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The impact of parents’ beating and scolding education on children’s growth


Oct 1, 2023

Many parents will worry about this problem. They just want their children to do something, such as doing homework or talking to them, but they will turn a deaf ear to them. They will have to wait until you yell at them, scold them, or hit them before they do it. . No one gives birth to a child just to beat him. Nowadays, some parents advocate beating and scolding education, but no parents spank their children from the beginning. Parents are unwilling to spank their children if they can. Quality education in the United States Huang Quanyu.epub Therefore, many parents will feel that spanking their children is a last resort, and spanking them is for their own good and to cultivate good habits in them. But through beating and scolding, can you really get the child of your dreams? Many parents are also helpless about why they spank and scold their children. Because if you don\’t beat and scold him, he can\’t do anything well, or even won\’t do it at all. Once beaten, he becomes more honest, can take care of himself, can finish his homework, and his handwriting is beautiful. In addition, many teachers also say that children must be managed well when they are young. If you develop good habits from first to third grade, you won’t have to worry about it in the future, and your children will be able to learn it on their own. Therefore, many parents do not want to beat or scold their children, but they still highly recommend this kind of beating and scolding education and controlling their children. Especially in the lower grades of elementary school and kindergarten, controlling children at this time is very effective. But through this method, does the child\’s habit really develop? not at all. After the fourth grade, some children begin to become rebellious and their grades begin to decline. Then parents begin to become anxious and collapse. According to my expectations, the management has been very good in the past few years, and the children should be able to learn on their own. But the fact is that if you don\’t care about him, his grades will plummet; if you care about him, he will no longer be so obedient. Why is this so? Because this method itself is wrong. If the method is wrong, the harder you work, the more painful it will be, and the harder you work, the more tragic it will be. Beating and scolding to educate and control children is only useful when the children are still very young. At this time, the child\’s learning is still very simple. With your coercion and inducement, he can learn very well. It is good in the short term, but the consequences may be endless. The Consequences of Controlling Education Before the child is in third grade, beating, scolding, and controlling the child seems to be very effective. To what extent is it effective? Maybe if you take care of him, he will soon be at the top of the class. But this result is just false prosperity, because the child\’s independent ability has not been developed, and he can achieve such results only under your arrangement. So let\’s not indulge in such vanity, it\’s useless. If a child has been controlled since childhood, when he starts to enter adolescence, he will easily become particularly rebellious, that is, he will not listen to anything you say, but will fight against you. Some children will not conflict with you head-on. They will agree to whatever you say, and they will behave obediently when you look at them, but secretly they will do what they like. It\’s a good thing that you have your own ideas, but if it can be done very well according to his ideas, then don\’t worry about it. The key is that he can\’t do it well himself, and he can\’t listen to the methods taught to him. Slowly, his motivation to study disappeared. So now many middle and high school studentsThe child doesn\’t want to go to school, and wants to take sick leave every now and then, or even stay home from school. This is actually how it happens. Beating and scolding children and excessive control will only do harm to children, but no good. Not only will it fail to cultivate children\’s learning habits and abilities, but it will also affect children\’s learning motivation and even cause psychological problems. Giving children a sense of security by beating and scolding them also has a very big drawback, which is that it makes children feel insecure. When a child is young, he needs a sense of security. A child\’s sense of security has two dimensions, one is the physical dimension. For example, if children have material needs and physiological needs, such as thirst, hunger, and sleepiness, parents must meet them in a timely manner. The other is the psychological dimension. To give children a psychological sense of security, parents can talk to their children more. Even if the children have not yet learned to speak, parents can also whisper more to their children. Don’t stop talking because you think your child won’t understand. Even if he doesn\’t understand the language, he can sense the parents\’ emotions. Parents\’ love is conveyed to their children through words and body movements, which is very helpful in establishing a child\’s sense of security. In this process, parents must achieve one thing, which is to be emotionally stable. If you feel that spending time with your child is particularly annoying and annoying, this negative emotion will also be passed on to your child. When a child is very young, if he does not feel safe, he will cry easily and be clingy. As soon as you leave his sight, he will start to get scared and cry, which will annoy you even more. Therefore, when your child is still young, you must give him a sense of security. I didn\’t get it when I was a kid, and I have to make up for it now. After the parent-child relationship is repaired, some teenagers will still act clingy, which is actually making up for it. Is beating, scolding, and controlling children good for educating them? Before the third grade, he may often get perfect scores under your control, but these results are just false prosperity, because the child does not have the ability to learn independently. When the child slowly enters adolescence and starts to rebel, if you try to control him, he will not listen; if you ignore him, his grades will plummet. Beating, scolding, and controlling education will only do harm to children, but no good.

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