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The key to improving teaching quality lies in these four measures


Oct 1, 2023

Grasping habits is to seize quality. British Bacon said deeply when talking about habits: \”Habit is really a tenacious and huge force. It can dominate a person\’s life. Therefore, people should cultivate a good habit through education from an early age. habit.\” Bacon\’s words indeed contain profound truth. People develop habits without knowing it, and they also build or hinder themselves without knowing it. A good habit will benefit you for a lifetime. Chinese guzheng grade examination music collection video + audio [10VCD 1~10 levels all 4.9G] Domestic and foreign teaching research statistics show that for the vast majority of students, 20% of the quality of learning is related to intellectual factors, and 80% is related to non-intellectual factors factors related. Those who have made academic achievements in ancient and modern times, both at home and abroad, all have good study habits. The secret to success is to develop good study habits from an early age. Therefore, to improve the quality of teaching, we must start by cultivating students’ good study habits. To cultivate students\’ good study habits, it is not enough for the class teacher alone to cultivate students\’ good study habits. It is necessary to cultivate a group of capable people. Zhuge Liang and Li Shimin, everyone is familiar with their names, right? If we, the head teachers, were asked to choose to learn from them, who would you choose? Zhuge Liang was extremely wise throughout his life, but because he had to do everything personally, what was the result? He really told Sima Yi, \”Wait a minute, he won\’t live long!\” Sure enough, \”He died before he left the army, which makes the hero burst into tears.\” \”There were no generals in Shu, so Liao Hua became the vanguard.\” The Kingdom of Shu had no successors and soon perished. You see, Zhuge Liang had astonishing talents, but he did not cultivate future generations. Not only did Liu Chan fail to assist him well, but Jiang Wei, whom he favored, was only a second-rate talent because he had not been trained. That\’s why it caused the death of one\’s body and the destruction of the country. And what about Li Shimin? It\’s different. He boldly recruited talents and used people to advise him. A large number of people performed their duties and helped him manage the country in an orderly manner, while he took charge of the overall situation and enjoyed a peaceful and prosperous time. Therefore, I think that as class teachers, we must, like Li Shimin, cultivate talents and boldly appoint class cadres. As soon as school started, my class established two sets of class committee mechanisms to implement two-party governance. Because the two parties in power do have incomparable advantages. They compete with each other, learn from each other, and of course restrain each other. It not only trains talents, but also avoids the arrogance and arrogance of some class cadres. After the class cadres have been trained, they will assist and continue to help students develop good study habits. The heart of a student is a magical land. If you sow a thought, you will have a harvest of behavior. If you sow a behavior, you will have a harvest of habit. If you sow a habit, you will have a harvest of moral character. If you sow a thought, you will have a harvest of character. The harvest of destiny. Some people also say that behavior creates habits, habits create character, and character determines destiny. These words may seem a bit absolute, but good habits are indeed so important to life. People who develop good study habits have greater potential energy than those who do not develop good habits or develop bad study habits. Therefore, in order to improve the quality of teaching, we must first focus on students’ habits. Paying attention to details is to pay attention to quality. Zhang Ruimin, CEO of Haier Group, said: “It is not easy to do simple things well.Simply, doing ordinary things well is extraordinary.\” The teaching we are engaged in is an ordinary career. In order to interpret our ordinary work into extraordinary, we have to do ordinary things well, and we have to do ordinary things well. Pay attention to every detail of teaching. Taking Chinese teaching as an example, in today’s diversified world, it is not uncommon for students to forget words, misspellings, and typos. While we sigh, we always “think back to those days when our teachers did not No advanced theory is used, but we have few other words. \”So we should calm down and change our thinking: we usually start by grasping new words, reciting, and classroom knowledge points to lay a solid foundation. In this way, by grasping every detail and forming a habit, the children\’s grades will naturally improve. Grasp students with learning difficulties It means to focus on quality. In the current environment of pursuing the admission rate, teachers must focus on the pass rate and the excellent rate. In fact, grasping the pass rate is synonymous with grasping the transformation of poor students. If a student fails, we will not be able to complete the teaching task, so I put forward my point of view: poor students determine success or failure! An educationist once said: \”There are no students who cannot be taught well, there are only students who have not found a way to teach them well.\” \”The independence and consciousness of underachievers are relatively weak, and they often make great determination to correct mistakes. However, when encountering difficulties and setbacks, they show no perseverance. Sometimes a mistake will be made several times, which requires us to treat poor students Never give up on your own efforts. In class, you should design some questions that underachievers can answer for poor students to answer, and praise them in time. Let them continue to enhance their self-confidence. After class, open a \”small stove\” to strengthen guidance and let them catch up as soon as possible; We must also insist on \”tracking and tutoring\”. In this way, they will definitely enhance their initiative and enthusiasm for learning, and their academic performance will definitely improve. To focus on reading is to focus on quality, let alone high-sounding words such as \”embracing books and talking to masters\”. I believe everyone still remembers Bacon\’s words: \”Reading makes people enriched, discussion makes people witty, composition makes people accurate, history makes people wise; poetry makes people clever, mathematics makes people precise, and natural history makes people profound. ; Ethics makes people solemn; logic and rhetoric make people eloquent. \”The benefits of reading, Bacon said vividly. In my opinion, the most important thing is to cultivate students\’ interest in reading, keep it, and eventually internalize it into a way of life. Let reading become a student\’s way of life – That will be the biggest gain in a student\’s life. Every week, I arrange for classmates to recommend good books that they have read. The classmates exchange their reading experiences with each other. The happiness in their hearts is difficult for outsiders to feel. A book corner is established. Students are encouraged to borrow from each other. , exchanging books. \”You can\’t read books without borrowing them\” is Mr. Yuan Mei\’s point of view. Whether it is correct or not we will not discuss for now, but the borrowed books always have to be returned, so don\’t worry about him not reading them. Make good use of reading lessons and be bold After class, read classics to students. The teacher sits on the podium and reads, and the students and teachers read face to face. The teacher\’s immersive reading and the reading atmosphere of the entire class will have a great impact on the students. Accumulation and accumulation will expand the scope of reading. The exam is a fish, and when we cultivate students\’ reading habits, we give students a sea, and all the fish are in the sea. With the sea, why worry about not harvesting fish?

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