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The easiest way to ruin a person is to make him addicted to \”lower pleasures\”


Oct 1, 2023

A basic characteristic of human nature is to become dependent on things that feel \”good\”. Nowadays, more and more people are addicted to watching short videos, but they don’t know that this will not only make people stupid, but also shorten their lives. Do not believe? I tell you why! Happy Summer Homework Answers Exercise Book American Xuele official website Summer stay on track series all 7 volumes PDF There is a neurotransmitter called dopamine in the human brain. When people are stimulated by the outside world for pleasure, dopamine will burst out in large quantities, thus allowing We get a \”high\”. When we watch short videos one after another, this fresh and exciting content will produce a \”pleasure\” in the brain, which is also a way for modern people to find pleasure. The key issue is that people will be \”desensitized\” to pleasure, which means that people\’s threshold for pleasure will continue to rise. If a person wants to continue to obtain pleasure, he must continue to increase the level of stimulation. You need to be stimulated more continuously and more intensely to continue to obtain pleasure. For example, some people smoke, starting with one pack every two days, then one pack a day, then two packs a day, and finally they even have to smoke two cigarettes together to feel good. Opium, drug abuse, pornography, voyeurism, and gambling all follow this logic. Therefore, when we watch short videos, the brain also needs to get faster and more exciting content to keep the brain happy. Therefore, the longer you watch short videos, the faster your fingers will move… until your brain memory becomes full, and the content can no longer be input into your brain. At this time, not only do you lose your pleasure, but you also lose energy for everything in the outside world. You also lose interest in life, feel depressed, and everything is boring. Of course, your central nervous system fatigue is inconsistent with the fatigue of your limbs and body muscles at this time, and you will suffer from insomnia… The biggest danger is that once you get used to this kind of \”low-cost, high-return\” stimulation, it will be difficult for you to go Do those \”high investment, slow return\” things. For example, finishing a book, completing a work goal, etc. This kind of thing has little immediate stimulation, but has long-term rewards, but we have lost interest in this kind of thing. If things go on like this, it will cause huge harm to the human body! There is such an experiment: an electrode is buried in the brain of a mouse and the mouse is asked to step on a pedal to discharge. Each time it steps on the pedal, the electrode will stimulate the excitement of dopamine-producing neurons. As a result, the mouse trampled at a speed of hundreds of times per minute until it died of exhaustion… This is like the ancient emperor who could enjoy tribute maids from all over the country every day. The more he liked what kind of woman, the more beautiful he was. It is easy to be selected into the palace. Playing and singing every night, one day they will run out of ammunition and food, and die of energy exhaustion. If a person\’s desires can be infinitely satisfied, he is not far from destruction. The most terrifying thing is: this \”cool\” feeling can actually be designed by an \”algorithm\”. \”Algorithmic recommendation\” is a very clever recommendation mechanism. It continuously collects our data, interprets you from a high-dimensional perspective, sees you, examines you, knows what you like and want, and then infinitely satisfies our likes. , the more you like something, it will push it to you repeatedly and tap into your deepest hobbies.Let you indulge endlessly. Nowadays, most of the popular videos we watch are produced by a large number of professional teams who constantly study the audience\’s preferences and tailor-made various short-form dramas, shocking dramas, sweet pet dramas, etc. story. With the help of the platform algorithm, these stories are accurately recommended to every audience that suits their tastes, making us laugh/fantasy/enjoy/stimulate…With this kind of satisfaction and stimulation, we no longer need to bother with it. After \”choosing\”, people become lazier and lazier, even too lazy to choose and distinguish. Losing the ability to think independently means that people become more and more stupid. Someone said: Why can’t most people refuse short videos? Because of human nature, we are all inclined to vulgar stimulation and instinctively avoid advanced content. To give an example: If you are walking down the street and there is a philosopher giving a lecture here and two women fighting over there, which one would you like to see? There is no doubt that the vast majority of people will be attracted by women fighting. Even if they are ragged and vulgar, they will still be watched. However, no matter how high-spirited and high-level the philosopher\’s speech is, few will pay attention to it. This is called human nature. Look around us. Almost every platform and business is taking advantage of human weaknesses to make money. Many people are addicted to various short videos/entertainment programs/games, etc. Businesses of all kinds are producing rich and confusing information, allowing the public to fall into the world they create, judge problems according to the logic they set, and then make purchasing and consumption decisions, and then make profits. In the future, 99% of people will live in this kind of \”content cocoon room\”, a cage of about five square meters. They have everything to eat and drink. They can also watch variety shows and play games. Watching short videos, snapping up cheap products on Taobao and Pinduoduo, being busy every day, and self-righteously thinking that you are a petty bourgeoisie. This is the fate of 99% of people in the future. In the future, the content production and push mechanism will be more sophisticated and can accurately deliver to each cell what they want most. These people will be fed and delivered in the future. In the future, the vast majority of people will be kept in captivity like pets, indulging in various short-term stimulations and happiness, being filled with all kinds of Internet content and cheap food, and never getting tired of it. The world is always driven by the 1% of people who are awake and rational, while the remaining 99% of people are always sleeping soundly. As a result, every time they wake up, they find that the world has completely changed! What most people pursue is not the truth, but all kinds of emotional comfort and all kinds of chicken soup for the soul. Their destiny is to be harvested. All the tricks, brainwashing, manipulation, fraud, etc. in the world are aimed at these people. Many things that make you feel good may end up making you miserable. Those things that make you feel unhappy may eventually allow you to realize yourself and live happily. People who truly see through the world will live a self-disciplined and slightly casual life. The more something makes you unhappy at the moment, the more it can make you make great progress, such as morning exercises/exercises/reading/fitness/yoga, etc., such as good medicine that tastes bitter, advice that offends your ears, an upward life, etc. But these require a person to be strongSelf-motivation, self-control and self-discipline. You are tired when training, in pain when you get up in the morning, in pain when you work hard, and uncomfortable when you listen to the truth, but it is precisely these things that make you feel uncomfortable that make you extraordinary! The 5,000-year-old Chinese culture can be summed up in two words: self-denial. The essence of self-denial is to properly control one\’s desires. This is the greatest value of traditional Chinese culture. But now there are very few people who take the initiative to restrain their desires. While the vast majority of people choose to be anesthetized, only a small minority People choose to be diligent. Those who can achieve great achievements are often such people. They choose to be self-disciplined, endure all kinds of pain, and do not follow the crowd. This is also a process of continuous \”improvement\”. However, it is not enough to rely on self-discipline and self-cultivation. There must be a regulatory mechanism in society to suppress the dark side of human nature and stimulate the bright side of human nature. I firmly support the state\’s control over the Internet and entertainment industry. Without these controls, people\’s lives will be filthy and sink deeper and deeper into filth. What each of us can do is to form and consolidate our own independent thinking ability, learn/cultivate ourselves and correct ourselves, not be greedy for pleasure and excitement, and continue to deepen and improve in the fields we focus on! Developing an unmoving heart and seeing through the vast world are the most critical abilities for a person in the future. I hope that everyone who reads this article carefully will be able to \”make progress\”. Let’s encourage each other together!

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