• Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

There are two taboos in a family. Once they are contaminated, it will be the beginning of family ruin (remember this)

In a family, as long as there are family members, they are contaminated with bad habits. This family is bound to come to an end, and it often starts with small things and bad habits. If you find that this kind of bad habit exists in your family, you must nip these two taboos in the cradle. Socrates said: Contentment is natural wealth, luxury is artificial poverty. The first taboo is to avoid luxury. The ancients said: Pride and extravagance will lead to failure. Once a person is tainted with the habit of extravagance, no matter how much money the family has, it will all be squandered one day. As long as one member of a family is contaminated with extravagant habits, the entire family will be implicated. In the novel Dream of Red Mansions, the Jia family, which owns gold and silver, was ultimately ruined because some family members were tainted with extravagant habits. White jade is the gold of the house, and it is no match for a word of luxury. As the old saying goes, it is easy to go from frugality to luxury, but it is difficult to go from luxury to frugality. Many people\’s family ruin comes from a word of luxury. Once a person is accustomed to a luxurious life and spends money like water, it will be difficult to go back to the past. Luxury once or twice will not make any difference. But when luxury becomes a habit, it is the beginning of family ruin. The opposite of luxury is frugality, whether you are poor or rich. As long as you develop a habit of frugality, your life in poverty will not be too bad, and wealth and glory will always be with you because of your frugality. Frugality cultivates virtue. Virtue can establish one\’s character. Success in one\’s life can be accomplished without extravagance, and only then will it last a long time. The second biggest taboo is taboo. There is such an idiom called arrogance, extravagance and lewdness, in which both luxury and ease are included. Yi means enjoyment and ease. Once a person learns to enjoy and chooses to be comfortable rather than enterprising, the family will inevitably come to an end. Society is developing. You are in a different place. Everyone is moving. It is like sailing against the current. If you don\’t advance, you will retreat. Your comfort is going backwards. A wise person knows how to be prepared for danger in times of peace. If you are immersed in comfort, when danger comes, what can you do to fight against impermanence? Being contented and always happy does not mean being comfortable. Comfort is not thinking about making progress. Contentment is working hard and cherishing what you have. Only by constantly making progress can we find a way out. Only by learning to be content with less desires while making progress can we gain happiness. Comfort is the biggest enemy in life. Choosing comfort is also the beginning of family ruin. You must know that worry and hard work can rejuvenate a country, and leisure can lead to death. Learn to be content and enterprising, always be prepared for danger in times of peace, abstain from extravagance and use frugality, so that you can have a prosperous family and long-lasting happiness.

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