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The right way for a mother to care for her children


Oct 1, 2023

In China, the situation of many families is similar: parents are busy making money, the elderly help with taking care of the children, and the whole family is busy around the children, always wanting to give the children better conditions and take good care of the children. , allowing him to enjoy a better life, but the result always feels like a thankless job. Children are not grateful for their parents\’ efforts, and sometimes they are even hostile. Children and adults fail to understand each other, which makes everyone feel uncomfortable. In the process of accompanying our children on a daily basis, we are always accustomed to standing in our own perspective and thinking about what we can do for our children, but we rarely look at problems from the child\’s perspective and do not realize what the child cares about? As long as we cannot truly \”empathize\”, we will easily conflict with our children\’s ideas and do bad things with good intentions. The Miracle of Classroom No. 56: How to Guide Children to Love Learning pdf What most parents care about most is their children\’s learning. We are always worried that our children will lose at the starting line, so no matter whether the child likes it or not, as long as the parents think it is good for the child\’s future development, he will be enrolled in all relevant interest classes. To this end, we have spent a lot of time, energy and money, but the result is that both adults and children are exhausted. It can be seen that the children we have raised \”for granted\” are not as good as imagined. Parents have rich life experience and are well aware of the hardships of society. There is nothing wrong with the idea of ​​​​nurturing their children in advance so that they can suffer less. However, the problem is that the children\’s understanding of society is far from the parents\’. Deep understanding. They live in the meticulous care of their families all day long, and their lives are so relaxed and comfortable. Who would be willing to fight and work hard? This gap in life experience, with parents pushing desperately from behind and children slowly moving in front, has become inevitable. Therefore, in my opinion, if parents want their children to strive for success, they will never be able to give them a comfortable life. Only when they have experienced the hardships of life will their children be explosive and unwilling to live a hard life. If you always give your child a too comfortable life, then probably his biggest wish is to become a \”leisure fish\” who can \”lay down\” at any time. In addition, most parents often care about their children: \”Are they hungry?\” \”Are they thirsty?\” \”Are they hot?\” \”Have you finished your homework?\” \”How do you feel about the exam?\”, but rarely ask their children: \”Are you hot?\” Are you happy today?\”, \”Do you need mom\’s help?\” A competition between Chinese and Japanese summer camps made Chinese parents think deeply. Is this just a competition between children? In fact, it is also a competition between the adults of the two countries and the competition between the education of the two countries. How much do we know about our children? Some children are already in fifth grade and their homes are very close to the school, but their parents pick them up and drop them off every day because they don’t feel at ease. As soon as school was over, the adults quickly grabbed the children\’s schoolbags, worrying that the children were tired. Many parents often nag their children: \”As long as you study well, you don\’t need to do anything else.\” Under the guidance of this wrong view, the overall quality of teenagers shows obvious flaws, especially their hands-on ability. , survival consciousness, will and character, etc. Many children have been taken care of by their parents for a long time. Once they leave their parents,There is nothing we can do, and some college students even don’t know how to wash their own clothes… There are too many such examples! In the process of raising children, we pay more attention to material giving and ignore spiritual communication. As children grow older, their willingness to \”do things by themselves and have enough food and clothing\” will become stronger and stronger. Therefore, parents do not need to be their caregivers all the time, but their thoughts will become richer and richer as they grow. Parental guidance is needed, and this is the focus of education. If we can pay more attention to the spiritual aspects of our children, boldly let them try and work hard, improve their survival potential, hands-on ability, cultivate their sense of morality, and let go a little bit more about the material aspects of their children, then parents will simply, Children can also grow up more freely and happily, so why not?

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