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The principal of the High School Affiliated to Fudan shouted loudly: Parents, please stop, otherwise your children will be ruined.

An excellent child who can play the piano, dance, and draw, and has good academic performance. When I grow up, I know everything when I am in junior high school. I am ranked first in each exam and admitted to a key high school. I am top or top in the college entrance examination and admitted to the best universities abroad or in China. Many people come here like this, and after a few years they are studying for graduate school and Ph.D. You see, the parents are also honored. They feel that their children are outstanding. They are deputy division level cadres before the age of 45 and full division level cadres before the age of 50. When they see relatives, friends, classmates, and family members, they say that their children have a lot of potential. Then, before he turned 55, he went to prison. Parents are still shedding tears at this time: \”How could my child be in this situation?!\” Is this kind of education and such results what we want? Back then we were pursuing scores, playing music, chess, calligraphy and painting, and so many talents… We have to think about, what is the problem with education? The core problem in education does not lie in students’ abilities, reform, or technology. Our education lacks soul. China’s educational technology has moved too fast, and the “soul” cannot keep up. Guide children to turn to love, kindness, and wisdom. So, can we not look at education from the perspective of education, and from the perspective of philosophy, whether there is something wrong with the soul. Plato said: \”Education is not his, but the turning of the soul.\” So where to turn, where to turn? Guide children to turn to scores, to abilities, to abilities, to abilities? neither. The Indian philosopher Krishnamurti wrote a book \”Education is the Liberation of the Mind\”. To liberate the mind, according to Plato\’s context, where should the mind turn? You have studied philosophy. In Western philosophy, \”love of wisdom\” means philosophy. Let me add goodness. Deep in a person\’s soul, there are three things: love, goodness, and wisdom. You say this person is a little less skilled and a little less talented in the future, but how bad can he be? And precisely this thing is a universal value in our world, but now many people have forgotten it. From this example, I deeply realized that education is the art of \”slowness\”. What is education? Education is like cultivating flowers. While cultivating them, you look at them and wait for them to bloom. I send this sentence to all parents. Children should be raised in this way, slowly and not in a hurry. If God allows him to exist in this world, he will definitely give him the value of his existence. You remember the saying, \”Existence is value.\” Education is like growing flowers. You need to wait for the flowers to bloom. Life should be a \”slow\” art, and the same is true for education. The daughter of one of my students brought her to my home when she was in fifth grade. She said: \”Teacher, look at my child who doesn\’t like to eat, is thin, and is a yellow-haired girl. What should I do?\” I said, \”She is only 10 years old. Why are you so anxious?\” \”Her academic performance is not good, and she can\’t eat well either. Everyone is a head shorter, what\’s the matter!\” I said: \”You have a good image, how different will your child be? Don\’t worry, it\’s useless to care too much about this thing. You have to take your time when raising people, and she won\’t do it if you worry. \”Young man, do you dare to pull out seedlings?\” In 2014, after the college entrance examination, all the application forms were filled out, and the admission notice came, and she brought a slim,A very beautiful girl came and said, \”Call Grandpa Master, this is the yellow-haired girl back then.\” I said, \”Were you very anxious back then? In a few years, the child has grown taller and prettier than you. I also got into a good university.\” She said: \”I was really anxious at the time, and now I feel very proud.\” However, there are two extremes that education is most afraid of: one is to give up completely; the other is to follow what one has in mind. Flowers go to help, not the flowers\’ original wood and needs. Only by working quietly can you have the opportunity to wait for the flowers to bloom. What we parents have to do is to provide our children with enough fertile land, carefully observe the types of flowers, and then choose farming methods based on this, and then provide appropriate guidance to remove weeds and maintain abundance. Suitability is the best way to educate each student. There is no definite direction for the ways and methods to become successful. Some schools now say, \”As long as you can\’t learn to die, learn to death\”, \”There are no students who can\’t teach, only teachers who can\’t teach\” – these are all boring and pretentious language, so that education can be done well. Already? Don’t see the words on the door of our campus today saying “Warm congratulations to so-and-so for becoming the top scholar in liberal arts (science) and admitted to Tsinghua University and Peking University” and think that such children will definitely succeed in the future. As I said just now, children have unlimited possibilities for their future. Why is a child valuable? Because He has possibilities, He has infinite possibilities. So my conclusion is: first, there is no one-size-fits-all approach, and the best education is the one that is suitable; second, there