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The top ten parenting words of 2018 are exposed, please parents to live with a smile, hahahaha

Invisible poverty, forwarding koi, big pig\’s hooves, confirmed eyes… The hot words on the Internet in 2018 have been released. I wonder which one you will pick? Of course, the baby-raising circle also has its own hot words. We have taken stock of the top ten new parenting words in 2018. Come and see how many of them do you have? You can have a thick waist, you can have a bald head, but you can’t lose fashion, let’go! TOP 10 Fake Parenting This year, after the \”widow parenting\”, a parenting method that is 10,000 times more terrifying has appeared – \”Fake Parenting\”. Different from the widowed parenting style, the father of the charlatan parenting style is \”dead and uncanny\” and often jumps out to give random orders when you are in a hurry. 30 minutes passed. The child went to the toilet twice and drank water three times, but failed to solve a single question. When I couldn\’t help yelling at my children, my husband, who had been sitting on the sofa playing with his mobile phone since dinner, raised his head and said, \”Why are you yelling at your children? Can\’t you be reasonable?\” WTF, just pretend when you are busy. Die, die in vain to defraud the corpse? Standing and talking without backache: You can you up, no can no BB! TOP 9 Hardcore Parents \”Hardcore\” originally refers to rap music and games, and is extended to mean very powerful, cool, and very tough. Hard-core parents are such a kind of existence. Criticize teachers at the top, children at the bottom, and parents in parallel spaces. Hard-core parents are the nemesis of drama-loving parents who like to confront teachers in the group and never show any mercy when it comes to their children. Ordinary parents are careful and protective of their children, while hard-core parents take care of their children as if the children were given free of charge. The child said: This generation of parents is really difficult to take care of! TOP 8 Accompanying Liangliang in reading \”If you don\’t do homework, your mother will be kind and your son will be filial, but if you do do homework, you will be in a hurry.\” Accompanying children to do homework is a high-risk occupation. In the past, there was \”I was so angry with my child while doing homework that I was hospitalized for a cerebral infarction.\” Now now, \”I was doing homework with my child and I passed the teacher qualification certificate exam!\” Accompanying my child has really brought me to a new level, and my parents have become champions! Of course, most parents are like this: when faced with a child whose children are \”reading books on Ma Dongmei and closing books on Sun Honglei\”, parents adopt a half-time system and take turns taking turns to relieve their inner irritability and barely complete the day\’s homework. Some parents directly announced in their circle of friends: \”Please pick up your future in-laws. Whoever owns the daughter-in-law will raise the daughter-in-law. No dowry is required for a car or a house.\” Some parents have seen through the world of mortals and have figured out that nothing is more important than life, homework. Just let nature take its course. TOP 7 Social People\’s Babies \”Peppa Pig has a tattoo on her body, and applause is given to the social people.\” However, the real social people are the babies around them. Worried about the pain of the injection, the doctor comforted him: \”It won\’t hurt if you close your eyes.\” The child smiled: \”Uncle, I\’m just a kid, and I\’m not stupid.\” I heard a conversation between a mother and her son on the subway. Mother: \”You are so disobedient. I don\’t want you anymore. What will you do?\” Child: \”Let you be punished by law!!!\” What should I do if I face a child who has become a sperm? Let him be strong and let him be strong, and the breeze blows on the hills. Giving birth to a child is like crossing a tribulation, and raising a child is like seeking scriptures. Facing the babies of society, we can only be Buddhist parents, Amitabha~ TOP 6 Husbands with big pig hooves After the broadcast of \”Story of Yanxi Palace\”, \”All men are big pig hooves\” \”It\’s popular, too.\”This gave rise to a new word – big pig\’s hoof husband. Before marriage, you were his little sweetheart, and after marriage, you were his wife. Shuhuan in \”Love is Deep and Rainy\”: one second he was still expressing his loyalty to Yiping, and the next second he was in harmony with Rupingming. Do you think this is just a movie and TV series? Real life hurts more. He once said: \”No one wants you when you are fat. I want you.\” But later he said: \”If you are over 120 pounds, we will not be close.\” When we first fell in love, he was the one who wanted to give me life or death. In the end, he thought I was squeamish. He was the one who found me annoying. There is also this type of steely straight man: Woman (angry): \”Huh, I\’m angry. Even if you buy me lipstick, I won\’t forgive you.\” Steely straight man: \”Okay, I won\’t buy it if I don\’t. Don\’t be angry.\” Alas, it\’s true that \”the husband is still here, but the heart is like a widow.\” TOP 5 C position Grandma C position is Center, which means the core of the team. It is said that the C position of a family determines the future success or failure of the child. There is a saying on the Internet: \”Mom gives birth, grandma raises, and dad goes online when he comes home.