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The importance of reading to children determines whether their life will be poor or rich

During the summer vacation, various TV series are also emerging one after another. I don’t know what drama you are following recently. If you watch one drama after another, you will definitely be exhausted. Do you think about it occasionally? It would be great if we could read a good book together. When you see your children chasing \”Pig Man\” and \”Bear Bears\” every day, many mothers must have the same idea as me. It would be great to see children chasing books every day. Many parents now are born in the 1980s. At that time, the cartoons they watched were very simple. There were not many TV stations and no satellite TV. The most important thing was that the broadcast time was limited. It was limited to the windmill time of 6:00 pm every day. You could only watch it every day. half an hour. How did you survive that time? Many people must have been very crazy about reading little people\’s books at that time. I can say that I read almost all the little people\’s books that could be found in our small village several times. I even read the books on the bottom of the box from distant relatives. Find it and read it. Every time I say these words, I am still very proud, but when my friends open their mouths, they tell more amazing stories than me. There are many people who read a book under the quilt with a flashlight. How much does this have to do with children’s reading? Stop, the above is purely to awaken parents’ reading memory. There should be no need to say more about the importance of children’s reading. From a closer examination-oriented perspective, reading can help children lay a solid foundation for Chinese language learning, develop a kind of text logic, accumulate materials, and write good articles. Even good reading skills can help children better understand math problems! This can be said to be a really great thing. Who told us that the proportion of Chinese language in our college entrance examination is getting larger and larger, and who told us that Confucius Institutes are blooming all over the world! In the long run, it determines whether the child\’s spiritual world will be poor or rich in this life. And this has nothing to do with money. Some tycoons spend money like water and have countless gold platings. At random, they have several MBA titles, \”$%$&\”… and a lot of other titles that I can\’t name. Anyway, there are many. But in a poor life, after all, there are many people who have not read a few books, \”I was born with ten thousand taels of gold in my pocket, and when I die, I regret that everything is in vain.\” Many people say that children today have many opportunities to read. In fact, I think there are not many, and they are not even as good as before. Why we say this: One of the main reasons is that there is no reading time: children nowadays have a heavy burden of study and homework. They say the burden is reduced, but in fact it increases the burden on the family. School ends early every day, but the children cannot go home because there is no one at home. They can only go to day care or go shopping. Many children will spend 1-2 hours doing homework after returning home. There are also some course tutoring and training, plus after meal time, the children basically have no time to read. Except for a few children with high efficiency and good time management, there is basically no time for reading. What about the weekend? Not to mention weekends. These days, whether you have money or not, you would be embarrassed to say that your child is your biological child if you don’t find some training for your child on weekends. Not many children have free weekends. The second reason is that there is no reading atmosphere: last time Fish Dad was on the platformI have done a survey, and today I would like to share the results with you. Looking at the ratio of reading areas to mahjong parlors in a community, the results are unexpected and reasonable. Nowadays, no parent will be satisfied with the reading environment in Chinese communities. Many parents even do not have the concept of reading promotion. They think that their children go to school every day just to read, so why do they need to read idle books? In fact, there are not many parents who can study quietly at home, especially young parents who are busy with work and family every day. It is realistic to sit down and watch a movie or listen to a song to relax. You want them to watch it again. The densely packed text simply added fuel to the fire. But why not try it and just read for a little while every day, just a little while. Read it by yourself or read it with your children. The third reason is that I don’t know what books to read. In 2016, when Dad Yu participated in the Beijing Book Fair, there were tens of thousands of excellent publishing houses and book publishing institutions from all over the country, and there were countless varieties of books. There were too many, too many for the children. Where can I read it? I went to the wholesale market and saw carts of colorful books being shipped to all parts of the country. I also watched live displays of books from major excellent publishing houses, and exchanges with some children’s book promoters. After some visits and observations. I found that there are many books on the market, but not many good ones. Some people may say, what kind of book is a good book? Isn’t it just that children like it? A mother once told me that as long as her children get gifts, they will like them. If you buy it for him, he will be happy, but he doesn\’t know whether the book he bought is suitable. There are many mothers like this. Some people use the books recommended by teachers. Teachers have some suggestions and summaries of their own over the years, which are very worthy of reference. But when it comes to choosing books, Dad Yu still thinks that the first thing to look at is the reading development of their children. Parents should be sure that some children can read books written by 9-year-olds at the age of 7, because each child\’s reading ability is different. From the moment they are born to learn about things, they begin to develop their ability to accept knowledge. Different children must be different. This requires parents to spend more time observing and guiding. Don’t think that this is just a book list or a few words from the teacher. Can solve problems. The other thing is to look at your child’s interest and don’t force him to read. Some mothers see their children only reading comics every day and force them to read literary books. The children will definitely not be able to accept it all at once. You can give him some beautiful picture books with strong stories. There are still many pictures and relatively few words to give the child a transition. Having said all that, what about children’s reading? No child would take the initiative to say: \”Mom, Dad, can we go and look at the books in the library?\” However, this is a joke, because there are still children who like to read very much! Studies have shown that children who like reading have a richer vocabulary, better problem-solving skills, and higher emotional intelligence. If you want your children to have a good reading feast when they are not tied to school courses, then I will give you a few suggestions: First, let’s talk about those children who don’t want to read, because in the past few days, some mothers have told me , children don’t read, they just love to play. It is recommended that parents look forThe reason is because I have never read it before. Still, I was once discouraged by a few boring books and felt that reading was too boring. Then you find what kind of book will stimulate him and make him interested in opening it, even a play book. The purpose is to let him touch the book, then open it, and start. If your child has not yet entered school, congratulations, you will not have the above problems, because the reason why your child does not like to read should be on you, and you can just adjust yourself. First of all, you have to be an interesting person. You can\’t talk to your subordinates in the company, nor stare at your children in a way that makes your husband submissive at home. How to become an interesting person? Of course you must be able to read and tell stories. If you read dryly: \”There was a big bad wolf who saw a little white rabbit, and then he followed it, and then… Tell the little white rabbit, \’Little white rabbit, I want to eat you.\’\” The whole process has no expression, no plot, and no change of tone. I guess you can tell yourself to fall asleep. Such a bad story will only Let children reject books. You have to try your best to attract the child. Once you have attracted the child, you can stir up the child and guide him to think and discover the joy of reading and the joy of harvesting. It made him feel that reading can help me learn more, better and faster. For example, every time I tell Xiao Xiaoyu an adventure story about the Tyrannosaurus Rex that I made up, I always try to make some weird noises to make him hide in the \”cave\” – ​​under the quilt, and never let the Tyrannosaurus Rex discover it. , and then the footsteps and roars of the Tyrannosaurus rex will be made. He is very cooperative every time and has proven successful every time. Don\’t think you are stupid for doing this. In fact, children like you being stupid! It is really important to let children understand that reading is something that is around them, closely related to them, and endlessly fun. Just like this, maybe his childhood or even his life will be changed. In addition, you should also read it yourself, because creating this atmosphere is the key. From the beginning, you are the mentor of your child\’s spiritual world, and your joys, sorrows, joys and deeds enter his heart through his senses. If you don\’t read, it will be difficult to encourage your children to read. This is why at the beginning of the article, Dad hopes that you will pursue books instead of dramas. Because you have this good habit yourself, you can set a good example for your children. After returning home, put your work aside for a while, make a reading plan with your child, and discuss what each other discovered in the book. You can also take turns reading aloud to each other.

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