• Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

The highest realm of children’s education (shocking)

Education is not only the learning of knowledge, but more importantly, respect for life. An American teacher told a story at a medical school in China: One morning after a storm, a man was walking on the beach and noticed that in the shallow puddles on the beach, there were many small fish that had been swept ashore by last night\’s storm. Although there may be hundreds or even thousands of trapped small fish near the seaside, it won\’t take long for the water in the shallow puddles to be sucked dry by the sand and evaporated by the sun, and the small fish will dry up and die. die. The man suddenly found a little boy on the beach who kept picking up small fish from shallow puddles and throwing them back into the sea. The man couldn\’t help but walked over: \”My child, there are hundreds of thousands of small fish in this puddle, you can\’t save them.\” \”I know.\” The little boy replied without looking back. \”Oh? Then why are you still throwing it? Who cares?\” \”This little fish cares!\” the boy replied, picking up a fish and throwing it back into the sea. In fact, this story corresponds to Rabindranath Tagore\’s words, \”The purpose of education should be to convey the breath of life to people.\” Therefore, the \”education\” of education should start from respecting life, making human nature good, and making people broad-minded. It enables people to arouse the beautiful \”good roots\” in themselves, that is, to let students have the beautiful state of mind that \”this fish cares about\”. A survivor of the Nazi concentration camp became the principal of a middle school in the United States. Whenever a new teacher came to the school, he would give the teacher a letter that read: \”Dear teacher, I saw with my own eyes scenes that humans should not see: gas chambers were built by engineers with expertise; children were poisoned by knowledgeable doctors; young children were killed by well-trained nurses. Seeing all this, I doubted: What is education really like? What is it for? My request is: Please help students grow into human beings. Only if our children grow into human beings, the ability to read, write and do math is valuable.\” Obviously, human beings There is an animal side and an angelic side. The purpose of the educator is to temper the human soul, overcome the animal nature and transform into the angelic side. Education is the education of the human soul, not simply the accumulation of intellectual knowledge and understanding. This is the long-standing and grand ultimate purpose of education. Otherwise, the more knowledge you have, the greater the harm to mankind and life. The lessons learned in this regard are too painful: Lu Gang, one of Dr. Lee Tsung-dao\’s students, failed to win the paper award. Surrounded by jealousy and disappointment, he actually shot and killed four space physicists, and then committed a vendetta. My own award-winning classmates. In Xuanhua, Henan, a 16-year-old boy named Liu frantically drove his car over pedestrians because of an argument with his girlfriend, killing two and injuring 13. Nowadays, our school education often ignores the cultivation of students\’ basic personality, basic morals, and basic emotions, so that some students become increasingly indifferent, indifferent, and even callous towards life and worldly affairs. Therefore, an educator once said that we must cultivate students\’ \”feelings of beating heart when facing a bush of wild chrysanthemums.\” This kind of feeling is what a man who cares about the life of every little fish on the beach has. feelings. Otherwise, if you treat small fish like grass and ravage flowers, even if your moral score may be high, you will lose it.The value of human life. Respect for people and awe of the universe, the most basic thing is to respect the existence of life and know the non-repeatability of life. One should not take life, even a very low life, for no reason. When a person has no sympathy for lower creatures or animals, can you expect him to respect higher life? On the contrary, when a person is full of care for the lives of grass and fish, how can he not respect higher life and human life? The ancients said: \”Sorrow is greater than death.\” A person who is indifferent to the outside world is a person without hope; a nation composed of many people who are indifferent to life and life is a nation without hope. As an educator, you may have a lot of specific work to do and a lot of specific homework to do, but the most basic, fundamental and important thing about cultivating students\’ good ideological qualities and humanistic feelings is to awaken students\’ respect for life. Conscience.

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