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The highest level of enrichment is to give children confidence

On weekends, Lu Zhonghan occasionally takes his two children to skate and skate on real ice. I am a person who has no sense of sports balance. I really don’t like the feeling of being unable to control my body and constantly falling to the ground. But what I didn\’t expect was that the two children not only liked it but also learned quickly. Once, there was nothing going on that day, so I was outside the ice rink, waiting to watch. Sidi and Zimi changed their shoes and entered the ice rink with familiarity. The children had a low center of gravity and a light body. The two little girls held hands, their bodies as light as swallows. Not only can they slide by themselves, but they can also make the figure eight, sometimes moving forward and sometimes backward. They are really making rapid progress. There were not many people at noon on Sunday. There was a family nearby. The father was taking his daughter, who was about the same age as Zi Mi, to learn in the ice rink. The mother was also standing outside watching. It seemed that this was the first time for the little girl to come. She was very nervous, kept screaming, and desperately held on to her father without letting go. Her little face was pale. Sidi Zimi was walking around hand in hand, waving to me as he slipped away. The mother standing next to me saw them and immediately used the ready-made example to encourage her daughter and said: \”Nanny, don\’t be afraid. Look at how good the girls are at skating. The girls are not afraid, so what are we doing?\” Afraid? Don\’t be afraid!\” This mother was standing next to me, praising my child so loudly. As a courtesy, I smiled at her. This mother was probably a journalist. She asked a lot of questions at once, such as how old is the child? Which country is it from? How many times have you been here? Have you asked the teacher to teach you anything? I said, \”I\’ve been here three or four times. I didn\’t ask for a teacher, so my father taught me.\” After hearing this, she said with a hateful expression: \”My child has been timid and afraid of strangers since he was a child. He always goes to other people.\” Hiding. It’s all up to her father. Look, look, she’s afraid of being like this!” The problem is, although there is a wooden wall half a person’s height between us and her husband and daughter, we are actually standing The position is equal to face to face. Because the little girl was afraid and refused to stand on the ice, the father had already picked up his daughter and was listening to us. Therefore, although my mother said this to me, she said it in front of the child. If the child is young, he may not understand every word his mother says, but mother and child are connected and her mother is talking about her, and she is not saying it in a praising manner. No matter how young she is, she understands. The little girl looked at me, her eyes full of hostility, turned her head away, and said nothing. After a while, there was an ice hockey game at the rink that day and the ice rink was required to be cleared. Everyone was kicked out and sat on a bench to change their shoes. The three little girls were sitting together, and the mother continued to seize the opportunity to inspire her child: \”Nanny, look at these two young ladies, they can not only skate, but also speak French. You must study hard next time in English class. I can’t let the teacher tell me anymore. You are the only one in the class who is silent. Tell me, why are you so timid?\” She said while helping the child to slip on his shoes and socks. Nannan didn\’t even raise her head, she stretched her feet expressionlessly and asked her mother to put on her shoes. As a mother, I can understand this mother\’s mood, but I don\’t know if this girl will understand her mother\’s thoughts. Mother is actually a mirror. If there is little light coming in, the mirror cannot reflect it.After seeing their own scene, the child will close his heart and become more and more alienated. Nowadays, every parent pays more and more attention to the cultivation and education of their children. I have read a survey about parents on their children. In fact, what parents are most concerned about is their children’s diet, sleep, and physical health, followed by their children’s academic performance, class ranking, and finally their children’s emotional intelligence, personality, and structure. . I remember that when I was studying fashion design in college, the teacher kept repeating something in the professional class: \”Fashion design comes from other than fashion design. You must not just stick to design and design.\” Sometimes, I feel that everyone They are all extremely sophisticated robots. Perfect body, beautiful face, smart IQ, these are hardware problems. We can have many excellent qualities, such as being fluent in English, being able to dance and play steel, and being good at Mathematical Olympiads… These are all applications with practical uses. However, for this robot to operate smoothly, the most important and critical thing is to have an advanced processing system so that it can operate smoothly. However, many children now seem to have installed all the most advanced application software on a computer with the latest hardware configuration, but in the end they installed a WIN95 processing system. The speed and efficiency of this operation, and even the possibility of crashes, do not require statistics at all. Raising children really means more than just studying well, being able to skate, speak English, be able to dance, be able to play the piano… these are just traits rather than abilities. Children will grow up day by day, and one day they will need to live independently in society. What they need is personal ability, perfection, positive personality, excellent spirit, the ability to win and lose, and to be able to put themselves in others\’ shoes and look at problems comprehensively. The important thing is to persevere and persevere. These are not things that can be learned in school by doing arithmetic problems over and over again. As an adult who has struggled for half his life, self-confidence is the most luxurious wealth. However, self-confidence is a kind of growth that requires time, energy, endurance and opportunities one after another. Failure after failure allows us to accumulate it bit by bit. Cultivate children with an adult’s vision and outlook. Starting from cultivating their personality and quality, going out of society, participating in some social activities, accumulating experience, and growing their lives is the best choice for children. This is the meaning of enrichment!

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