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The family motto of Fan Zhongyan, the proud fisherman, has made a family prosperous for 800 years


Oct 1, 2023

Mr. Fan Zhongyan has had the ambition to save people and save the world since he was a child. He has accumulated meritorious deeds throughout his life and is never tired of it. He often said, \”Be worried about the worries of the world first, and be happy after the joys of the world\”, \”I am old and I am like the old of others, and I am young and I am like the young of others\” – this is his purpose in life. Fan Zhongyan once left a family motto with a hundred-character inscription, which was passed down from generation to generation by his descendants. By the early years of the Republic of China, it had not faded for eight hundred years. It is very rare for us ordinary people in the world to see three generations of immortality. 1. Filial piety should be done to the best of one\’s ability, loyalty and courage should be shown sincerely; brothers should help each other, and compassion should never go beyond the limit. As the old saying goes, \”To fight a tiger, you need brothers, and to go into battle, you need father and son.\” Brothers should help each other and care for each other. When we run a family and build a business, we must pay attention to filial piety, maintain good relationships among family members, and spare no effort. Whether it is filial piety or sincerity. They are all manifestations of compassion. Compassion has no measure and no end. These twenty words are to warn future generations to pay attention to filial piety and compassion, so that they can unite as one and create a harmonious and beautiful family. 2. Read the books of sages diligently, respect teachers as dear relatives; do not be arrogant in etiquette and justice, be humble and courteous and be kind to your neighbors. \”When the book is used, it will be less regretful.\” If we can study hard and practice hard, we will not panic once the knowledge is actually used. When Fan Zhongyan was young, he studied hard all night, danced with his sword in the early morning, and slept in his clothes in the middle of the night. While others looked at flowers and admired the moon, he only found pleasure in the Four Books and Five Classics. A few years later, he became well versed in Confucian classics, recited poems and composed poems, picked them up easily, and became a literary giant. \”Once a teacher, always a father\”, studying is very important, respecting teachers is even more important. We should respect teachers as we respect our parents. Observing etiquette, being humble and tolerant are the basic rules for being a human being. If you are blindly negligent and treat others with an arrogant attitude, you will get twice the result with twice the result, and you will not get the desired results. \”Be humble, be patient, be kind to neighbors\” means that only by being humble and tolerant, and using a generous and kind attitude, can we promote harmony among our neighbors. These twenty words are to warn future generations to be humble and generous, to be polite and friendly to others, so that they can make many good connections and win blessings. 3. Respect the elders and care for the young, show compassion to the orphans, widows and poor; be humble and honest, and avoid arrogance. Respecting the elderly and caring for the young has always been our traditional virtue. Being considerate of widowers, lonely and vulnerable groups is also a basic virtue that everyone should possess. For example, there are now seats on buses for the elderly, the weak, the sick, and the disabled, and there are special lanes for the elderly, the weak, the sick, and pregnant women when riding, and rural cooperative medical insurance is provided for the people. This is to \”respect the elders, cherish the young,\” and \”sympathize with the orphans and the poor.\” direct manifestation. Good family traditions and good family training stories create good children. A 100-day plan for parent-child interaction pdf. As large as a country, as small as a group, as small as everyone, they should have this sentiment and be able to carry forward \”respect for the elders, care for the young, and have compassion for the young.\” The spirit of \”loneliness, widowhood and poverty\”. \”Full of losses, modesty of benefits\”, when we deal with others, we must have the qualities of humility and integrity, and never be arrogant, complacent, or arrogant. These twenty words are to warn future generations to respect the old and love the young, be compassionate, guard against arrogance and impetuosity, be humble and honest, and only then can they establish prestige and be convinced by others. \”When you see a big event, there is no need to discuss the merits. Taking a nickname will lead to great regrets.