• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

The first lesson of school: Parents often say these 3 sentences, which are better than 10 good teachers! Benefit for one semester

On the day of the Lantern Festival, Rui’s father and I took Rui Rui out for a day of fun. When we came back, we were completely in the mood to cook dinner, so we went to a newly opened restaurant near our home to try something new. Because of the festival, the restaurant was extremely busy and crowded. We finally found an empty seat and sat down. After waiting for a long time, no one came to ask us to order. After a while, even the boss came out and came to the table next to us and started ordering. We originally thought that the proprietress who had been busy at the cashier would come to our table, but she took her bag and left, leaving the boss and two waiters busy. When the boss came over to take our order, I couldn\’t help but tease him: \”Your business is really good, but the boss lady left too early. If she could continue to greet us here, I guess we could have eaten earlier.\” Let’s eat.” The boss smiled sheepishly and said, “You don’t know, there are two children at home. She has to go back and watch them study.” The next table heard this and also joked with the boss: “Your business is so good. , In the future, it’s better to let the children inherit their father’s business, and let them learn naturally.” The boss continued to reply with a smile: “You can’t just let nature take its own course in learning. We, as a couple, have been able to get to where we are today. In fact, after going through a lot of hardships, we have become more and more aware that studying is the best way to go. Therefore, we would rather give up the business and let our children study hard.\” After listening to the boss\’s words, Rui\’s mother couldn\’t help but think about it. Think about your past experiences. Yes, from the moment I left school, I started to be busy with life. I no longer had the time to read quietly, nor did I have the energy to do what I wanted to do. Going to work every day consumes almost all of my energy, making my face shiny and my eyes dull. Now that I think about it, isn’t it the easiest time to read? Most of today\’s children have grown up spoiled and spoiled, and cannot bear any hardship. As soon as the parents tell him to study hard, he will come up with a bunch of reasons to block the parents\’ mouths: Look at this person who hasn\’t been to school for a day, but isn\’t he still so rich now? As long as I can have money in the future, it will be fine. What’s the use of reading so many books? At the beginning of the new semester, parents must tell their children these truths. One day, their children will thank you. There are always people who live a life that is not as good as yours. Your child sits in a classroom with air conditioning, electric lights, and pure water to study all day long, but complains to you that studying is too tiring and hard. Then show him those remote places. How do children in mountainous areas learn? They can\’t even solve the basic problem of food and clothing. They may have to go to school hungry every day, write with a pen in a cold classroom, and their hands are covered with frostbite. They get up early every day and spend several hours walking through winding mountain roads every day. , can sit in the classroom… These children not only have to endure the hardships of study, but also the hardships from the environment and body. But if you look at them, there is still such longing in each of their eyes. The look of knowledge. Ask your children: Looking at these children who are not as good as you, do you still dare to say that your life is miserable? If you are afraid of hardship, you will suffer for a lifetime; if you are not afraid of hardship, you will suffer for half your life. I think you will have more choices in the future. Remember Long Yingtai.In a letter to his son, he said: My son, I ask you to study hard, not because I want you to compare your grades with others, but because I hope you will have the right to choose in the future and choose something meaningful and time-consuming. Work, rather than being forced to make a living. Yes, when your children hang out with a group of unlearned friends all day long and only know how to eat, drink and have fun, and laugh at those children who only know how to study and don’t know how to dress up, play, and enjoy, you think this is youth. The way it should be. But what they don’t think about is that in the future, those children who can only study will be admitted to prestigious universities and when they find jobs after graduation, they will be competed by various companies and gradually become the backbone of the company; while those children who used to just mess around will Woolen cloth? They can only go to technical secondary schools, higher vocational schools or junior colleges, and face unemployment after graduation. Their only options are the lowest-level jobs in automobile factories, construction sites, etc. Everyone has a lot to learn in their life. If you learn less in the first half of your life, it means that you have to work harder in the second half of your life to survive; and if you don’t learn enough in the first half of your life when you should learn the most, , then you won’t have to work so hard in the rest of your life. Jack Ma once said: When you don’t travel, take risks, or fight for a scholarship, you will still have a life that you have never tried before. You hang on QQ, browse Weibo, browse Taobao, play online games, and do whatever you want. Why do you want youth when I can do things when I am 80 years old? \”My child, youth is not the idle time you think, but the stage when you can endure the most hardships. In the future, you will definitely be grateful to yourself for working hard now. Learning is useful at any time! My child, I tell you as a person who has been there: study The hard work of time is far less than one-tenth of the work. When you were studying, you stayed up late doing homework and felt that studying was too hard. When you saw others spending their own money and seeing the world in a leisurely way, you said with great envy: \”When I don\’t go to school, I will also…\” My child, you only see the results of other people\’s efforts, but you don\’t know that these people also studied hard back then. When you really graduate and enter the society in the future, you will understand : The time in school is the best. You used to think that studying was very hard, but after you make money and spend it, you realize that studying is much easier than working. You used to think that studying is of no use and you might as well go out and make a living. , you will know when you go out to work. You need to learn everything you do, and learning is useful at any time. Live until you are old and learn as you grow old. The more you learn one thing, the more you will have the same ability as others, and the less you will. An opportunity to ask for more from others also gives you one more choice. Always remind your children: Don’t save things that can be solved with sweat now with tears later. Besides, tears can’t solve any problems.

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