• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

There are several fonts that graders hate the most. If your child’s handwriting looks like this, that would be terrible.

Regarding exams, parents should keep in mind: their children’s handwriting may not be beautiful, but they must be written clearly! If you want to get good grades, you not only need to put in a certain amount of effort in school, but good handwriting is also a big advantage. The following are some of the fonts that are most annoying to marking teachers. I hope you won\’t see the shadow of your child\’s handwriting. . If so, let your children practice calligraphy quickly! Long-distance love style, black ant\’s flying style, deep pit searching style, humble firewood style, blue trembling style. Let\’s take a look at these words from a frontal angle that make the marking teacher feel comfortable: Not beautiful, but it\’s very clear that it\’s really not beautiful. But it’s really clear. It’s not pretty, but it’s very clear. 1. Summary 1. You can’t write it beautifully; 2. You must be able to read it clearly. Remember, you are taking an exam, not a calligraphy competition! ! ! 2. Suggestions from graders Judging from the experience of computer grading, there are several points: 1. Write in regular script, that is to say, try not to have continuous strokes. 2. The words should be written slightly larger. 3. When you need a large paragraph of text, type it before writing. How to practice, one word, slow. If your child\’s handwriting is ugly and the test paper is bad, then you must write slowly. You can find a few questions before the exam and force yourself to write slowly, stroke by stroke. Don\’t worry, the speed of writing has nothing to do with the speed of completing the entire test paper. The speed of answering questions only depends on your mastery of the knowledge points and the speed of your thinking.

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