• Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

The peak that parents can reach is the starting point of their children

Every night, my children and I spend more than an hour reading. We read and communicated together, and we also discovered changes in him. In the past, he just listened quietly. Most of the time, he listened to me talking, and the only reply was: Mom, tell it again, tell it again. Now, he can say a few sentences, ask questions, and have his own answers and thoughts. Many mothers say that they don’t know how to chat with their children and don’t know how to understand their children’s inner world. In fact, the best communication is when reading together. Children will reflect their own emotions and feelings. This time is a good opportunity for communication. This is also where I feel the most as my children grow up. Last night, I read with him the English story adapted from the Chinese story \”Ma Liang, the Magic Brush\”. After reading it, I asked him: If you had such a magic paintbrush, what would you do? He thought for a while, with a look of surprise on his face, his eyes shining, and then he lowered his head and said sheepishly: I hope teachers can become less strict. \”Oh, you think the teacher is very strict, and you want to use magic to make the teacher less strict.\” \”Yes, the teachers are too strict.\” From this conversation, I at least understood his attitude towards the teacher and his inner thoughts. . When children grow up, they will encounter various problems. Parents are the best listeners. They can channel their inner emotions and fill them with positive energy. We cannot live and face various problems for our children, but we can listen and give strength. He mentioned the teacher\’s harsh questions, and I affirmed and responded without making any comments. Just make the child feel seen and understood. I told him: \”When the teacher speaks loudly or criticizes the children, he is not talking about you.\” I told him this because the child cannot distinguish between the group and the self. When other children are criticized, he will feel You\’re talking about yourself, it\’s your own fault. In fact, education is not a big deal, or I think that only when something major happens, there is education or something needs to be taught to children. Perhaps the best education for children is to see and truly listen to them in these bits and pieces of daily life. What parents think is a small thing may be a huge thing in the child\’s world. Think about the things that made us extremely nervous when we were young. In the eyes of our parents, or when we grow up, they may appear to be calm and peaceful, but to us when we were young, they still seemed like serious matters. Education for children, in addition to microscopic physical and mental care, is more about what kind of things we want to give to children, so that they can have a rational and logical brain, and have poetry and distance beyond the world. This is the best education and wealth we can give our children, and it is something that a family can truly pass down from generation to generation. Children are not only the inheritance of their parents’ genes, but their happiness, structure, values, etc. also come from their parents to a large extent. I didn’t think anything of it before, but later, because I was trying to teach my children English, a father who studied linguistics at university told me that even language has an inheritance effect. If parents are good at English, they will naturally be able to talk to their children in English easily, and their children will be able to learn English easily., unlike most children, studying for more than ten years is not necessarily good. The same goes for the acquisition of mother tongue. The richness of the family language can even affect a child\’s IQ. I often said before: Don’t let your children lose at the starting line. From this point of view, it is meant for parents. The pinnacle of parents is actually the starting point of children. With this in mind, while taking care of your children, you still need to spend more time on yourself. Give your best self to your children, and let them see a better world through you.

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