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The \”horrible education\” of a celebrity mother raised a son who secretly hid \”massacre-level weapons\”

There has been relatively big news in the United States and Taiwan recently. There have been some reports in China, but not much. Sun Anzuo, the son of Taiwanese actress Di Ying, was arrested in the United States on charges of terrorist threats. Sun Anzuo told his classmates that he would go to school to shoot, and his classmates informed the school staff. The police later found a 9cm pistol and 1,608 rounds of ammunition in his home. In addition, there is a military bulletproof vest, a military ski mask, a backpack that can carry bullets, 29 rounds of 9 cm bullets, a powerful crossbow with a sight and 7 bows and arrows, a bracket that can be used for AK-47 and AR-15, etc. thing. The word \”carnage\” was used in all the bullets that Sun Anzuo had hidden in the American media, because the destructive power of 1,600 rounds of bullets was simply astonishing. There are two incidents that have touched the nerves of Americans the most. One is a terrorist attack, and the other is a school shooting. Because school shootings have always occurred in the United States in recent years, people are highly nervous about this. It is said that Sun Anzuo\’s mother Di Ying and father Sun Peng are currently planning to sell two properties and spend sky-high legal fees to hire a top American lawyer to help their son with the lawsuit. Who is Di Ying? Maybe Taiwanese audiences are very familiar with this female star, but mainland audiences know less about her. In Taiwan, Di Ying is known as a \”big sister-level\” artist. He initially debuted in Gezi Opera, and has also acted in many TV series. In recent years, he has also appeared in many variety shows, such as the well-known \”Kangxi Is Coming\”. Di Ying was very beautiful when she was young, and looked pitiful in her ancient costume. However, her temper is very inconsistent with her appearance. She is a hot-tempered and even a bit unreasonable person. Di Ying herself revealed many past incidents of \”beating people\” when she participated in variety shows. If she knew someone was saying something bad about her, she would teach them a lesson. Because the stage manager said that the props made by her boyfriend were not good, she was also chased and beaten. Probably her most \”famous\” fight was against Lan Jieying. It is said that one time when she was filming a movie, when she saw Lan Jieying was late, she thought she was playing a big role and kicked her to the ground. Then she showed off on the show that Lan Jieying didn\’t dare to fight back and would become insane in a few years. In fact, at that time, Lan Jieying seemed to have been banned in Hong Kong and was forced to go to Taiwan to develop. It should be a very depressed period. After that, her career development stagnated. Coupled with some past experiences, Lan Jieying had a mental problem. At this time, Di Ying actually \”talked about\” her experience of kicking Lan Jieying and insulting her on the show. Many people thought it was \”bad\”. For such a hot-tempered woman, her style of educating her son is also very strange. Di Ying said in a program that all her eyes are children. When she and the children look at each other, the children must only see her. If the child\’s eyes wander, she will say sternly to the child: Look at me. Di Ying\’s education method for her children was extremely doting on the one hand, and extremely strict on the other. Di Ying also said in the show that she is her son\’s maid, and she has to wait on her son while he watches TV. But on the other hand, Di Ying\’s \”discipline\” of her children is terrifying. She was worried that her son would not grow taller, so she forced her son to eat every day. This kind of \”forced\” method is probably something that many parents would never even dare to think about. she firstSeparate the meals for your son and tell him that it is his \”responsibility\” to finish them. But this amount of food is for adults. The child would definitely not be able to finish so much, so she had to keep an eye on the child while he ate. I spend seven hours a day watching my children eat, and each meal lasts more than two hours. Cai Kangyong said that if my mother stared at me for two hours while eating when I was a child, I would really collapse. Little S also said that this moment was like filming a horror movie. She also mentioned in another program that the ingredients she prepares for her children are high-end ingredients, such as beef, deep-sea fish, salmon and so on. There is also a report that Sun Anzuo went to a classmate\’s house for dinner, but Di Ying thought the classmate\’s house was too shabby and did not allow his son to interact with the classmate. Di Ying is also very strict with her son\’s academic performance. She said that if the child\’s test scores did not reach 80 points or above, he would be spanked until his butt blossomed. She also bought a house near the school so that her son could walk to school, because she did not allow her son to take a ride and said that his son could not go shopping by himself until he was 18 years old. Ironically, after this incident, the reporter interviewed Sun Anzuo\’s classmate on the phone, and his classmate said that he had \”poor grades.\” The relationship between Di Ying and her son is also very \”weird\”. Di Ying once said on the show that her son loves her very much and even sleeps with her when he is old. No sleep without her. She slept with her son until he was 15 years old. One day, she suddenly realized that her son had entered puberty, so she let him sleep on his own. What\’s even more strange is that even though her son is very big, he still touches her breasts. Di Ying also took her son to participate in a \”kissing marathon\”. Couples usually sign up for this marathon, and whoever kisses the longest wins a prize. Di Ying\’s education method is so strange, and her husband Sun Peng\’s teaching method is also strange. His son has been fond of firearms since he was a child. Sun Peng did not stop his son from playing with firearms and even suggested to his son that he could become an arms dealer in the future. Although arms dealers are very wealthy, generally well-educated families will not encourage their children to become \”arms dealers\” because arms dealers are people who sell war and death. On Sun Anzuo\’s Facebook, there are many photos of him wearing a gas mask, camouflage uniform, and holding a gun. What\’s even more terrifying is that he also shared a book on how to make a flamethrower, and even successfully made a flamethrower. He also posted screenshots of videos online of testing the effectiveness of flamethrowers in open fields. When Di Ying\’s family and some people in Taiwan\’s entertainment industry talked about this matter, they kept emphasizing that Sun Anzuo was \”just a child.\” However, Sun Anzuo is already 18 years old. In the eyes of American law, he is already an adult and must bear legal responsibility for his actions. Currently, Di Ying and her family emphasize that her son is just a joke. Please click here to enter a description of the image. However, the US police did not think this was a \”joke\”. Because of the frequent shootings in the United States, the guns and bullets found at Sun Anzuo\’s residence, and the analysis of his social networks and gun purchase records, the US police basically determined that he intended to shoot schools. Whether it was a joke or not is unknown. But even without this incident, there is no guarantee that a person who makes his own flamethrower gun, hides so many ammunition and weapons, and casually talks about \”shooting up schools\” will pose a personal safety threat to others in the future.Threat. An American police chief who investigated this case said directly in an interview that he felt that Sun Anzuo had psychological and spiritual problems. Perhaps because of his mother\’s extremely controlling mother, who was extremely entangled mentally with her son, Sun Anzuo was very childish at heart, and may even be sick; and his father did not properly guide and stop his \”potential violent tendencies\”, but instead made him more further promote his development in a dangerous direction. Sun Anzuo himself did not have the financial ability to buy so many ammunition and guns, so he bought them all with his parents\’ credit cards. Currently, Di Ying and his wife are preparing to raise millions of dollars to help their son fight the lawsuit. It is not yet known how this matter will develop in the future. But it once again reminds parents: if you don’t educate your children, society will educate them for you. In addition to education, perhaps \”how to educate\” is also critical. If parents understand a little about children\’s sexual and psychological development, they will know when their children should sleep in separate rooms with their parents and when they can no longer touch their mother\’s breasts. These \”rejections\” are all to make the children \”independent\”; if they understand a little about children Psychologically, you know how harmful being a helicopter parent is to your children. It is indeed dangerous for anyone to become a parent without taking classes.

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