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The worst parents often instill the following ideas into their children


Oct 1, 2023

There are millions of parents in the world, and it is undeniable that there is a hierarchy between parents. Some parents use their wisdom and structure to lead their children to higher ground step by step. However, some parents use their narrow-mindedness and short-sightedness to hinder their children from moving forward and ruin their children\’s lives. The worst parents I have ever seen are those who often instill the following concepts into their children and destroy them by themselves. 365 short and interesting English short stories one story a day resource three-stage complete set pdf + audio + click-to-read package \”Why are you so bad?\” \”You can\’t do anything well, what\’s the use of you?\” \”You\’re going to hold me back.\” , you loser.” Some parents criticize their children mercilessly as long as they do the smallest thing wrong, but they never think about why their children become worse or worse? Every child is an individual with their own thoughts and ideas. But some parents always do things that harm their children in the name of \”for your own good.\” In the end, it was discovered that the child did not grow into what he expected, and he began to criticize and beat him harshly, causing the child to suffer from depression, anxiety and other mental and psychological diseases. What’s more, incorrect and abnormal concepts are instilled into children from an early age, causing their thoughts and morals to be distorted, and eventually embarking on a path of no return… Let me share with you three concepts that poor parents often instill in their children. 01 Compared with other people’s children, look at the neighbor’s so-and-so, who always ranks first in the exam; Xiao Wang is so much taller than you this time, how did you learn it; look at your Uncle Wang’s children, they are more obedient and sensible, Why are you not obedient at all? Parents educating their children in a comparative manner will cause the children to have two psychological reactions: first, the children will feel disgusted, refute, and internally resist, unable to listen to their parents\’ nagging at all, and feel very uncomfortable psychologically; second, they will have weak psychological endurance, For children who are very obedient to their parents, this is equivalent to adding another layer of pressure to the child. Children who are under pressure to do well in the next exam without being scolded by their parents lose their own interest in learning. If they do not do well in the exam and are educated in this way by their parents, it is likely to cause low self-esteem and cowardice. 02 The child becomes annoyed when he cries. Whenever the child cries, the parents will become irritated and impatient. They will yell at the child, \”Stop crying. If you cry again, I will beat you.\” In order to avoid being beaten, the child will only choose to compromise; some parents will not He would reprimand his children loudly, but instead tell them in a soft voice, \”Stop crying, or you will be laughed at by others.\” However, it is normal for children to cry, but parents make them realize that crying is a very wrong behavior. They must learn to solve problems and learn to tolerate setbacks. If they want to grow, they need to correct this behavior. In fact, the child is still young. If the child cries, the parents must not stop it. Only by crying loudly can the mood become more relaxed. If you encounter any difficulties and hold back tears, your heart will be too depressed, your emotions cannot be vented, and your body will become very painful. 03 Some parents often complain to their children, often complaining in front of their children that \”the family has no money,\” \”is so poor,\” \”has to spend money again,\” etc. When parents complain, the children will think that the family really has no money. . So I started to blame myself, thinking that I was the one who went to school.Spent all the family\’s money. Although the \”poor raising\” education method is correct and establishes a correct concept of life for children, it can easily cause them to develop an inferiority complex and will not be able to hold their heads high in front of others in the future. On the one hand, they are eager to change their family environment, but on the other hand, they are limited by the environment in which they grew up and cannot provide much help from the outside. Such children will live very withdrawn, awkward, and depressed. If you really gain power in the future, you will easily lose your mind and take a detour. If your family is poor, it doesn\’t matter if you explain the situation to your children, but don\’t cry too much about poverty. It will only have a very negative impact on the child\’s psychology, which will be very detrimental to the child\’s future life! Poverty is not the original sin. There is no cure for internal poverty, but external poverty can be changed. Some parents often instill these three wrong concepts into their children, thus allowing them to develop a twisted moral outlook!

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