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The finale of Story of Yanxi Palace made me reflect on how to educate a girl

Recently, the Qing palace drama \”Story of Yanxi Palace\” that dominated the entire summer vacation finally came to an end. Later, she betrayed Hong Zhou and asked the emperor if he had ever loved her. In despair, she took out a dagger and cut off her love, and was eventually thrown into the cold palace. In order to save Yingluo from poisoning, Fu Heng risked his life to collect the antidote alone, but he didn\’t expect it. Miasma died on the battlefield; the eunuch Yuan Chunwang, the big boss behind all the conspiracy, became mad after a few words when the Queen Mother told him that he was not a descendant of Aixinjueluo; Wei Yingluo, who delivered lunch boxes along the way, was the only one to be favored and was canonized. The imperial concubine, her son Yongyan, the fifteenth elder brother, was actually secretly appointed as the heir apparent, and became the later Emperor Jiaqing. The 70-episode palace battle drama has finally come to a happy ending. Ever since Wei Yingluo entered the palace, the women in the harem have been offline one after another. These women in the harem all have distinctive personalities, and the fate and ending of the characters are closely related to their personalities. After watching the finale of \”Story of Yanxi Palace\”, I reflected on how to educate a girl. Ability is the last word. Your temper must match your ability. The reason why many people like to watch \”Story of Yanxi Palace\” is just one word: cool. Wei Yingluo is not only good at using strategies, but what is even more powerful is that she has a clear understanding of love and hate, and she hates evil as much as she hates it. He is never merciful to the bad guys, but he protects the good guys to the death and is loyal to his benefactors. When someone is bullied, he must retaliate in kind. Netizens called Wei Yingluo \”Sister Wei in society\”. Wei Yingluo is called the imperial concubine in history books, and her own experience is also legendary. Your concubine\’s birth flag is Manchuria Zhenghuang Banner Baoyi. Baoyi is the emperor\’s \”domestic slave\”. According to her background, she usually works as a palace maid when she enters the palace. When Sister Wei first entered the palace as a maid, she announced: \”I, Wei Yingluo, am born with a bad temper and am not easy to mess with. If anyone keeps nagging, I have plenty of ways to deal with her.\” Everyone was worried about Wei Yingluo\’s violence. She is praised for her temper and straightforward temperament, but it is overlooked that, aside from the halo of the heroine, her fiery temper and upright temper are all because of her careful mind and powerful abilities. She was the most outstanding embroiderer in the embroidery workshop and worked hard, so the nanny in charge trusted her, relied on her, and protected her in every way. Only then did she have the opportunity to display the phoenix robe for the queen, and became the queen\’s personal maid. When she came to the Queen\’s side, she used her wisdom to help the Queen resolve crises time and time again, including the lychee banquet, the fall of a palace maid, the murder of a noble lady… With her excellent business ability, the Queen took a fancy to her, liked her, and treated her like her own sister. . In order to avenge the queen, she cleverly made the goldfish pose with the character \”longevity\”, and won the favor of the queen mother and became a noble person of Wei. After becoming the emperor\’s concubine, facing the jealousy and frame-up of others, Wei Yingluo did not cry, make trouble, and hang herself like some other concubines. She dealt with it calmly every time, letting those who wanted to harm her \”steal the chicken but fail.\” rice\”. It was because of her excellent intelligence and ability that people appreciated her. Wei Yingluo went from being a servant to becoming Qianlong\’s beloved imperial concubine. She gave birth to six children for the emperor. Her son Yongyan was named the crown prince and was posthumously named Xiao. Queen Yi. Netizens said that Wei Yingluo \”has the ability to turn danger into safety, and only then can she have the confidence to tear a bitch apart.\” If she had not been able to do so, Wei Yingluo would have died many times in the harem just because of her sharp tongue and bad temper. existThe same is true in real life. The so-called mountain will fall if you rely on it, and everyone will run if you rely on it. Only your own strength is the reason why others respect you. How strong your temper is, you must have the strength to back it up. People who only lose their temper and show off their faces, but those who have no strength will only be hated by others. Kindness is reserved for good people, and your kindness should be a bit sharp. Empress Fucha once asked the emperor tearfully in the play, \”I, Rong Yin, have never done a bad thing in my life, why did I end up like this?\” After losing her second son to the concubine, she was so distraught that she jumped from the palace tower, and \”White Moonlight\” was discontinued, which not only hurt the people in the drama, but also broke the hearts of those who followed the drama. Many people think that the reason why the queen failed to save a child and finally went to the stage of suicide was because she was too kind. But what\’s wrong with being kind? What\’s wrong is just the world\’s human heart and selfish human nature. If there is anything wrong with Queen Fucha, it is that she used her kindness in the wrong place. Empress Fucha saw through Wei Yingluo\’s use of deer velvet thread instead of gold feather thread. If a queen was teased by a little palace maid, she would have been punished long ago. However, Fucha did not expose her and recruited her into the Changchun Palace to teach her how to read and write. Her kindness to Wei Yingluo earned Yingluo\’s loyal loyalty. Empress Fucha, on the other hand, tolerated the domineering Concubine Gao again and again, not caring about her tit-for-tat and transgressions. In the end, Concubine Gao pushed her downstairs, causing her to miscarry. Therefore, not all good deeds will be rewarded well. People should have good intentions, but they should have principles, bottom lines, and goals. Otherwise, not only will you fail to protect the people you should protect, but you will also injure yourself. Kindness should be shown to those who appreciate kindness. It’s not about repaying kindness. People who know how to be grateful can at least see the kindness of kind people. Only when they understand this kind of kindness, they will treat others in the same way. This is the transmission of love. The kind party is always giving, and the receiving party is always asking for it. There is no return, and even revenge. There is nothing wrong with being kind, but you should have an edge. Women, loving yourself is the most important thing. The subsequent ending of \”Story of Yanxi Palace\” tells us: women must learn to love themselves. Only when you take yourself seriously will others take you seriously. At the end, Jihou temporarily betrayed Hong Zhou for the sake of the emperor, and even risked his own life to break into the fire to save the emperor. Just as she said to the emperor, \”I have done all kinds of bad things and I\’m sorry to everyone in the world, but I haven\’t been sorry to you.