\” This is a famous saying left by Fan Zhongyan to his descendants. You don’t have to stick to trivial matters when doing things, but you must have a great sense of justice and a long-term vision. You can’t just see immediate benefits and make decisions.Be careful. Fan Zhongyan\’s son went to Suzhou to buy grain. On the way back, he met Fan Zhongyan\’s good friend Shi Yannian. Shi Yannian was poor and had not enough to eat. Fan Zhongyan\’s son gave all the grain he bought to Shi Yannian. After returning home, he told his father Fan Zhongyan everything about it, and received repeated praise from Fan Zhongyan. Be cautious in doing things and don\’t be dazzled by temporary benefits. A family cannot thrive without the joint efforts and careful planning of the whole family. For a family to thrive in the long term, family members must take a long-term view. The family is a whole, and every decision requires careful discussion among family members. 4. Don’t waste writing paper, and repay five favors; do things according to the laws of nature, and be philanthropic and cherish all living beings. Respecting calligraphy paper is one of the traditional concepts of Chinese culture. Under the influence of the imperial examination system and out of reverence for culture and writing, the ancients believed that calligraphy paper, that is, the paper on which words are written, should be respected and cherished. Master Yin Guang, the 13th generation founder of the Pure Land Sect of Chinese Buddhism, said in \”General Encourage to Cherish Writing Paper and Respect Sutras\”: \”The kindness of writing cannot be exhausted. Respect and cherish writing, the blessings are great.\” Even now, Cherishing writing paper is also an important way to protect the environment and save resources. \”Wuhu\” means \”five grains\”, which refers to rice, millet, millet, wheat, and beans. It generally refers to food crops. It is the foundation of human survival. It is the simplest and most natural traditional food with extremely high nutritional value. Without the \”five grains\”, our body cannot be supported and our life cannot continue, so we should repay the \”five grains\”. Fan Zhongyan said in \”Letter to the Family\” that \”the person I hate the most is the one who endures orders and enjoys the happiness of wealth and honor\”. He once warned his descendants, relatives and friends to \”be an official with a pure heart and refrain from seeking personal gain.\” For a family to thrive, the most important thing is to stay on track. The heart must be pure and the road must be clean. If your heart is not pure and clear, you will always go down the wrong path. You may gain temporary glory, but it will never last long. \”Good and evil will be rewarded in the end, it\’s just a matter of whether they come early or come late.\” Only by being clean and down-to-earth can you go far and your family can prosper for a long time. 5. Practice the eight virtues in life, cultivate your character and follow the example of your ancestors; your children and grandchildren will be firm and faithful, and you will have a family and plant the roots of righteousness. The eight virtues are \”filial piety\”, \”fraternity\”, \”loyalty\”, \”faithfulness\”, \”propriety\”, \”righteousness\”, \”honesty\” and \”shame\”, which are the basic conduct of ancient people in life. The \”Eight Virtues\” have developed to the present and have become the two-digit code of citizen ethics: \”patriotic and law-abiding, polite and honest, united and friendly, diligent, thrifty and self-reliant, dedicated and dedicated\”. \”Children and grandchildren are strong-willed, and a family will plant the roots of righteousness.\” These two sentences summarize the previous family motto. \”It is easier to start a business than to keep it.\” This also applies to running a family. The management and development of a family business requires the efforts of several generations. If future generations can strictly follow the teachings of their predecessors and take family precepts as precepts, they can inherit the family business better. Well, run the family better. These twenty words are to warn future generations to remember the admonitions of their predecessors, be diligent and diligent, and perform good deeds everywhere, so that they can carry forward their ancestral heritage and make a difference. \”Be worried about the world\’s worries first, and be happy after the world\’s happiness.\” Fan Zhongyan had a bumpy life, with ups and downs in his official career, but his open-minded, humble and generous character has always been respected and imitated by later generations. This \”Family Inscription\” uses unpretentious, concise and concise words to summarize how to conduct one\’s life, manage one\’s family and manage one\’s business.The main points are catchy, sonorous and powerful. It is indeed the essence of family mottos. The \”Hundred-Character Family Inscription\” can be regarded as a set of mature theories that help us conduct ourselves in the world and manage our family business.

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