• Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

The harm of spanking your child will make you regret it. Never spank your child in these 4 areas

Some parents still believe in traditional educational concepts such as \”a filial son emerges from a stick\” and \”no talent can be achieved without beating\”, and often beat or scold their children. Although some parents do not agree with \”beating and scolding education\”, once their children make them angry, they still believe in it. I couldn\’t control myself and couldn\’t help but beat my child a few times. However, spanking children does not have a good disciplinary effect, and if it is not controlled well, the following tragedies may easily occur. These shocking cases make people sigh after reading them. Many parents don’t know that spanking their children can be so dangerous! These four parts of the child\’s body cannot be hit. Parents must know: 01 The back of the head/the back of the head, because someone\’s respiratory center is there. If hit, it will cause shock to the respiratory center and easily cause some complications of respiratory failure. \”02 Temple: Because the inner wall of the orbit is relatively thin, fractures may occur in the event of being hit and shocked. Fractures are also detrimental to the development of the optic nerve. In clinical medicine, there have been cases of blindness with a slap. 03 Twisting children\’s ears frequently can easily cause perforation of the eardrum and affect the child\’s hearing development. 04 Spanking children\’s spinal cord and spine are not fully developed. If parents spank their children frequently, it may cause spinal cord damage in children. In old age , the spinal cord structure is unstable and prone to diseases such as intervertebral disc herniation. Some parents may ask: \”You can\’t touch this, and you can\’t hit that. How should you educate your children?\” \”When a child is disobedient or does something wrong, it is natural for parents to want to educate their children. But spanking children is not the correct way to educate them. What should parents do? Smart parents punish their children like this when their children make mistakes , it does require a certain amount of punishment to help him remember this matter, and beating and scolding is not good for the child\’s health, so we need some other methods. Xiaohui recommends the following methods, which have other benefits while punishing. 01 Cleaning up housework is a very good punishment. It not only allows children to realize their mistakes, but also trains their self-care ability. The best thing is that adults will be more relaxed. Pay attention to letting children do something easy to do, such as folding clothes. , sweeping the floor, wiping cabinets, etc. 02 Repeated writing If the child fails to complete the homework, or always makes careless mistakes, then he can be punished by practicing writing repeatedly. Note that this is not a simple punishment, it is a process of practice , let him become familiar with and recognize the mistakes in his homework in the process of repeated writing. 03 Go to bed early \”Because you made a mistake today, the time to play games tonight has been shortened. Go to bed 20 minutes earlier!\” \”In this way, it is possible to make the child realize his mistake peacefully. When the child performs well the next day, you can increase the game time appropriately to encourage him. 04 Let the child choose on his own in normal times. Write down some punishment methods and collect them in a bottle. When mothers need to punish their children, let them take out a note from the bottle and let them choose the method of punishment. In this way, the children will be more aware of and agree with it. accept.If the child is really disobedient and you really can\’t control your temper, then it\’s not a big problem to lightly slap your palms or limbs twice. However, you must be careful not to vent your emotions by hitting your child, let alone hitting your child\’s head, temples, ears, buttocks, etc., because when you lose control of your emotions, it is difficult to control the intensity of your strikes, which can easily lead to tragedy and regret. lifelong!

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