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The longest road a child has traveled is the mother’s routine

I recently watched a short video like this, and I have to admit, this routine is really awesome. Have you ever mobilized the whole family when it comes to giving medicine to your children? Either you use sweet words to trick the baby, or you simply pinch the baby\’s nose and force him to drink. One netizen recalled this: \”When I was a child, my mother specially chose to give me medicine when I was watching TV most seriously. After feeding me, I didn\’t know…\” Now look at these little babies who have fallen into the trap… Mothers can no longer No need to worry about your baby’s medication! The longest road in the world is my mother’s “routine”. Who of us has not grown up in our mother\’s routines since childhood? Routines are timeless and passed down from generation to generation. Nowadays, mothers raising their children have just made some improvements on the basis of carrying forward the traditional routines. Look at this lazy mother lying dead: Let’s take a look at how this mother tricks her children: I will use my pocket money to make my children memorize poems, copy poems, write stories, read stories, and then tell them to me . Why these projects? Because these projects are time consuming! It not only allows the children to learn knowledge, but also buys time for themselves to recuperate and recuperate. It really kills two birds with one stone. I have two little kids at home, and as a mother, I can yell at the top of my lungs every day when I open my eyes. During this time, my throat got infected. During those few days when I lost my voice, I was acting like Chaplin in mime. Watching the children doing all kinds of things, I almost died from suffocation instead of suffocating myself to death. I learned a painful lesson: You can’t just yell to raise a baby, you have to make sure you are alive first. After finally being quiet for a few days, I made a deep reflection: I still need to \”attack my heart.\” Mencius said: Those who work too hard will be governed, and those who work hard will be governed… He frowned and fell into the trap. Since ancient times, true love cannot be retained, only \”routines\” can win people\’s hearts. Tao Xingzhi once said: \”We must become children before we are qualified to be children\’s teachers.\” Little broken boy, do the routine work! Pretending to be a patient kaishujianggushi Sometimes I am too tired and don’t want to deal with the little baby, so I lie down at a flat angle. I took the stethoscope I brought back from my grandpa\’s house during the Spring Festival and pretended to cough a few times: \”Baby, mommy is not feeling well. You are a doctor now. Come and show mommy what\’s going on.\” The little boy pretended to be serious and put the receiver away. You can poke around your chest, you can\’t perform without expression the whole time, you can hum and moan at the right time to cooperate… He touches and pinches and rubs like this, making the whole person feel sleepy… But at this time, you can Don\’t really get over it, you have to be careful not to have the little kid slap you in the face, or pick your nose or pinch your eyes to torment you. You have to respond to the baby: your eyes will occasionally twitch, proving that you are still a living creature. The son of Kaishujianggushi, who pretends to be a thief, is under 2 years old. Due to his gender, he is super obsessed with the police uncle. There is a set of toy police car equipment at home, and as a mother, she often moves this physical body to \”make\” it with her baby. I deliberately hid behind the door or behind the curtains on the balcony to pretend to be a thief. The little boy held up a toy pistol and pretended to look around: \”Don\’t move, I\’m the police officer Susu, what\’s your name…\” Every time Being caught for the first time, Xiao Suiwa looked arrogant and proud. I don’t know if I’m trying to trick the baby, or if the baby is fooling me? The mother who pretends to be a \”wooden person\” kaishujianggushi takes care of her babyNo matter how hard it is, mothers can\’t avoid the problem of sleeping with their babies. It\’s within my ability to accompany him to eat and drink with him, but this little kid\’s biological clock is out of control at all. The key is whether you are sleepy or not. Tell a story, tell yourself that you fall asleep, but the baby is having fun. Suddenly, my head was shaken violently: \”Mom, wake up…\” So, thinking about it, the \”pretend to be dead\” mode was automatically turned on. It is said that this trick is a \”veteran trick\” that all mothers have learned without a teacher. Let your baby pinch your nose, pick your ears, pull your hair, lift your clothes to scratch, or even sit on your stomach suddenly for a few times. As long as you pretend to be sleepy, half an hour will pass, and the eyes of the little broken baby will be lonely, your fighting spirit will begin to lose, and you will be bored. This is called \”lubing the baby into deep sleep\”. Pretending to be a little public servant is even better if you have a little girl at home. Who has a little princess