• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

The little boy took his blind father to eat a bowl of noodles and watched everyone cry

The short film, which lasts more than 3 minutes, tells a story about a bowl of beef noodles. The little boy took his blind father to eat noodles and ordered a bowl of beef noodles for his father. He ordered a bowl of plain noodles without letting his father know. The kind-hearted noodle seller couple couldn\’t bear to see it and gave them a plate of beef. When the little boy left with his father, the couple discovered a pile of change under the bowl. The story is not long, but it makes people cry. The video is not long, but it contains a lot of things: The first point: Love, regardless of poverty, high or low. When you see the little boy taking out the money and counting them one by one, it makes people sad. Children his age are still getting angry with their parents over a toy, but he has long been accustomed to holding his father\’s hand like an adult. The father loved him, so he gave him the beef in the bowl. The child loved his father, and silently took it back. This small detail is the expression of the deepest love. They live in poverty, but actually they live in love. How many children live in wealth but don\’t know how to be grateful? How many families have no worries about food and clothing, but only lack love. Only love is the fairest language in the world. The second point: Kindness does not discriminate between poverty and high status. The scene is fixed on the little boy leading his father away, but I still want to look back at the ordinary couple selling noodles. They guard the small noodle stall and may not earn enough in a day. Many people may still be struggling with food and clothing, but poverty is never a reason to reject kindness. Seeing the embarrassment of the father and son, they were not impatient, disgusted, or looked down upon. On the contrary, they were willing to help. Although he is in the marketplace, his heart is pure. There was once a program where someone dressed as a homeless man and walked into a restaurant to test what people would do. Sadly, most of the forty-minute program was spent being constantly rejected. Some people even asked fiercely to \”beg for food.\” \”You are not allowed to enter the restaurant!\” I don’t know when we learned to measure a person by money. Poor people are always looked down upon. Ordinary fathers and sons, ordinary couples, are doing their best to warm the world with love and kindness. The little boy took his father away, and the noodle stall business is still going on. The little boy will continue to \”kindly\” lie to his father, and the noodle stall couple will still keep their kind hearts amidst the fireworks… The third Point: Dignity, regardless of poverty or high status. When the little boy put the money under the bowl and left with his father, the back he left behind was tall. Although the little boy and his blind father are poor, they are not weak. They are grateful for help but do not take advantage of sympathy. This is what we say, even if the situation is bad, we will not live by being miserable. But unfortunately, we have seen too many people living \”kneeling\” in life. Sometimes when returning home from get off work, we will encounter several people kneeling on the roadside begging for alms, sometimes even young children. We don’t know whether the living conditions of the little boy and his father will get better and better, but what we can believe is that they can still live with dignity in poverty and will not be mistreated by life. We have reasons to live a better life, keep working hard, and live up to ourselves, goodwill, and love. Love, kindness and dignity are the most precious things that parents can leave to their children. Although these two father and son are poor, they have the most expensive education in the world!

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