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The problem of children’s education is actually caused by parents’ persistence in cultivating themselves.


Oct 1, 2023

If you have such questions, it is especially recommended that you read this article carefully. In fact, the best way to educate children is for parents to cultivate themselves persistently and let themselves grow up with their children! Why are we so anxious about education? Most parents lack a lasting and in-depth understanding of their children and education. I suddenly realized that I need to take care of my child quickly. When I see something unsatisfactory about my child, I start to worry about my child\’s college entrance examination in ten years, their marriage in fifteen years, and their career in twenty years… And this worry itself will destroy it. children\’s future. I Came From the Han Dynasty Documentary Recommendation 1080P Ultra HD Version Full 6 Episodes 25.4GB The reason why parents are worried is because they have been paying attention to their children intermittently. If the child has problems, they will pay more attention to them, and if there are no obvious problems, they will pay less attention. There is a lack of macro control over children\’s education, and I have no idea about what I should do, what I shouldn\’t do, and whether I am doing enough. Therefore, there is a lack of confidence in the future development direction of the child. If you are not sure, you will panic. So, why are many parents not convinced and determined? Many parents have given up on self-exploration after their studies have ended, they have jobs, families, and children, and have reached a superficial level of \”completion.\” Life follows the \”most comfortable principle\” and looks carefree, relaxed, stable and enviable. In fact, many life issues are not completed, but are left there. To use an analogy, this is very much like a “growth cliff.” Many parents think they have chosen an easy path, but end up passively falling into the quagmire of trouble. In the end, it’s not less you pay, but more. Drawing my own \”life map\” I have many friends who are about ten years older than me. We often chat together and talk about the status of their peers. I find that people around the age of forty are particularly likely to go in two directions, either becoming richer and more attractive; or their vision becomes narrower and narrower, and they are very alienated from the outside world. A sharp female writer even used the phrase \”die at forty and buried at eighty\” to describe this state, which makes people feel desolate when reading it. Of course, it is not a mistake to choose the most comfortable life state. However, life’s issues will not go away just because we avoid them. Pike wrote in his \”The Road Less Traveled\”: Our concept of reality is like a map, with the help of which we constantly compromise and negotiate with the topography and landscape of life. If the map is accurate, we can determine our location, know where we want to go and how to get there; if the map is full of holes, we will lose our way. Some people give up drawing maps after they reach adolescence. After most people reach middle age, they think that their maps are perfect and their worldview has no flaws. Even though they think they are sacred and inviolable, they don\’t have much interest in new information and information, and they seem to be exhausted. Only a few lucky ones can continue to work hard, and they continue to explore, expand and update their understanding of the world until the end of their lives. Our life map must be positioned through at least three sets of relationships, namely the relationship with ourselves, the relationship with others, and the relationship with the world. If we no longer want to map the \”place of life\”Picture\”, then there are many ways to escape. The simplest way is to retreat and maintain the status quo. Many people do not accept themselves, often self-denial and self-attack, but give up inner exploration, and choose to endure and escape. Faced with Instead of resolving the obstacles that exist in interpersonal relationships, we simplify them, and some simply leave only relationships with family members. In front of family members, even if they do whatever they want, they will be tolerated. Their views on the world remain unchanged. Change and no longer be curious about the world. Many mothers are immersed in a life of daily necessities and have avoided these three sets of relationships to the greatest extent. Another sentence by Parker is concise and concise: The tendency to avoid problems and avoid pain is the root of human psychological diseases. . The parent-child relationship is not a completely equal human relationship. If we can escape from most situations, then the arrival of a child leaves mothers with nowhere to escape. Relatives and friends will tolerate us, but children only rely on their nature. Living with intuition, the parent-child relationship is not a completely equal interpersonal relationship. Our emotions and maturity, our understanding and attitude towards life, and our ability to handle intimate relationships are all clearly reflected by this little life. In a sense It is said that children are teachers of their parents. They come into this world to urge parents to make up for the lessons they have neglected in the past and constantly improve their own life maps. If we cannot handle the relationship with ourselves and others, how can we handle the relationship with our children? relationship? If we are no longer curious about the world, how can we keep our children\’s curiosity? A mother lamented: Only now do I understand the saying \”children are angels\”. If it were not for the difficulties in raising him, I would not To explore, we will not deeply reflect on our own growth process and thinking patterns. Now, my life is moving towards expansion, which is the change brought about by children. If we resist growth, we will transfer the task of growth to our children. If we If we cannot accept ourselves and are dissatisfied with ourselves, we need a satisfying child. If we cannot handle the parent-child relationship well, we will have an image of an \”ideal child\” in our hearts, hoping that the child will take the initiative to meet our expectations. So, almost Be bound to the child, advance and retreat together, share joys and sorrows. When the child is praised by the teacher, the day becomes very happy; when the child fails in the exam, the mood suddenly becomes gloomy. In this way, the child will become the biggest \” \”Band-Aid\”. It is difficult for one child to take on the growth tasks of two people. In such a state, problems are bound to arise. Choosing to grow up with children means that we have to re-examine the three most basic relationships and face the problems of life. Seek answers and improve ourselves. We are not adults in the true sense after we are 18 years old. At some moments, we are just larger children. We have accumulated a lot of hidden wounds in our growth, and many growth tasks have not been completed. With children When we get along, these problems surface again, which is also a good clue. When we feel trapped and unable to do what we want, we might as well stop and see what is holding us back. The upbringing of children depends on the skills of the parents When we stop escaping and face problems bravely, it also means leaving our psychological comfort zone and entering a state of uncertainty.. The most beautiful flowers in the world bloom on the hardest branches. Growth is a process of breaking out of a cocoon and becoming a butterfly. Growth means adventure, and it also comes with pain. This is the main reason why we avoid growth. In this process, there will be suffering, confusion and anxiety, but as long as we keep thinking, we will eventually find a solution. When facing confusion, reading will open a window, and we need to understand some psychological knowledge. Fortunately, the quality of popular psychology writing is now getting better and better. We will find that after each problem is solved, our life will become more transparent and smoother, and we will no longer trip over the same stone. And behind every dilemma lies the gift of life. I have always felt that educational methods and techniques are only the tip of the iceberg for children’s success. Sometimes, children\’s education is all about their basic skills, as well as their parents\’ attitudes and life perceptions. In other words, parents will be involved in education throughout their lives. Judging from the current situation, mothers bear a heavier educational responsibility. Therefore, I always advise my mother that when a person reaches middle age, the road should become wider and wider. It would have been a very happy thing to sink into the dust, wash hands and make soup. However, just knowing daily necessities will make you farther and farther away from the child\’s spiritual world. The best way to educate children is to cultivate yourself persistently. The most ideal state – if the children understand, we understand; if the children do not understand, we also understand. At least, we must have intersection with the children. This long process of searching is both for myself and for my children. A child’s starting point is on the shoulders of his parents. In this way, children will never have the same starting point. Therefore, I respect those parents who are diligent and studious and never give up on their own growth.

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