\” When the whole family pointed at her to get out of trouble, she remained indifferent because she didn\’t want to cause trouble to the emperor. The clothes and trousers worn by Qianlong were all embroidered by her stitch by stitch, more carefully than those of the palace maids. She had been with Qianlong for many years. She was gentle, virtuous, knowledgeable, and gave all the good things to the person beside her. She figured out human nature, was good at scheming, and used tricks to frame others again and again, just to get the emperor\’s love. However, when Fucha was alive, the emperor only cared about the queen; when Fucha died, the emperor only cared about his concubine. When the fire broke out in the royal boat, the emperor ignored his own life and sent all his guards to protect Wei Yingluo. When he found out later, he cursed, \”Hongli, you are a fool. The person who loves you most in the Forbidden City is obviously me.\” He eventually cut off his hair. Cut off love. Eckhart has a maxim: \”If you love yourself, thenWill love all people as myself. If you love someone less than you love yourself, then you have never truly loved yourself. \”People who truly love themselves will love others and receive love. There is no need to try hard to find a sense of existence from others. For women to love themselves does not mean that they have to become selfish, but that women can follow their own inner desires. Have true thoughts, have your own dreams and principles, and make independent decisions, judgments and choices about matters related to yourself. Be low-key and be practical. There is an easily overlooked character in \”Story of Yanxi Palace\” – Concubine Qing. Lu Wanwan. She doesn’t have many roles, but like Wei Yingluo, she appears from episode 1 to episode 70. She has been childless, but her status in the harem has steadily risen, and she has become She became the adoptive mother of the crown prince and was posthumously named Concubine Qing Gong. Netizens said that Concubine Qing was the biggest winner despite not fighting for it. Her promotion path was slow but very sure, and it was nothing more than her low profile. Her I have a low-key and graceful personality. I don\’t fight for the emperor\’s favor, and I take it lightly when others laugh at me. Others see me as a vase, but I can live as free and easy as an orchid in the empty valley. When the queen wants to overthrow the Queen Mother, Concubine Qing turned away from the weak image of the little white rabbit and stepped forward to tell the mystery of the emperor\’s life experience calmly and calmly. She preserved the relationship between the queen mother and the emperor and gained a capable friend in Yingluo. It was because of her low profile that she was able to stay in the palace. He was able to stand alone in the fight, so he gained Qianlong\’s appreciation and trust. After his concubine gave birth to Yongyan, he gave her to raise him. Yongyan eventually became a generation of emperors. Compared with a lifetime of pursuing fame and wealth, being trapped in palace battles, losing a child, and losing a child. The concubine of life, Concubine Qing is indeed the big winner of the Forbidden City. Concubine Qing tells us that on the one hand, we should not underestimate low-key people. Low-key is sometimes the protective color of the strong. The more low-key a person is, the less simple he is; on the other hand, no matter we Whether you work or live in a group, no matter how capable or powerful you are, some things still require cooperation. You must know how to work seriously and be a low-key person. Although \”Story of Yanxi Palace\” is dressed in the cloak of a palace battle, But everything is related to women\’s self-growth. On the outside, it looks like an annual palace fight drama, but on the inside, it is an educational film. After all, educating daughters is different from educating sons. We always hope that our sons will stand up to themselves and become real men. And educating daughters At that time, they inevitably had different views, thinking that girls don’t have to be too independent, they just need to be well-educated and sensible; they should always be kind to others and treat others peacefully; they should marry a good family and be entrusted with them for the rest of their lives. But in today’s society, the status of girls and boys is getting more and more important. Equality, girls should also become more self-reliant. I want to pamper her into a little princess, but society does not let \”silly white sweet\” become the winner in life, but needs girls with emotional intelligence and strength. In the variety show \”Chinese Restaurant\” When Zhao Wei talked about her daughter Xiao Siyue, she once said: \”You can\’t take your child too seriously. \”Because when he enters school and enters society, he will find that not everyone in the world likes him, and many people even dislike him, his appearance, his character, and his abilities. …an American Justice John RoeCounts, who was invited to give a speech at the graduation ceremony of Cardigan Hill Middle School, said, \”Son, I hope you will experience misfortune and pain in the future.\” \”I hope you will suffer betrayal, because it will teach you the importance of loyalty. I hope you will often feel lonely, so that you will not take the company of your friends for granted.\” Although life is not as cruel as the TV series, it is not full of intrigues, but It is by no means peaceful. When you educate a girl, never tell her how beautiful the world is. Education about suffering is exactly what is most lacking in this era.

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