• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

The story of two mothers sharing apples affects the lives of two children!

Small story, big truth! When everyone is born, the first thing everyone sees is their mother, and the earliest education they receive is from their mother. A teacher\’s education can only affect a child for a few years, while a mother\’s education affects a child\’s entire life. Throughout the ages, celebrities who have achieved success in their careers have all expressed their gratitude to their mothers for their education in their autobiographies and memoirs. Whatever the mother looks like, the child will look like, and the child\’s future is hidden in every move of the mother. A famous criminal psychologist in the United States conducted an interesting experiment to study the impact of mothers on people\’s lives. He selected 50 successful people in the United States. These people were all elites in their respective industries and had achieved outstanding achievements. He also selected 50 people with criminal records. The psychologist wrote to them respectively, asking them to Talk about the impact of your mother’s education on yourself. Half a month later, the psychologist received a large number of replies. Two of the letters were very interesting, both telling the story of their mother giving them apples when they were children. One of the apple-sharing stories: A prisoner from California\’s Pelican Bay Prison wrote in a letter: When I was a child, one time during Christmas, my mother brought several apples of different sizes. The first thing I saw was the big red apple in the middle, and I wanted to get it very much. At this time, my mother put the apples on the table and asked my brother John and me: Which one do you want? I was about to say that I wanted the Big Apple, but John said what I wanted to say first. After hearing this, my mother glared at him and scolded him: \”Good children must learn to give good things to others and not always think about themselves.\” So, in order to get praise from my mother, I had an idea and changed my words: \”Mom, I want the smallest one, leave the big apple to John!\” Mom was very happy after hearing this, and rewarded me with the big red apple, but John only got a small apple. From then on, in order to get what I wanted, I would disguise my true inner thoughts and lie constantly. When I was in middle school, I would do whatever it took to get what I wanted and satisfy my selfish desires. Later, I learned to fight, steal, take drugs, rob, and kill. Until now, I have been imprisoned for life. Apple Story 2: A famous person from the White House wrote this: When I was a child, my father celebrated his birthday, and my mother brought some apples. My brothers and I were all vying for the bigger one, but my mother held up the biggest and reddest apple in her hands and said to us: Very good, children, you all told the truth. This apple is the biggest, reddest and most delicious. , everyone wants it. But there is only one big apple. Let\’s have a competition. I will divide the lawn in front of the door into three pieces. Each of you will have one piece and be responsible for mowing it. Whoever does it fastest and best will be qualified to get it. ! As a result, I won the biggest apple through my own efforts. I am very grateful to my mother. She made me understand the simplest and most important truth: if you want to get the best, you must strive for the first place. She has always taught us that in our family, if you want something good, you have to win it through competition. This is fair. If you want to get something, you must work hard and work hard for it.cost! In the same way of dividing apples, the first mother lets her children lie to disguise themselves, causing them to slide into the abyss step by step; the second mother lets their children tell their true thoughts and guides them to be honest and hard-working people. One inadvertent action changed a child\’s life. The mother\’s hand pushing the cradle may not only promote the child\’s success, but may also inadvertently plant the seeds of corruption for the child.

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