• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

The mother of a 5-year-old lost her child for 2 hours went crazy and was able to recite her mobile phone number skillfully!

Recently, after school in a kindergarten in Shanghai, two boys around five years old were looking around at an intersection, with no adults following them. After the police found out, they hurried over to inquire and learned that the two children had become separated from their parents. The police asked for the parent\’s phone number. The child recited it very skillfully, and the police quickly contacted the parent. When the child\’s parents arrived, they were very excited. Without saying a word, they wanted to go up and \”teach\” the child. After being stopped by the police, they suddenly knelt down to express their gratitude. It turns out that this is the grandmother who \”lost\” her child. It is reported that after the grandmother received the child, she was going to buy groceries. It happened that the grandmother of the other child was also going to buy groceries. So the two children met and started fighting at the vegetable stall. After the parents finished buying the groceries, the child disappeared. . The two children were playing and playing, and they didn\’t know where they were going. They couldn\’t find their family members. Fortunately, they were spotted by the police when they were looking around at the intersection, and the first scene happened. The police told the parents that fortunately the children were able to provide their phone numbers and the parents were successfully notified. The child\’s mother said that the reason why her child was able to memorize the phone number skillfully was because she played with her iPad at home every day, and the power-on password was her phone number. Netizens praised my mother for being so smart and witty, and she learned another trick! How to get children to remember phone numbers? It is very important for children to remember their family members\’ phone numbers, so that if the children are accidentally separated from their family members, others can quickly contact them. However, the child is still very young and does not take the initiative to remember the phone number of his family. In addition to what the mother did above, what other methods can parents use to help their children learn to remember the phone number of their family members? 1. Games. A game often played by those born in the 1980s is called \”hopscotch\”. You can mark numbers in the grid and let the children find the corresponding numbers according to the phone number. On the one hand, it can help the children understand the numbers, and on the other hand, it can also strengthen the children\’s understanding of the phone. Number familiarity. 2. Let outsiders praise the child through the phone number. Today\’s membership cards only require you to speak your phone number. When you go shopping in the supermarket, let your children speak your phone number. The cashier will praise you when you speak it. This will make your children very happy and they will memorize it after a few times. 3. Let your children benefit from their phone number. Usually after signing up for a membership or recharging money at an amusement park, you can use your phone number to deduct money for play. Tell your child that you need a phone number to play in the amusement park. If he tells him, he can go in and play. At the beginning, parents can remind him, and gradually he will be able to say it himself. 4. Keep asking. Use role play to ask your children what their mother/father’s phone number is. Or pretend not to remember dad/mom’s phone number and ask the child. Reciting it often will deepen the impression and eventually turn it into a permanent memory for the child to remember. Children can remember their parents\’ phone numbers and can quickly contact their parents when they are separated and lost, thus reducing unnecessary trouble. Moreover, letting children remember their parents\’ phone numbers is also one of the ways to increase their sense of security. Tell them that \”no matter when the baby needs it, they can contact their parents,\” so that they can feel at ease. In addition to parents’ phone calls, parents should also teach their children to remember 11The meaning and purpose of 0/120/119 and other telephone numbers, so that children know when and who to call for help. Telling children more knowledge is of great benefit to them without any harm.

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