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The three people closest to the child determine the child\’s life

As the saying goes, those who are close to vermilion are red, and those who are close to ink are black. Follow the flies to find smelly ditches, follow the bees to find flowers, and follow the butterflies to smell the fragrance of flowers. You will be affected by the kind of people you hang out with. This is true for adults, but even more so for children. The kind of people a child is close to will determine the path he will take. So these three people closest to the child determine the child\’s life. The father determines the life pattern of his children. The father is the mountain, which establishes the pattern of the child\’s life. As Suhomlinsky said: \”Every father is a messenger. Only if the messengers study improperly and correct their own ideas and conduct, can the children they cultivate can stand on their own among the crowd.\” In a family, the father is the most important person in the family. The best role model for children. Usually children will be proud of their father\’s excellent qualities and use them to demand themselves. Children who are fully accompanied by their fathers are braver and more confident. They are polite and generous in dealing with others. They are not timid or inferior. They are like a little sun. They do not need to rely on the light of others to be bright enough. Former U.S. President Obama once said: \”I will not be a president for the rest of my life, but I will be a good father for the rest of my life.\” When his daughter learns to swim, he personally coaches her; when her daughter wants to go to an amusement park during summer vacation, he takes the time to accompany her. He takes every birthday of his daughter seriously and insists on going to every parent-teacher meeting of his daughter during the 21-month presidential candidate period. With her father by her side, her daughter has grown up very well. The whole world has witnessed her growth from a little lolita who was doted on by her father to the current talented student at Harvard with a wide range of hobbies, confidence and propriety, which is enviable. A study conducted by Yale University in the United States found that children raised by men have higher IQs, perform better in school, and are more likely to succeed in society. Therefore, if he wants his children to be better, fathers must first have a big picture and spend more time with their children. Your excellence is the best education for your children. The mother determines the child\’s human temperature. Mother is water, which moistens things silently, regulates the atmosphere of the family, gives the child a soft side, and determines the temperature of the child\’s humanity. Mo Yan, China\’s first winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, told the world on the podium of the Nobel Prize for Literature that it was his mother who influenced his life. He said: My mother taught me what love and affection are, what tolerance and understanding are, what pity and sympathy are, what honesty and shame are, what strength and unyielding are, what life and doing things are, what learning and living are. What are dreams and ambitions. Children generally have the most contact with their mothers. From the tenth month of pregnancy to the time after they enter this world, children are more dependent on their mothers. If the mother has a gentle temperament and is good at regulating the family atmosphere, the children will have a peaceful mind and the family will be warm and harmonious. The mother has a bad temper and always likes to lose her temper, quarrel with her husband, and yell at the children. The children will also be negatively affected, and they will either be extremely cowardly or extremely irritable, and the family atmosphere will be cold and ruthless. When Ms. Hong Lan, a doctor of psychology and brain expert, gave a TED speech, she used her research report on the brains of men and women to explain from a scientific perspective: From the perspective of human evolution, women’s emotional energy far exceeds that of men. Mother is the soul of the family, mother makes the whole family happyHappy, mother is anxious and the whole family is anxious. If the mother is gentle, kind, and emotionally warm, the child will be optimistic, warm, and empathetic; if the mother is moody, the child will be fearful and worried. The mother determines the temperature of a home, and also determines the human temperature of her children in a subtle way. The teacher determines the child\’s learning attitude. In the book \”The Road to Purpose,\” author William Damon emphasizes that adults outside the family play a key role in a child\’s development. One of the very important roles is the teacher. The ancients said that once you are a teacher, you will always be a father. It can be seen how much influence teachers have on children. In education, there is a phenomenon: once a child develops aversion to a certain teacher, it will be difficult for the child to learn the subject well; on the contrary, if the child has a good impression of the teacher, even if the teacher\’s teaching level is not high, the student\’s ability to learn the subject will be difficult. You may also learn your homework well. In every class there are children with good grades and children with poor grades. There are many reasons that determine whether a child\’s performance is good or bad. The teacher cannot decide, but the teacher can influence the child\’s learning attitude through his or her own attitude towards the child. Treat children with good grades, value them and not treat them preferentially; treat children with average grades, care about them and don\’t ignore them; treat children with poor grades, look at them from a developmental perspective and find their shining points. Teachers can influence children\’s learning attitudes. A good teacher may not be able to give children good grades, but he can make children fall in love with learning instead of hating it. This is the charm of education. A small move by a teacher can produce such beautiful results. Many times, the teacher may not know the story, but the seeds of hope are quietly sown in the children\’s hearts. Education itself means that one tree shakes another tree, one cloud pushes another cloud, and one soul awakens another soul. Whether you are a parent or a teacher, if you want your children to be better, as the person who can influence your children the most, you should first do your best. Only by living your life as a beam of light can you illuminate your children.

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