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The universal formula \”recipe\” for family education has awakened countless people


Oct 1, 2023

Family is a child\’s first school, and parents are their child\’s first teachers. The difficulty of education lies in the method; the root of education lies in the parents. Today, I will serve you a family education feast, let’s learn together! Main ingredients: praise, comfort, strength, supervision, dignity, self-reliance. Features of dishes: rich in nutrients and all five flavors; exquisite method and long process; benefiting others and benefiting oneself, endless aftertaste. Specific methods: #1 Heat the oil in the pot: Education needs praise, heat the pot Heat the cold oil until it smokes before proceeding to the next step. In the same way, family education is meant to awaken children, and what they need is praise. There is a plot in \”Family with Children\” recommended by 10 classic family education books: During a meal, Liu Mei complained about Liu Xing\’s poor homework, ranking last, and hovering on the edge of passing Chinese and Chemistry. But Xia Donghai felt that he did well in mathematics and physics, and admired his strong communication skills and adaptability. With his father\’s praise, Liu Xing, who was originally discouraged by his mother, regained his confidence. Educator Yan Yuan once said: \”It is better to reward a child once if you count the children ten times.\” Only by being good at discovering the child\’s strengths, encouraging him, affirming him, and awakening his sense of self-identity can he have the confidence and motivation to move towards expectations. direction to move forward. #2 Add seasonings: Pay attention to psychological comfort. Delicious dishes are indispensable for salt, soy sauce and other seasonings. Although they are not visible on the surface, they are essential on the inside. The so-called enrichment of children, in addition to material improvement, is more important. His heart felt full, giving him enough sense of security. Material things bring affluence in life, but the lack of companionship and communication education brings ideological and spiritual poverty to children. When children feel wronged and sad, the best way is to sit down quietly and listen carefully and gently. His inner world. Remember: high-quality companionship is better than countless wealth, and high-quality protection is better than all material things. #3 Stir-fry over high heat: Teach your children to stir-fry over high heat until raw ingredients are cooked to prevent destruction of nutrients. The implication is that children should learn to be strong through hardships. There will always be hardships on the road to growth, and parents often teach their children how to win, but never teach them how to lose. However, if a person cannot afford to lose, he will never win. Zhou Guoping said: \”People should have two consciousnesses: one is to have the courage to start from scratch, and the other is to be calm about not finishing.\” As parents, we need to let our children experience the accumulation of losses and face the failures in life with strength, otherwise they will just Becoming a flower in a greenhouse can never cross the swamp of life. #4 Simmer over low heat: After stir-frying over high heat for a few minutes, turn to low heat to allow the ingredients to cook thoroughly. The same goes for educating children. With proper supervision and a little gentle fire, the children will become more self-disciplined and motivated. It is human nature to retreat from difficulties and be afraid of hardship and fatigue. Even the smartest children cannot do without the supervision of their parents. What parents should do is: when their children choose to give up, cheer them up and encourage them; when their children do not have the ability to think independently, supervise them to develop habits. Once the child is established, the road ahead will be easier. #5 Take it out of the pot and plate it up: Give your children dignity. A fine dish is not only about the inside, but also about the appearance. The exquisite presentation is to make the dish more enjoyable.The product looks more beautiful and decent. For children, it is also necessary to \”set the plate\”, that is, to give him enough dignity. When a child makes a mistake, parents should not just blame and deny. This can easily destroy the child\’s self-esteem and slowly cause his world to collapse. The correct method – appropriate criticism: Find a place where no one is around, point out the child\’s mistakes, teach him the nature of the problem, and tell him what he should do. As the Soviet educator Markolenko said: \”Criticism is not just a means, but also an art and a kind of wisdom.\” #6 The final product: cultivating the ability to be independent. After many processes, a rich plate of The finished dishes are served to the diners\’ tables with high prices and exquisite styles. Just like a child will eventually go into society. Since parents cannot protect him from the wind and rain for a lifetime, they should let him grow into a towering tree in his own right. Rousseau once said: \”Do you know how to make your child an unfortunate person? This method is to be obedient to him.\” Parents should know: every fall is an opportunity for their children to grow; every time they fall, they are opportunities for their children to grow; Every attempt will stimulate children\’s potential. The greatest love a parent has for their children is to let go at the appropriate time and then exit gracefully. That’s all for this nutritious and delicious family education meal in this issue!

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