at home who doesn’t have a few Barbie princess outfits, including various princess dresses, bags, grooming equipment, kitchen utensils… Once in a while, give your baby a chance to tie your hair in braids and wear floral clothes. She never tires of taking care of her, no matter how \”made\” she is, you have to be willing to give up this body of flesh, and then you have to express all kinds of praise for the fruits of her labor. My husband often scolds me for not having the life of a princess, but for having the disease of a princess. Today, please allow me to return to my role as a minor official. As long as you are happy! Pretending to be a listener, Kaishujianggushi’s daughter is 7 years old. She has loved reading since she was a child, especially stories and some unsolved mysteries. Whenever she has time, she tells me stories. Sometimes when we are tired, Xiaobao and I sit on the sofa, and my daughter starts balabala… If you don\’t pay attention, it can make you fall asleep. But in the face of the children\’s interest and enthusiasm, I leaned forward from time to time to echo. At this moment, Xiaobao and I are looking like one is sleepy and the other is confused. The children\’s concentration and jumping thinking during storytelling sometimes make me feel inferior to myself. In fact, if you don’t pry, you wouldn’t know that a child’s innately powerful core is really beyond your imagination. Pretending to be students, after eating kaishujianggushi, the two children are often very energetic, jumping up and down, flipping around, and making noises throughout the room. Don\’t worry, the transvestite has a trick to \”cure\” you. Dabao is in his second grade and admires several teachers in his class very much. I said, \”Sister, come and be a teacher. My brother and I are your students. You teach us…\” Dabao excitedly moved the small blackboard, picked up the ruler that I used when tutoring my homework, and started speaking in a serious manner. all. The little kid had been watching his sister go to school all day, feeling extremely envious. Now he woke up like a primary school student, with \”Happy\” written all over his face. This trick shouldn\’t be too easy to use. The teaching time can be long or short, depending on your \”paralysis\” time. Pretend to be a teacher kaishujianggushi There is a popular saying: One sentence from a teacher is worth ten sentences from a parent. The approving mother raised a paw. Moreover, the child will criticize you from time to time: I only listen to our teacher. Therefore, many times at home, I have to coerce the emperor to order the princes, and always call me a teacher. Regarding Dabao homework, I think my routine can be widely spread. Good curative effect, worry-free! Teachers are now used toWhen assigning homework in the group, some parents directly let their children do it while watching their mobile phones. As a senior teacher and scheming mother, I specially prepared a homework book, the artificial intelligence old elf is online: Dabao’s teachers usually don’t leave much homework for their children. Occasionally, in the name of the teacher, I will add a little bit more to areas where the child\’s grasp is not strong or where problems occur repeatedly. At this point, I have never been seen through by a child so far, and I am secretly proud of it. In addition, occasionally I will use teachers when choosing TV programs. Maybe every child is born with no immunity to television. No matter what the program is, my child can watch it intently, even if it is news or advertisements. So I immediately faked the imperial edict: Dabao, I heard from your class teacher that CCTV has a column called XX, for students to watch it in their spare time. Who knew that the child would fall in love with this column as soon as he saw it. In fact, in the name of teachers, it is just a means, and the purpose is to enable children to develop habits, broaden their horizons, increase their knowledge, and regulate their own behavior. A child\’s education cannot be completed independently by the teacher. An excellent child must be the result of the joint efforts of parents and schools. As parents, we don’t need to act like we can’t offend every day. Why can’t we be friends with our children? You can send your children to early childhood education and various interest classes in advance, but as parents, we are just ordinary people, so why should we arm our children from head to toe to their teeth? A child is born free and has his own life. Besides, when it comes to raising children, there is no established success model. What suits the child is the best. Everything we do is to let our children enjoy the happiness they deserve at this age during their childhood. Dewey once interpreted education this way: I think education is the process of life, not a preparation for future life. Children come because of us, not for us. Making children happy is the vision of every parent. As for the methods and methods, everyone has different opinions. As long as your \”routines\” allow your children to gain happiness and experience without knowing it, and they are happy.

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