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The strength of parents is the greatest confidence for a daughter

I recently watched \”Dugu Tianxia\” and learned that there was a very awesome father in history, his name was Dugu Xin. Why do you say he is awesome? Because he had three daughters who became empresses of three dynasties respectively. The eldest daughter was the empress of Yu Wenyu, the emperor of the Northern Zhou Dynasty during the Southern and Northern Dynasties, the youngest daughter was the empress of Yang Jian, the founding emperor of the Sui Dynasty, and the other was the mother of Li Yuan, the founding emperor of the Tang Dynasty, who was directly promoted to the queen mother. The direct driving force for the three daughters to reach such a respected position is their father. Whether they live well in their husband\’s family has a lot to do with their husbands and themselves, but also with their natal family. Duguxin was one of the Eight Pillar States, and he also became the prime minister. He had a respected status and educated his children well. All the children he educated were outstanding. When his youngest daughter got married, he chose the Yang family as her husband, but rejected the noble prince. In addition to political considerations, the more important consideration was the other party\’s character. He felt that Yang Jian was more affectionate and righteous. Of course, because of his status and friendship with the Yang family, the Yang family agreed to the marriage without hesitation. When it comes to his daughter\’s marriage, Dugu Xin is the starting point for his daughter. He has decided that his daughters will be well married. After marriage, his daughters\’ happiness also has a lot to do with him. In the play, the second daughter Dugu Mantuo was humiliated by other members of her husband\’s family in the first few years after she got married because of a disagreement with her father. It was not until the relationship with his father and sister was repaired that his status improved significantly. When her father died and the family was about to fall, her status was threatened again. The female officer who assisted Dugu Mantuo told the truth in one sentence: Do you think your husband’s family treats you well because of your beauty and talent? They value your mother\’s family\’s strength more. Without them, you might be nothing. After reading it, I couldn\’t help but sigh. It has been the same throughout the ages. If they want their daughter to live a happier life in the future, parents must continue to improve their own strength. This strength includes financial capabilities, vision, structure, etc. There is a documentary called \”The Way Out\” that records the ten years of three children from rural areas, small towns and big cities. Rural girl Ma Baijuan’s father felt that she “had to work when she went to school, and she had to work even if she didn’t go to school. It’s useless to go to school.” So she only went to elementary school when she was 10 years old. Her dream is to go to university in Beijing and earn 1,000 a month. bucks. Ma Baijuan dropped out of school after graduating from elementary school. Because she had no academic qualifications, it was difficult to find a decent job in the city. At the age of 16, she got married to her cousin and worked in a ceramics factory. She soon became pregnant and was about to have a baby. Her future life was bound to be difficult. Yuan Hanhan, a city girl, comes from a very good family. When she was 17 years old, she wanted to drop out of school and start a business. Her parents agreed without objection and invested in her. After her business failed, she went to Germany to study for a master\’s degree in art. After returning to China, she first found a job, then resigned and opened her own studio. Yuan Hanhan\’s work and life are very casual. He can try whatever he wants to do, and whatever kind of life he wants to live, he has the strong support of his parents behind him. Two girls of about the same age have already led different lives because of their different origins and different parents\’ abilities and structures. Last time, I attended a meeting and there were two people chatting next to me.Talking loudly about a person on the stage. One of them said: \”He is just a girl. At such an old age, he is still busy all day long. He works so hard. I really don\’t understand.\” The other one echoed: \”Yes, there is nothing we can do about it with children like us.\” \”It\’s much easier for those who give birth to a daughter.\” Their conversation represents the views of some people, but I think more and more people realize that whether they have a son or a daughter, parents should do better. Needless to say, those who give birth to a son, influenced by traditional concepts, buying a house and marrying a wife for their son is the motivation for many people. For those who give birth to a daughter, the happiness of their daughter\’s life has a lot to do with themselves. The quality of a daughter\’s education determines whether the daughter can support herself and live a better life in the future; the daughter\’s vision determines the kind of person the daughter will choose to spend her life with; the strength of the parents determines the starting point and choice of the daughter. The scope; the strength of the parents affects the daughter\’s status and voice in the husband\’s family; the parents are healthy and financially prosperous, which reduces the burden on the daughter. Therefore, parents who love their daughters have thought about making continuous efforts to give their daughters a better life from the moment their daughters were born. No matter how old our daughter is, we will always treat her as a treasure in our hands, protect her and give her the greatest confidence.

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