader future. Failed parents will increase their expectations. They never set an example for their children. Excellent parents turn to themselves to infect their children. Makarenko said, \”One\’s own behavior is the most decisive thing in education.\” \”If you are not excellent, how can you educate outstanding children? An excellent family background lies in material conditions and family atmosphere. Both are indispensable. Some arrogant people may want to say something when they see this, \”You are talking so much, why don\’t you still Blame the family? If you don’t work hard and your life is not good, is it all your parents’ fault? \”If I really think so, do I need to write so many words? What I want to say is that it is difficult to cross between classes. Going from one class to another higher class is a long relay race. Just rely on It is difficult for a generation to achieve success overnight, so there has always been a saying among the people, \”Three generations cultivate a nobleman.\” Only by working together for several generations can it be possible to reach the end point that was once unreachable. This means that if you don\’t If you have a strong native family, then let yourself be an awesome parent and give your children a better platform. The way out is always found by people. As long as we ordinary people continue to work hard from generation to generation, one day, we can and Those good people stand together.

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