is no definite direction for the path and method for each student to become successful. Don’t think that if your child likes painting or playing the piano now, he will definitely be an artist in the future. Maybe the job he will engage in in the future has nothing to do with this. He has unlimited possibilities. If you look at a child\’s poor grades and start to make conclusions, saying that the child will be a shoe shine or have no future, how can there be such an education? What are so many famous schools doing now? Prestigious schools select children to study because high-quality educational resources are limited, so more people choose prestigious schools, so prestigious schools are qualified to conduct screening. It is right from the perspective of the development of things, but it is wrong from the perspective of education. Education that selects people is called \”pseudo-education\” and is not real education. These prestigious schools also require entrance exams, with two subjects, Chinese and Mathematics, and a score below 198 in primary school. If you have no special skills, you will not be admitted. The school I work in accepts children with scores of tens to 120, and we have to teach them the same. Abandon impetuosity and utilitarianism and return to the laws of education. Why do we say we should devote ourselves to educating people? Concentration is a state. How many people can concentrate on doing things now? Many times we regard students as a means rather than as our end. You see, why is it used as a means? I’ll train them hard, and I’ll get a big bonus after I train them well. This is a way for him to get bonuses and gain reputation, so he is inevitably impetuous. Nowadays, many parents regard their children as a means. Learning this, learning that, taking the top exam, and going to a prestigious school are all just a matter of face, and they are just a means. Once children\’s growth is used to satisfy some of our adults\’ desires or needs, there will definitely be something wrong with our education. Let me tell you a simple education rule. Take a lookHow many of us don’t know that right now. Nowadays, junior high school teachers assign homework, and children can hardly finish it at 11 or 12 o\’clock in the evening, let alone senior high school students. What is the growth pattern of a thirteen-, fourteen-, fifteen- or sixteen-year-old child? For these children, between 11 o\’clock in the night and 3 o\’clock in the morning, especially between 1 o\’clock and 3 o\’clock in the morning, the pituitary gland secretes two very important hormones, one is called sex hormone and the other is growth hormone. It will not secrete when exposed to light or pressure. Therefore, if a child does not sleep well and is stressed, he will not grow well. This is the rule. If the teacher understands this rule, then when assigning homework, there will be a requirement that the children must fall asleep by 10:30 at the latest. Because it takes two hours for a child to fall asleep to enter a deep sleep state. Do we follow these rules now? No, no matter, study hard, for the sake of scores, skills, and talents. Therefore, my belief in education is to return to the laws of education, do it slowly, quietly, and quietly, without being impetuous or showing off, and we will definitely get the results we want. At that time, our children were very good in terms of scores, talents, and abilities, and their souls were also full. This was the new normal of education. The second \”possibility\” means that we need to know that the child\’s future has all possibilities. What he has learned now, even his talents and his scores, do not represent what he can or will do in the future. But now he has to get scores, so he has to study hard. I personally believe that these cannot be lost, so as to ensure the possibility of the future. Therefore, there is an appropriateness here. “Appropriate” actually means that our education methods must conform to the rules and be suitable for children. Don\’t see your neighbor\’s children learning everything from music, chess, calligraphy and painting, and send your own children to learn too. You are a doctor, and you think that the son of a doctor should learn more than others. This is a wrong way of thinking. It is useless to learn what is not suitable for him. You must learn what the child likes in his heart. Education must be based on three principles. How should education be done? This issue is also a philosophical reflection on education. Education without scores (tests) is not valid. Education that only talks about scores is definitely flawed. This is philosophy. So what do philosophers think about education? The most classic is Aristotle\’s original words: \”Education must be based on three principles, the mean, the possible and the appropriate.\” The mean, in the words of Confucius, means \”get rid of the two ends and take the one and use it.\” In short, it is not partial. Don\’t move left or right, don\’t move down or up, keep the center as top. I personally think that moderation is the best philosophy in life and even in education. It means that we should not go too far in education, and we should not not do enough. It is as simple as that. What is excessive? Now we have gone too far and constantly made changes at the technical level, so much so that our teachers no longer know how to teach classes, and our leaders no longer know how to assign work. When school education becomes like this, it goes too far and forgets that there are still laws of education and the inherent things in education itself.

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