\” For most young parents, grandma is often the mainstay of the family in raising children. Grandma C, first of all, is strong. On my first day at work after giving birth, I was extremely worried about my mother taking care of the baby. I would call her every hour on average until she turned off her phone… As soon as I got off work, I would rush home immediately. I found that the windows were bright and clean, the food was fragrant, and the baby was sitting in the playpen playing with glue. It’s nothing like the chaos and chaos that I experienced when I was raising my kids. In shock, my mother came out of the kitchen with a plate and said, \”What are you doing here? I steamed dumplings for you. Wash your hands and eat first.\” I looked at her with admiration: \”How do you do so much work with a baby?\” \”Yes?\” The arrogant person replied, \”It saves me a lot of trouble if you\’re not at home.\” Grandma C, secondly, she can shock the audience. When the baby was 5 months old, he fell out of bed and started crying. My husband and I immediately panicked. The grandma came over to hug the baby and comforted her: \”If your face is on the ground, it won\’t hurt.\” She got dressed and wrapped herself in quilts, found her ID, and urged us to register. At the critical moment, he takes his time and deploys troops and generals. Only the C position can be reserved for such a grandma. TOP 4 The term \”mother is really fragrant\” first came from Hunan Satellite TV\’s \”Metamorphosis\” in a funny episode where Wang Jingze made harsh words when he first arrived at a rural family, and then slapped him in the face later. But when it comes to slaps in the face, no one does it as often as a woman who becomes a mother. Those vowed slogans before giving birth will turn into the loudest slaps after giving birth. Before giving birth to the baby: I was so impatient, why didn’t the baby come out yet? After giving birth to the baby: It was so annoying that I really wanted to stuff it back into my belly. Before having a baby: I hate posting photos of my baby on social media, and I can’t do that; after giving birth to a baby: 360-degree shooting, the 9-square grid is not enough to show the diversity of my baby. Before giving birth to a baby: You must be patient in raising your child, and give him love and freedom; after giving birth to a baby: Don’t fight for a day, go to the house and lift the roof, and the old mother can practice the lion’s roar skill. Well, don’t make fun of anyone, she is a really sweet mother with a baby. TOP 3 Friends who meet with babies all say that after having a baby, the circle of friends will basically need to be refreshed. That\’s right, the rule for making friends after becoming a mother is: make friends with your baby. Before giving birth to a baby, whether Renyuaner was good or not depended on the number of likes in the circle of friends; after giving birth, whether Renyuaner was good or not depended on the number of people blocked. There is no more principled friend in the world than my mother. As Ge Shisan once said: EveryoneWe all have children, and business is mainly about exchanging business; having children of the same gender, we unite as siblings; having children of the same age, we can communicate with each other; children of different genders and ages, we envy each other; those with children and those without children are strangers. . Yes, the old mother\’s principle of making friends is – no principle. Anyone who praises my baby is my friend. TOP 2 Invisible Poverty Moms In 2018, \”Invisible Poverty\” topped the list of \”Hot Words of the Year\”, and in the child-raising circle, \”Invisible Poverty Moms\” are the most distressing existence. It seems that mothers are shopping every day, only to find out all year long: bank cards, Alipay, WeChat, and wallets are all empty! We are also poor. Others have food and drink, but my mother only has shit and piss. I am not a \”hidden poor person\”, I am really poor! There is another word: income after sleeping, which refers to the income you have after waking up from sleep. How can an invisible poor mother like me have any income after sleeping? I had a dream last night that I was very poor. When I woke up, I realized that this was not a dream. Some people say that making money is a kind of ability, and spending money is a kind of skill. After becoming a mother, I feel that although my ability to make money is limited, my spending skills are top-notch! TOP 1 Second-child supernumerary staff Since the two-child policy was liberalized, the greetings used by relatives and friends when meeting have upgraded from \”How much money do you earn in January?\” to \”Are you having a second child?\” Many people are asking angrily: What second child do you want? The first child in my family is a son, and the second child is his father. Who can take care of another one? However, there is a group of people who say no, but are very honest with their bodies. Under the slogan of \”second child supernumerary staff\”, I hugged the two after not seeing each other for a year. After all, complaints are complaints, and what old mother can refuse a soft and cute baby calling mommy, that\’s all, just be happy as long as you have more children. From Zhenxiang’s mother to C’s grandma, being a mother is not easy and requires a lifetime of hard work, but this is also the meaning of life. As Romain Rolland said, the so-called heroism is to still be able to love life after recognizing the truth of life. Although becoming a mother may sometimes make us miserable, we feel perfectly happy when faced with the smiling faces of our children, the warm embraces of our husbands, and the unconditional support of our parents.

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