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The most destructive educational issue for children, 90% of parents believe these four lies

Writer Tong Hua said that human life is a process of continuous giving and gain. In this process, two types of people will gradually form: one who succeeds because of hard work, and the other who fails because of laziness. How do Li Yapeng and Dong Qing deal with their children’s education? If you want your children to become successful people through hard work, then don’t let your children go, but force them! How many parents believe the following four lies about educating children? Children want happy education? Liar! In recent years, the term \”happy education\” has become popular among parents. Many people think that their children\’s happiness is more important, so they start to let their children go without restraint and let them grow up freely. The child was interested in dancing and painting, so he signed up for classes without saying a word. After a while, the child becomes impatient and wants to give up, and the parents immediately respect the child\’s decision. Such behavior seems to respect the child\’s wishes, but in fact it is extremely irresponsible to the child. You know, learning is never easy, and it is the same all over the world. The biggest problem with happy education is that it can only be applied to families, not to society. You can respect your children and let them have a happy childhood, but society will not accommodate adults who are incompetent. If we observe the people around us, we will find that anyone who achieves some success requires a certain amount of effort. Pie in the sky will not happen to anyone. Only with constant persistence and continuous study can success be possible. On the road of growth, most children have struggled through exams. Everyone has experienced the situation of having a lot of homework, and being criticized if you don\’t do it well. Don\’t think that foreign education is all happiness. Excellent children abroad also have to work hard to get the best results. In fact, learning can also be fun. When children achieve results and rewards through hard work, the happiness brought by that sense of satisfaction is the most real and lasting. Without experiencing the boring and torturous learning process, children will get much less happiness even if they get good grades. Can playing get good results? Do not make jokes! Everyone wants applause and flowers, but three minutes on stage takes three years off stage. Children naturally love to play, and if they are not made aware early on that learning is hard work, they will stagnate and stay where they are. How can they study hard in the future if they can get good grades just by playing? A child who can achieve excellent results is doing homework while others are playing games, and memorizing words while others are watching movies. Those children who are at the top are not only talented but also have acquired hard work. Do you still remember the famous Fang Zhongyong in Chinese textbooks? He was originally extremely smart and talented, but his parents were short-sighted and narrow-minded. They let him play around when the child should study hard. As a result, he became an ordinary person within a few years. When children are young, if they don’t study hard, have no goals, are unwilling to pay, they will only focus on eating, drinking and having fun. When he grows up, he will definitely be unwilling to pay, work hard, and fight hard at work. It is difficult for such a child to have a big future in life. Cultivate children\’s autonomyThe ability to learn and cultivate their fighting spirit actually enable them to have a positive heart, a sense of responsibility and a sense of mission from an early age. These excellent qualities must be acquired through children\’s hard work. Any road to achievement is always accompanied by twists and turns and full of hardships. Please tell your children that if you want to have good academic performance, you must work hard. This is their responsibility to learn. Can you study well just based on interest? hehe! Interest is the best teacher, we have heard this sentence for many years. We all know that in educating children, we must respect their interests. However, a promising child will definitely not be able to achieve excellent results just based on interest. Starting from the children\’s interests is one, and the supervision behind the parents is also essential. Many parents have encountered the following scenarios: The child said that he likes to play the piano, but after a few days of learning, he began to complain that his handles were worn out from practicing every day. Your child says he likes drawing, and you sign him up for a class. A few days later, he says that sketching is difficult and practicing every day is boring… This kind of scene of trying to give up halfway is too common. Interest is the key to learning, but sometimes interest is the most unreliable thing. Adults, I should be able to relate to this. When you complain about hard work, you will find an excuse and say, this is not the job I like. In fact, even if it is a job you like very much, you will find it very annoying if you do it 365 days a year. Many times, it is not that people are not interested in what they are doing, but that they are incapable of doing the things at hand well. No one likes to do something bad. It is human nature to avoid one\’s own shortcomings. Just like people who are not good at singing don\’t like to go to karaoke with their friends, and people who are bad at playing cards are not even willing to join in. The same is true for children studying. Let children take the initiative to learn, not only based on interest, but also to supervise them to do this well. Only when they make achievements, this interest will continue. If you do a lot of things, you will naturally become good at them. If you are good at it, you will naturally do better than others. If you do it better than others, your interest will become stronger, and you will enjoy doing it more, thus forming a virtuous circle. Is education abroad easy? Don\’t be fooled! In the eyes of many people, foreign education looks like this: you have holidays every now and then, school is over at three in the afternoon, you play games in class, and the teachers are encouraging. It seems that as long as a child completes something, he or she will receive strong recognition from the teacher. Everyone thinks that studying abroad is too easy and too simple. However, the reality is completely opposite to what everyone imagined. In the United States, primary school ends at three o\’clock in the afternoon, and very few children go home immediately. More children carry schoolbags and musical instruments to attend various tutoring classes. The competition among prestigious schools in the United States is no worse than in our country. If a child does not go to remedial classes, remedial talent training, or participate in social activities to enrich his or her resume, then the possibility of the child entering a prestigious school is almost zero. In those seemingly happy primary and secondary schools, children do not have to bear any pressure. But these children were happy for only a few years, and they were confused after leaving school. Some will go to community colleges for a few years, and some will go directly to the bottom.They have to work hard to make ends meet, or they can take unemployment benefits and wander around the streets every day, wasting their time. Children\’s ability to work hard must be cultivated from an early age. Only by solidifying the positive and good qualities of children will they be transformed into actions for society when they grow up. Jay Chou once said: \”If my mother hadn\’t forced me to learn the piano with a cane, I wouldn\’t be where I am today.\” He is very grateful to his mother for her \”force\” so that he can live proudly now! Children\’s lack of persistence is mostly due to parents\’ laissez-faire. Remember, if you push your child a little longer, he will be better than you think. Therefore, for the sake of their children, parents must be ruthless. It is better to force them appropriately than to let them go. Even if the child complains about himself now, at least in the future, the child will understand the good intentions of his parents.

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